11 Best Nerf Guns for Girls 2021 [REVIEW AND BUYING GUIDE]

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Best Nerf Guns for Girls 2021

Playing with tinkling baby dolls or plastic pregnant dogs is fun but we have found a new way to find fun in our brothers’ agony. Shooting Nerf darts at our annoying brothers has always been fun. Our sisters, cousins, moms, friends, and more need to know the best designed Nerf guns for girls on the market. We will not miss, and they will not dodge any of our shots.

Nerf Rebelle Series

Nerf Guns for Girls Buying Guide

There are millions of Nerf Rebelle blasters out there and it is just overwhelming. When you are out to buy one, well, you need the one that makes you feel like you are holding a terminator gun blasting everything that stands in your way.

Of course, the coolest of them all is designed to give you such a feeling hence the need to have it. But wait, how will you identify the best? Here, we will show you the features that make a cool Nerf gun and those that make it the best.

Of course, we will go through a few of the best Nerf Rebelle blasters that will not disappoint a girl in her mission. After all, we want to continue with the legacy of Reyn Guyer, the man behind the invention in 1989. It might have been meant for the 1990s kids but of course, we cannot act our age even when having fun. Otherwise, we would lose to our brothers.

There are features that a good Nerf gun should have. We will go through these features to let you know what to ask for when you go sourcing for one. The one that has the features discussed here will certainly suit your needs.


Ammo For Nerf Rebelle Series

Ammo is one of the things to consider when you are purchasing a Nerf gun. At first, you must ensure that you can easily get it in the store where you buy your gun. It will be a battle lost if you will have to buy a new Nerf gun every time you want to play if you cannot easily get its ammo.

Some of the ammo that is used in the nerf blasters include the AccuStrike, elite and collectible darts. Collectible darts are some type of elite darts with many colors that are meant to be attractive to the female Nerfers. These kinds of darts are used by Rebelle blasters. The stems are shorter like that of the elites hence they achieve a shorter firing range of 75 feet.

Elite darts, on the other hand, are improved versions of streamline darts. They are mostly used in the N-Strike Elite series. Their accuracy and range are better than most of the other types of ammo. Their durability is higher, and they have a better foam body. The long plastic stem that used to exist in the previous versions of streamline darts does not exist in the elite version. This makes them better in terms of blaster compatibility.

AccuStrike darts, on the other hand, are similar to the elite version but compatible with the clip system. The difference between the AccuStrike and the elite is the spiraled tip. It implies that they have a backward compatibility darts firing mechanisms.

The spiraled head is the essence in aiding their horizontal and straight direction of flight. Their accuracy relies on drag, the distribution of their weight is different, and their balance is different than that of the standard elites.

Designing Nerf Guns for Girls

Girls love well designed nerf guns that suit their character when on the battlefield. There are many designs that a girl would want to have to depend on her taste. Therefore, you should go for the design that impresses you the most. For example, the Rebelle series design announced in 2013 is one of the best designs in the market.

Rebelle blasters have a feminine design which makes them the best design for girls. Their market is mostly focused on the female audience. This design is different from that of the N-strike elite series whose blasters are realistic and tactical. The Rebelle series, on the other hand, features sleeker blasters that look similar to those of the Dart tag lineup model of 2010.

The firing range of the Rebelle design is similar to that of the N-Strike Elite series. Their design also features compliance with the country’s safety standards. They have performance differences. They contain gray rather than a pink firing trigger and the firing range is up to 20 meters. The Sweet Revenge or the Pink Crush, Sneak Attacker are some of the best designs.

Accessories for Girls Nerf Guns

Accessories are also some of the factors that you consider before purchasing a blaster. The kind that does not have accessories in the market might not be the best because it becomes complex to replace the damaged parts. Moreover, the most fascinating design of a Nerf gun is the type that you can easily mount several accessories to suit your performance and aesthetic needs.

These accessories range from Mission Central rail mount to a Diva Dart Bag and Tactical glasses among others. Mission Central rail mount refers to 2 distinct nerf accessories first produced in the year 2013. They are easily attached to the tactical rail of the blaster. They are used to hold smartphones to allow the use of the Nerf app. A Diva Dart Bag has a belt that helps the user to wear it around the waist.

It was produced under Rebelle Series in 2013. The bag and the belt are made of the same materials. The belt has a hoop with a purple strap used to connect the two. It acts as an equivalent of the Ammo Bag Kit for the N-strike design. This Rebelle type holds up to 10 darts. Tactical glasses are wide-view high transmittance goggles that act as eye protectors in Nerf wars. With such accessories, your nerf experience will be memorable

Weapon Type

The type of weapon that you choose contributes a lot to your games. Each of the weapons performs differently in the battle. Some of the best Nerf weapons include the Super soakers, bows, and blasters among others. The super soakers have blasters. A jet of water comes from the blaster’s bow arms and the center.

