The latest entry in Nerf’s beloved N-Strike Elite family is a fun one – using the latest in elite dart technology, capable of firing up to 75 feet at targets, while the overall design rounds it off with a little flavor of nostalgia. The new SharpFire is quite the intimidating blaster that will quickly give you the upper hand in any Nerf fight. The elite darts are compatible with all N-Strike and Dart Tag blasters, and whistle through the air as they hit their targets, with a pliable foam that gives them the best possible durability.

If the SharpFire’s design looks familiar to you, as either a Nerf enthusiast or even a newcomer, that’s because it is – borrowing its basic shape heavily from the classic Nerf Jolt – only it’s a lot more fun. This one doesn’t just give you a jolt when you take it for a spin, it’s all SharpFire at your shields and targets. While the SharpFire’s barrel only holds one dart at a time, the holster also acts as a stock, letting you armor up with ten darts at a time that are ready for fire with an extension arm. The hammer on the back works with the same precision as the one on FlipFury, moving aerodynamically to deliver a flawless shot every time.

Loading is fast and effective, and you’ve got a steady supply of ammo at your side for whether you’re holding the fort, or just trying to set a new record for how many shots you can fire at your target in under a minute. All you do is pop the darts in the muzzle, swing back the gray handle, release, and you’ve reloaded for the next shot. The SharpFire is taking the world by storm – and you can be a part of it!