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As Nerf fans, we love to use tactical vests, because they make us feel really cool when we play with them and give us a real competitive advantage. This article is going to be all out the coolest Nerf vests and what they are best for!

Nerf Gun Vest Buying Guide

This is the place where we are going to show you how to use and enjoy all the different Nerf vests to the best of your ability. A tactical vest is not like any other vest you may have worn, so you have to know what you’re getting into when you shop for it. It’s exciting and important that you know about what these vests can do for you!

Let’s go ahead now and discuss what to consider as well as what you can expect when it is time to shop around for your vest. Now, we will talk about what features you should look for in a vest once it is time to shop. First, let’s do a little history of the famous Nerf tactical vest!

Nerf tactical vests have been around since 2009. In our research, the very first vest was the Tactical Vest, which could hold four clips and 12 darts. You could even put extended dart clips such as the 18-dart clip inside the clip straps. There were also blaster holsters that could fit a few blasters in there while you ran around.

There was also a Velcro patch on the top where you could put a team logo if you happened to have made one. Even on the back, there was a spot for an N-Force weapon. There was also a cool mesh pouch on one side that could be used to store extra darts or a tiny blaster.

The point is, these vests are amazing, and you are probably already picturing how cool you will look and how easy it will be to reload when you put on one of these vests. Best of all, these are adjustable and will fit most people comfortably.

Now, let’s discuss some cool features on these vests.

Carrying Capacity – What storage capability does this vest have? Will you have enough pockets to carry your darts and other tools? These are the questions to consider as you look around at your desired Nerf vest. For instance, we already learned that the older Tactical Vest from 2009 could hold a pretty good amount of ammo as well as some extra tiny blasters. The N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest also has plenty of space with the Accessory Pocket that is included, and the Utility Vest features a neat pouch that could hold some darts or even a very small single-dart blaster. Make sure you get the carrying power you need. Perhaps the greatest of them all is the Nerf Elite Tactical Vest. This has a cinch pack, a dart pouch, and lots of space to carry a clip as well as ten extra darts right on the front of the vest itself.

Clips and Darts Holders – How many holders and loops are available to hold onto your ammo as you run around? We know how important it can be to always have that one extra dart on hand, as it could be the difference between winning and losing. Take a good look at your desired vest and see how much ammo it can carry around. Does your play style demands a lot of ammo, or are you a sniper that needs just a few darts here and there? Some vests can hold more than others. For example, the N-Strike Tactical vest carries two six-dart clips, while the Nerf Utility Vest holds six single darts in front plus 4 magazines and features a carry pouch on the belt. Meanwhile, the Full Body Tactical vest has tons of extra great pockets and two elastic clip holders, plus an accessory hood so you can carry even MORE ammo around.

Fit – Make sure you measure yourself to verify the vest fits. Some of the vests are for young fans, so teen and adult fans should watch out carefully. This is an issue especially when it comes to purchasing some fake vests which we will discuss a bit later. Some of these vests are notorious for being very small, only able to fit young fans and not great for teen or adult players. Make sure the vest you choose has the ability to be adjusted. The 2009 Tactical vest, for instance, was ahead of its time in that it was able to fit just about everybody. You will also notice that the N-Strike tactical vest advertises that it is good for kids, teens and adults who want to play. You may not find such an advantage when it comes to unofficial products.

Included Accessories – What does your vest come with? Is it just a vest, or do you get some cool extra darts? Check these out before you buy, because there could be some pretty great stuff. The N-Strike Tactical Vest, for instance, comes with some dart clips-two six dart clips to be exact, and also 12 real Nerf Elite darts! This is a nice value-add when making this purchase. Check and see if the vest you are interested in comes with anything else.

Color – Is your vest a cool camo, slick black or something different? Make sure you get just the vest you would like to buy. The typical Nerf vests that you see are mostly in black. They sometimes feature really cool color schemes. The Full Body tactical vest has a neat blue and white design at the top of the vest, plus the Nerf logo as well. The Nerf Elite Ultimate Battle Vest also has that same great blue, black and white pattern also. You can also get some vests that are not licensed in cool colors, such as pink, camo, and even Santa Clause themed. These might be fun for novelty use, but if you really plan on using these time and time again, we advise against buying any unlicensed Nerf products.

