Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire
Starting in 2003, the N-Strike line has set a couple milestones. One such accomplishment is simply how long the series has lasted. The next milestone being the number of special edition (clear, red, green, white) releases of select blasters within the line due to their extreme popularity. Many agree that the popularity of this line is because of the addition of interchangeable parts like stocks, barrels, sites and clips, that can be attached and interchanged between the most N-Strike blasters.Right now there are a couple series of nerf guns available from Hasbro. The N-Strike line has been around for a while, and has seen new releases such as the Raider CS-35, with even newer ones coming soon. New to Hasbro’s series of nerf guns is their Dart Tag line. The Dart Tag line is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of Hasbro’s Dart Tag World Championships.

The most recent thing to happen to this line, is the creation of the N-Strike¬†Elite¬†series. This series takes N-Strikes most popular blasters and gives them the V.I.P. treatment –improving range, function, and more.

The N-Strike line of blaster has been around since 2004. It’s most recent advancement is the Elite Series, which features upgraded versions of the most popular N-Strike blasters, as well as a load of new blasters. The Elite Series come in a blue-white styling, and offer longer range.

With 38 Blasters and counting, not only is it one of the biggest lines to-date, it also has the most customizability over any other series. With the introduction of attachable accessories such as stocks, sites, shields and more, never has a player been able to customize their blaster in so many ways. This series was the first to introduce attachments, which could offer such a level of customization.

Any blaster that has a stock mount and tactical rail can take (most) of the available accessories.