They have a long-range of about 35 feet and they can hold up to 25 ounces of water. They are also capable of firing three jets of fluid. The CornerSight is a Nerf blaster that has a flip-out mirror and a swiveling muzzle. The mirror helps to fire at diverse angles as well as around the corners.

Its handle has a sling point and has a single tactical rail. There are bows such as the Epic Action, flipside, and Platinum Bow, which are used to aim at the target. The blasters seem to be the best on the battlefield because unlike the bows, they take little effort to fire. The impact of their darts is higher than that of the SuperSoakers.


Refers to a list of existing series. Some of the Rebelle sub-series includes the Super Stripes, Code Red, Charmed, AccuStrike, and Secrets & Spies. The AccuStrike series refers to the N-Strike Mega and N-strike Elite series.

These types of sub-series have spiral darts in the package. The darts have higher accuracy. The sub-series under the Charmed category have charm accessories and bracelets as part of their package.

They contain a theme of medieval-meets-steampunk. Code Red, on the other hand, refers to the kind of re-released blasters with a white and red color scheme. They feature secret messages that are encoded on the darts. A transparent re message decoder can be used to decode these messages.

Secret spies refer to the products and blasters with spy themes on them. The message darts could contain a secret encoded message that can only be decoded with the use of the transparent red message decoder. The Super Stripe blasters shells have a zebra stripe pattern on them


Once you are acquainted with the features to look for, you have got to know the type of product that you should consider. In this section, I will take you through some of the best Rebelle blasters in the market, which are perfect for girls.

1- Strongarm N-Strike Nerf Elite Blaster

Nerf Girls StrongarmThis refers to one of the best Rebelle blasters that you can have for your combat games. It was first discovered in 2012 and it looks like the 2005 N-Strike. It is unique in that it can fire up to 6 darts in a row. Its firing mechanism is fast to enable you to immediately shoot at your enemy. It includes 6 nerf blasters. The blaster throws the arrows up to 27 meters or 90 feet.

This makes it good for long-range combat hence a good winning companion. The barrels with the darts on the blaster use a revolver mechanism. The barrels easily open to allow reloading and it makes use of hand energy rather than batteries. It also makes use of a rapid blasting wave to slam-fire all the 6 darts.

The mechanism works by sliding back and forth in order with the trigger on your fingers. The package comes with 6 elite darts whose performance in the battle is exquisite. They have been tested and approved as high performing and best quality darts. A lanyard loop is also provided on the blaster’s priming side to facilitate carrying devices.


● Easy to reload
● Quick to fire and you can easily shoot multiple darts at once
● Easy to use and the best for kids.


● Dangerous especially for kids due to its precise aiming capabilities.
● Too many moving parts hence easy to breakdown.
● More expensive than most of the other blasters

2- Nerf Rebelle CornerSight Blaster

The CornerSight blaster was released in 2016 under one of the blasters in the Rebelle series. For efficiency, the package has 4 collectible darts that make it easy to reach the target and win the battle. It is unique in that it has a flip mirror that is used to fire around the corners and also at angles. It also has a swiveling muzzle which makes it unique.

Its handle is fitted with a sling point. It also comes with a single tactical rail. On the blaster’s grip, there is a partially built flip open compartment which can easily store 2 darts. its firing mechanism has a range of 22 meters which translates to seventy-five feet. When using it, you will realize that the barrel bends on the left or the right with mirrors on both sides.

This allows it to easily take the target by surprise. To fire, just load the 4 darts and fire each one of them at a time. The firing mechanism involves pulling the slide backward and forward and then pulling the trigger. The Rebelle blaster has numerous color schemes. It comes in orange, black, light blue and white while the Rebelle re-release comes in orange blue, white, black and purple.


● The package comes with 4 arrows hence you do not have to spend more on the arrows
● Its capability to shoot around the corners and at angels makes it possible to take the target by surprise.
● Its 75 feet range is good to shoot at both short and long distances


● It is slower to fire because you will have to pull back the top slide blaster and hold the trigger for it to fire.
● It fires a single arrow at a time which makes it less efficient compared to the other Rebelle blasters like the Strongarm N-Strike Nerf Elite Blaster.

3- Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow

This refers to a bow action Nerf blaster released under the sub-series of the secret spies in 2015. On its right side, it contains a rotating quiver that is built into the blaster to facilitate the arrow revolution. This feature makes it more unique than the others. The rotation of the quiver is through the trigger.

It is made in that trigger, which is located at a point where the standard blaster trigger could be located. At the point where the loading of the arrows to be fired is done, there exists a circular pink aiming sight. The package comes with 6 arrows that can be loaded at once in the quiver.

Just like the Strongarm N-Strike Nerf Elite Blaster, this blaster has a range of 90 feet which makes it ideal for long-range shots. It is best to engage in a secret mission with the spies blasters and bows. Its targeting mechanism is the best to use wild water to soak your target. This bow gives you the experience of a real bow and helps you easily win against your opponents.


● It comes with 6 arrows hence you do not have to incur other costs when buying the arrows separately unless if they get lost or destroyed.
● Its 90 feet range makes it efficient in long-range battles.
● It has an aiming sight to facilitate better aiming.


● Sometimes, the quiver and the arrows on the quiver can fall off the bow when firing. A backward leaning of the bow in some instances does not help and the arrows easily fall off from the bow’s loading point.
● In some instances, the two arrows instead of one can be loaded when the blaster’s quiver advances.

4- Nerf Rebelle Power Pair Pack

This type of a Rebelle blaster was released under Nerf Blaster during the 2013 fall. Its package contains a set of Power Pair blaster. The package also contains a single blaster with 4 collectible darts as well as an instructions menu.

The designs of Dart Tag Stinger and the Sneak Attacker are similar. It is almost similar to the Jolt EX-1. This is a pocket-sized blaster. It does not contain a tactical rail due to its small size and it makes use of sneak attacker blasters.

Also, there are spaces for 2 extra darts to be stored. With its 65 feet range, you can target your opponents at a considerably long range. In 2013, this blaster was released as a Wish Shoot. However, reports from the Rebelle indicate that its name then changed before it was launched.

Its release involved numerous colors and names while its internals were maintained. In the year 2015, it was re-released as a remix. Its color schemes include Starring Role, Rockin’ Roses, Pretty Paisley, Femme Fire, Cool Camo, Angel Aim, and Sneak Attacker.

To reload and fire, a dart is first loaded into the barrel. The blaster is primed by pulling the plunger tube downwards. To fire, you need to pull the trigger.


● Sneak Attacker blaster is easy to fire
● It comes with 4 collectible guns that are easy to use. You also do not spend extra money to purchase the darts since they are part of the package.
● Its 65 feet range makes it good for considerably long and short aims.


● The reloading mechanism makes it slow and inefficient.
● Its range is shorter than the other Rebelle blasters.

5- Nerf Rebelle FocusFire CrossBow

In the spring of 2017, this type of Nerf Blaster was launched under AccuStrike Series. The package contains an instruction menu as well as five AccuStrike Darts. Its name suggests that the blaster is designed in the form of a crossbow. Its design is similar to that of the Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow, which was also released in the year 2017.

Its design is also almost similar to that of the Guardian Crossbow that was released before. On its bow arm, it has a storage that can store up to six darts. It also integrates the use of flip-up sight and a shoulder stock.

It is one of the most perfect blasters to engage in competitive plays. This blaster contains a 5-darts rotating barrel that allows easy shooting. However, you can also shoot a single dart at a time. The Accustrike darts are good at maintaining balance hence it’s good for perfect shots.

With your friends, you can accomplish successful and exciting missions with the use of the Nerf Rebelle FocusFire CrossBow. You can also use it to show arrow launching and dart firing skills. For the girl’s mission, the blaster suits them in combat and can help them accomplish a lot.

To reload, just insert the five arrows into the cylinder and then pull the priming rod back. This allows the blaster to be fully primed. Then pull the trigger. Every time the trigger is pulled, a dart is released and the next is prepared for release.


● It comes with 5 darts hence you do not spend extra money on buying the darts.
● Its reloading is slow, and it only takes the release of the 5 darts before you reload again


● It only fires once at every instance.
● It is a little bit more complex to operate compared to the other blasters


Communicate with your allies in style while showcasing your inner warrior with the anxiously-awaited Nerf Rebelle Strongheart Bow blaster! One of the new additions to this fledgling dart blaster series, the bow creating all the buzz can fire as many as four darts, one after the other, without reloading for more nonstop action!

The Strongheart comes with three collectible darts for combat missions, as well as one messenger dart and decoder designed to allow for the top-secret exchange of information in the midst of battle. Send the decoder out on a mission with your allies and you’ll always have a way to send out a message while also keeping a keen eye on the opponents.

