Want to keep tabs on blaster deals for major sales holidays? Here I have hand picked for you some of the best stores with deals on blasters and accessories online. This page will provide ongoing coverage of specials for all holidays -black friday, cyber monday, thanksgiving, christmas, new years eve-you name it, so bookmark, re-visit it to see what’s new.

*Please note, that most of these have expired, as Cyber week and Black friday events have passed.

Deals for Cyber Week

Your Yearly Recap! (Archive)

Want to get an idea of what you can expect deal-wise for Nerf guns?? These archived posts can give you an idea!

A Look at 2012’s Specials

Black Friday may be over, but the deals sure aren’t. Cyber Monday and Cyber Week is here, and a couple 2 retailers have made an effort to provide 2 impressive Nerf gun deals.

The Best Stampede Deal Yet (Better Than Last Year)

When I posted Black Friday deals, I thought $37.99 was a good offer, but yet again (even this year 2012) I am surprised. Now, Amazon has further reduced the price clear down to $23.89 –the lowest price I have seen anywhere. If you ever wanted to get this blaster, now’s the time to get it.
Nerf Stampede Black Friday Deal

Get The Nerf Stampede at The Lowest Price –Againnnn!

Lumitron at Kohls.com

This year Kohls took cyber week pretty lightly(as far as NERF products go), but do have an excellent (and exclusive only to them) deal on the Vortex Lumitron –a blaster that shoots glow in the dark foam discs! So cool. This offer is only available online. Find it here –VORTEX LUMITRON $24.99 (USUALLY RETAILS FOR 31.99)

Overall, the monday and weeklong deals of this year were not nearly as openly advertised as last years (nor were there as many). However, the two offers above are great, and hopefully enough to satisfy. Maybe?

A Look at 2011’s Specials


Nerf Stampede, Bandolier Bundle

Walmart has one-upped many competing retail stores by not only offering free shipping, but also by bundling this electronic blaster with a bandolier belt that retails alone for $15 bucks. The Stampede retails for $49, so this definitely looks to be the best bundle deal for it in Cyber week.
Nerf Stampede Bandolier Kit

Get The Stampede/Bandolier Bundle at Walmart

Three Blasters for a Great Deal

This bundle is too good for me not to re-post. Walmart started before Black Friday, but will continue all through Cyber week, probably clear up to Christmas. To buy these 3 blasters separately you would pay around $81, which makes the $69 price tag of this bundle irresistible.
nerf black friday deal walmart

Get this Amazing, Awesomely Cheap Bundle

Stampede, For the Lowest Price!

When I posted Black Friday deals, I thought $37.99 was a good offer, but yet again I am surprised. Now, Amazon has further reduced the price clear down to $29.99 –the lowest price I have seen. If you ever wanted to get this blaster, now’s the time to get it.
Nerf Stampede Black Friday Deal

Get The Nerf Stampede at The Lowest Price

Up to 50% Off NERF Toys

Amazon is cutting the prices on most Nerf guns. I can’t say they are the best prices on the net (well, other than the Stampede that is), but they are pretty good! If you prefer buying from Amazon, then this is the deal for you. Buy blasters for up to 50% off on Amazon.

Barricade or Vigilon for $14.99 $12.99

Order either of these blasters from Kmart’s website for only $12.99, plus get free shipping. This is one of the best deals I’ve found for these blasters. If you order even more toys from Kmart, you can use the codes below for extra savings.

$12.99 Barricade or Vigilon

Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

There are items you have to pay shipping for in most online stores. If you find your shopping cart has those kinds of items, then this coupon code from Kmart is for you. Add your items to your cart —especially the Vigilon/Barricade offer above, and while checking out enter the coupon code HOLIDAY for free shipping.

$10 off Your Order of $100 or More of Toys

Another reason to shop online at Kmart during Cyber week! Enter code K10OFF100TOYS12[/note]

Black Friday is the day the internet explodes. Last year, many major retailers websites went up in a torrential flame as hoards of deal-seekers poured in. This year many of those giants have wised up, and are now offering amazing deals before Black Friday to even out their traffic a bit more. So, just what deal got us excited, and what other deals should you take notice of?

The page you are on contains deals from 2011, for 2014 deals head on over to this page! (I grabbed only the best)

See my list of the top nerf gun deals for black friday 2014

The deals below are from 2011, and have expired. They serve best as a reminder of what has been available in the past.

Archive of 2011’s Black Friday Deals

1. An Epic Online, Tri-Blaster Bundle Deal

At the top of the list, is a bundle of this years newest Nerf guns -the Vortex Nitron, Praxis, and Vigilon. When you consider that the 3 Vortex blasters in this bundle would cost $81 separately, plus whatever tax you have to pay –$69.97 is an EXCELLENT deal. Part ’em out as multiple gifts, keep them for yourself, or give ’em all to a lucky person, either way you’ve saved nearly a turkeys worth of change.
nerf black friday deal walmart

See More on This Epicly Amazing, Awesomely Cheap Bundle(expired deal)


2. Hottest 2011 Nerf Gun For Cheapest Price

Get the Vortex Nitron for the cheapest price out there -and get free shipping to your home, or free pickup in store. This price is the absolute lowest. Most places are offering a discounted price of $39.99 for the holidays, but at Kmart’s website you can get it for $36.99. Even better, if you apply this coupon code at checkout you get an additional $5 off, making the grand total for this blaster only $31.99 :). The coupon code is Vortex Nitron Black Friday Deal

Get The Vortex Nitron at The Lowest Price(expired deal)


3. Nerf N-Strike Stampede For Lowest Price

This Vulcan looking hybrid is a full sized, fully automatic dart shooting blaster that people have been drooling over since it came out in 2010. It is alongside the Vulcan EBF in terms of size and firepower, but has a bit of an edge over it because it can use ammo clips. It normally retails for $59.99, but for a limited time -and I mean limited (probably gone by the 25th) -you can get it for $37.99 – $39.99 🙂 at Amazon as part of it’s ‘countdown to Black Friday’ promotion.
Nerf Stampede Black Friday Deal

Get The Nerf Stampede at The Lowest Price(expired deal)


4. Free Teddy Bear With Purchase

This one is interesting -with a purchase of over $75 you get a free teddy bear. It’s not the best deal ever, but if you do most of your shopping on Amazon, then you might as well take advantage of this offer. After adding $75 to your shopping cart, be sure to add this teddy bear to your cart to claim this offer. For this to work you will need to buy $75 worth of toys sold by Amazon itself, not other sellers on the site (which is easy enough since Amazon sells practically everything, including Nerf guns).
Amazon Black Friday Toys Deal

Free $29.99 Bear With Your Order of $75 of Toys(expired deal)


More Great Deals to Come Soon

I will update this page as these deals become available, and add even more as they spring up, so check back soon New offers have been added for Cyber Week, which includes an even cheaper Stampede than the one above!