With 2 major sniper rifles on the market, it may be difficult to choose between one or the other. We all have our own preferences, which will surely play as a factor in which blaster you decide to get. To make things easier, here is a breakdown of those factors you may be keen on.
longshot vs longstrike


Hands down, the Longstrike wins this battle. Whether you are walking down the toy isle, or getting ready for a Nerf battle, if you catch a glimpse of one of these on a shelf or in a friends hands, this blaster will demand your attention. Its sleek design and sheer length are more than enough to turn heads.


Out of the box the two perform just about the same. But take a look whats inside the two and you’ll see a vast difference in potential.

longshot internals

Now, this probably isn’t important to those that do not mod Nerf guns, but if you are a modder, you’ll see that the Longstrike has internals just like the Recon, which happens to limit the potential of range it can get when modified.

The Longshot on the other hand has a direct plunger design, which has been known to achieve nearly 100ft in distance when modified.


Now, because the Longstrike is new for 2010, it comes with a “new” price tag. The Longshot is cheaper, but in a couple months, or come next year, they should be about the same price.


If all you care about is looks, then hands down the Longstrike wins. However, if you are into modding, then the Longshot is definitely the way to go.

They both have their advantages, so again, all it boils down to is preference.

For the sake of the article though, one of them needs to be declared a winner, so given the above characteristics, I believe the Longshot wins because it is cheaper and has more potential for range.

You, however, may think otherwise.