And with the pull-back-and-release fire feature, you’re sure to stay right on target!

If you like the single-shot Nerf Heartbreaker, you’ll love this newer, more colorful and functional version, which is capable of sending darts soaring for a distance of up to 75 feet. This fashion-forward bow takes the fun a step further with its messenger-and-decoder feature and the greater firing ease. Its sleek design will show your rivals that weapons – and the heroes who wield them- can be both powerful and stylish.

With the popularity of recent blockbusters such as the “Hunger Games” series, armies of Nerf lovers welcome this hot new addition to the Rebelle dart blaster line.

7- Nerf Rebelle Messenger Blaster

Nerf Rebelle messenger

Perfect for either a new initiate into the Nerf foam dart army or a seasoned veteran, the Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster is a great addition to your combat toy arsenal. This one-handed pistol is part of the “Secrets and Spies” line. So not only does the Messenger fire accurate shots up to 75 feet, but it can also carry secret messages that only your allies can decode. Using the pen included with the blaster and stored conveniently in its handle, you can write messages on any of the 5 message darts that come with the dart gun. The messages can only be deciphered by placing the darts into the accompanying double decoder which can be clipped to your belt, backpack, or gun for easy access.

The Messenger is a mid-range blaster with a 3 dart capacity barrel that must be primed before each shot. Simply pull back on the direct plunger, aim, and fire. Similar in size to the Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike and in design to the Nerf N Strike Elite Triad EX 3 Blaster, the Rebelle Messenger combines the best of both. This dart gun is big enough to carry several shots before reloading and accurate enough to make each shot count.

For those interested in customizing the Nerf Rebelle Messenger for LARPing, cosplay, or just putting a cool paint job on it, this blaster is ready. The unique 3 barrel design makes the Messenger ideal for sci-fi, fantasy, and/or steampunk costumes since such an arrangement is uncommon in modern weapons. This weapon would look appropriate in a Final Fantasy-type outfit or even better if someone painted it matte black and cherry red to accompany a Harley Quinn costume.

The Nerf Rebelle Messenger transforms a dorm room, living room, or even a cubicle farm into a fun and exciting battle zone where everyone wins.

8- NERF Rebelle Diamondista

Nerf Rebelle Diamondista

The NERF Rebelle Diamondista, part of the “Secrets and Spies” series, adds style and flair to the overwhelming NERF landscape. It’s a low-end, crossbow-like blaster, adorned with studs and glitter, that’s less about being intimidating and more about moving stealthily and looking good doing it. It features bow arms near the front of the dart gun and a bowstring which you pull back to release a single shot. Despite it’s miniature appearance, it boasts an impressive firing range of up to 75 feet! The blaster comes with 3 darts, including 2 “Secret Message” darts and a message decoder. For aspiring spies, look no further than the Diamondista to help you become the next James Bond.

Would-be secret agents have a lot of options these days when it comes to NERF weaponry. The Diamondista is similar to the Rebelle Star Shot, but whereas the Star Shot is about honing your ability with the provided targets and practicing your skills, the Diamondista is a better choice for the secret mission itself. That’s due to the “Secret Message” re-writable darts provided. These darts coordinate well with the other NERF weapons in the line, including the Rebelle Spylight and Rebelle Rapid Red, so when you’re sending covert information back and forth, you won’t all have to settle for the same blaster!

Although some NERF weapons are more about toughness and intimidation, the NERF Rebelle Diamondista is begging to be customized and accessorized. A bright, colorful paint scheme, combined with a personalized spy name stenciled on, can give you a unique secret agent look. If true stealth is your aim, go for an all-black look, possibly with a secret agent number or codeword painted on.

The Diamondista is the spy blaster that combines style and performance. When your enemy thinks they have the bigger, better firepower, you can use this dart gun to complete the mission undetected and look great doing it.

9- Nerf Rebelle SpyLight

Nerf Rebelle Spylight

The Nerf Rebelle SpyLight is a model of blaster that falls solidly in the middle of the line when it comes to comparing price, range, capacity, and power. The SpyLight is a model of blaster that holds a respectable six shots per round of ammo. Its laser light sight to help aid in accuracy is a feature that many enjoy, and from which it takes its name.

The Rebelle SpyLight provides those engaging in epic Nerf battles with a reliable blaster to have on hand. It’s a light weight model that isn’t too bulky to carry around. It’s easy to transport, and easy to reload when all the rounds have been fired. Because of the spylight feature, it’s great for use in night time or dark setting battles.

Holding six shots per round, as mentioned, this is certainly a few steps above the more traditional pistol-styled blasters, which hold one or perhaps two shots per round. With the ability to fire a shot off every two seconds (although without the ‘automatic firing’ capacity that others hold) it’s pretty great for rapid fire battles. One area that it does fall short of other models by Nerf is in its range, reaching an average of 20-30 feet, whereas others of similar styles are able to reach upwards of 40 feet. The accuracy, according to many customers who have reviewed the item, also sometimes falls short of more “top shelf” models. However, while there are certainly higher quality items on the market, the Nerf Rebelle SpyLight does hold its own as a useful and respectable item.
With its shell holding a fun futuristic look, it’s certainly the kind of blaster that would make for a great addition to a sci-fi cosplay look. Those who want to really add an extra special touch to the costume/prop can paint their blaster with fun futuristic looks. Gold, silver, black, white, and even red would all make great paint-job options for creating a futuristic laser-gun look, given that it comes standard with the laser SpyLight feature built-in!

10- Nerf Rebelle rapid Red

Nerf Rebelle Rapid Fire Red

The Nerf Rebelle line of colorful, fun blasters for girls has an amazing new release coming up for this fall. The Rapid Red is being released under the series in the line named Secrets and Spies. This blaster is designed for girls ages of 8 years and older. It has several features that add to the line of Nerf Rebelle weapons, some of them never seen before in this line.

The Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red is a fun blaster. It has a motorized blaster system. It is single fire and considered semi-automatic and it is the first blaster in this line to be equipped with a clip system. The clip on the blaster hold 12 darts and doubles as a decoder for the secret message darts the comes with the gun. When the secret message darts are loaded in the clip, the secret is revealed through the special red plastic that the clip is made of.

Six of the twelve darts that come with this blaster are collectible darts and the other six of the darts are secret message darts. The collectible darts can be fired at opponents to keep them at bay. The secret message darts can be fired at allies to relay a message.

This blaster can shoot up to 75 feet in distance with the usage of a flywheel. When the trigger is held until the flywheel is fully spinning at its maximum speed, the darts will shoot its full distance. It also has two strap points and and a tactical trail.

The Rapid Red is violet, lavender, teal and orange in color with a ruby red clip. To personalize blasters, many people paint them and add their own personal style to the gun. Though camouflage and the metal look is the most popular painting directions taken on Nerf guns, there is no limit to the look a blaster can take.

11- Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow

The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow will be sure to appeal to a whole new generation of many fans out there. This is because the bow will actually introduce some fairly realistic elements that many people will enjoy using. This bow is currently slated for release in Fall 2014, which will add to the depth of the collection of Nerf equipment out on the market. Most people will appreciate that they can secure support for a few different types of projects soon. Fans of this collection may actually want to learn a little more about how the bow will work.

When people check out the basic design, they will note that it will actually fire just like a conventional bow. It will bear some resemblance to the Heartbreaker model that was released by Nerf a few years earlier. It will also include a laser sight, which will add to its overall effectiveness. The darts fired will actually include a suction cup model at the end, which will add to their overall appeal for most collectors.

This model does not include any kind of plunger design, which does set it apart from most other Nerf guns. The darts will be fired by using the draw string alone. This model is capable of shooting darts at a range of up to 85 feet, which will be impressive for many people out there. It uses a trigger activated firing mechanism, which will give users total control over how it is operated. This will also give users the opportunity to line up their sites and fire them accurately.

The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow will come in a standard purple and pink color scheme. If anyone is interested in adding in new colors, they might want to integrate a few pastels in to the basic design. They should check out some of the different types of colors that they can get from a supply shop. This will give users the opportunity that they need to customize the design of the bow at any time. They may want to practice and stencil out the designs that they want to integrate in to the bow itself.

Conclusion – Nerf Guns for Girls

You can always have fun in diverse ways. However, playing with Nerf guns makes everyone happy. These guns can be used by both boys and girls just like the boy’s guns can be used for both girls and boys. But definitely, the girls will really have a nice time using these beautiful and functional blasters. However, there are various things that you need to know before going to buy a Nerf gun.

Some of the factors to consider include the ammo, design, accessories, weapon type, and the subseries. Ammo involves the kind of darts that you choose to buy. Of course, these are affected by the type of nerf gun that you acquire. Accessories involve the items that make the usage of your gun more efficient. The design involves the way the weapon has been made.

Weapon type refers to the kind of weapon that you feel is the best for you. When making your choice, you must consider all of these factors. The best type of nerf gun contains the best of these features. Some of those guns include the Nerf Rebelle Corner Sight Blaster, FocusFire Wiki, and Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow among others.