Neat Add-Ons – Bandanas and pretend tactical glasses like real soldiers wear sometimes can add real authenticity to your war. See if your vest kit comes with these cool add-ons. You can get some pretty cool accessories to go with your Nerf vest, even if you have to buy them separately. After all, these mean a lot more than just looking cool. Wearing pretend tactical glasses, for instance, can be a safety measure as much as it is a fun way to add excitement to your Nerf war. Real firearms experts, soldiers and law enforcement personnel, among others, wear ballistic eyewear every day while at work in the event of an accident involving a bullet, ricochet or shrapnel. The reason it’s a good idea to wear glasses during a Nerf war are for the same reasons. We certainly don’t need to worry about the same dangers as those using real firearms, but eye protection should always be a priority. Some Nerfers wear goggles, which is fine, but the use of cool-looking pretend eyewear feels good to wear. Darts, after all, can sometimes fly farther or faster than we imagine, and it’s easier to wear glasses so the fun doesn’t have to stop if someone accidentally is hit in the face.

Bandanas are another cool way to enhance your Nerf war. In movies and television, you may have seen soldiers wearing what’s called a Shemagh which is a piece of cloth that covers the face, or they may even wear a regular old bandana. This is done as a means of keeping them out of the sun and keeping the sun off of their faces. It also protects against the cold, too.

Having one of these around can just look really cool, or you can also use it to keep the dirt out of your face if you and your friends are battling in a sandy or dusty place, like the beach or a backyard lacking in grass.

Bandanas and tactical glasses are often found with the unofficial Nerf vests, which we advise against-you may wish to buy these accessories separately.

A Quick Note on Fake Vests

When you search up “Nerf Vests” on Amazon, you find a mix of real and inauthentic products. We can’t tell you how to spend your money, it is your choice to buy whatever feels right for you. However, we do advise against the buying of fake Nerf products. You simply will not get the same level of quality that you would get with a real Nerf product.

Certainly, some of these products seem like a great deal, with plenty of extra darts and sometimes two vests included for the price of one. However, these darts usually don’t fly as far as a real Nerf dart. They may break easier or cause your gun to jam. Some users report that these vests feel cheaply made.

In our experience, it is best to just buy the real product the first time around. You will get a great product that will work, no questions asked, and you don’t have to worry about inferior darts or gear during the most critical moments of your Nerf war.

The Products

Explain that now is the fun part-we get to show off some of the coolest products we have chosen as fans of Nerf. We looked at reviews, pricing, and of course how it functions as we picked out the best products around.

1- Rival Phantom Corps Vest

This is an official Nerf accessory that first debuted in summer 2017. It might just be the most advanced tactical vest as of yet! You might find this under Jazwares, but rest assured it is a Nerf-branded product and will absolutely be a blast for your whole crew to enjoy. You can use this vest to store high-impact rounds and also magazines. It can hold up to four, twelve round magazines and also can hold 150 rounds all at once.

You can also make use of the cool team indicators, there are team red and team blue. We also love the inclusion of the “life bars” for easy tracking when having a Nerf war. The vest looks really cool too; it is a very sleek black color that will look great on everyone. We love the cool looking Nerf Phantom Corps logo in the corner and also the Nerf logo near the shoulder.

This vest will have you ready to take on all the competition but keep all the extra firepower you need within arm’s reach! Even if you do not use ball rounds, you can still use the mesh pouch in front to hold some more darts.

The adjustment on this vest is great; people who are tall or even a bit heavy set will not have any trouble wearing this vest comfortably. The quality of the vest is good, and the material makes it easy to wash in the event you have to get down in the dirt during the battle. It looks cool and functions really well!


● There are other great accessories like a tactical pouch you can buy.
● Easy to adjust to fit all sizes
● Has cool Phantom Corps logo on it


● Rated for ages 14 and up, leaving out young fans.
● Does not come with extra rounds.

2- Nerf Elite Tactical Full Body Vest

Here we have another great tactical vest brought to us by Jazwares. This great vest stores up to ten darts and one clip, but you can put even more ammo into the small mesh pouch. The vest is easy to adjust and will be easy to fit for all sizes. Some of these vests came packaged as part of the Supreme Strategy Pack. This particular vest held up to ten darts and also three clips at once. There is a handy mesh pouch on the side that stores blasters plus other small items. It is much like the original Tactical Vest, which was great although it is a discontinued product. The pictures of the vest do a great job of showing off just how useful it can really be. The vest is orange and blue plus black, very fitting for the Elite series as this is the color scheme for the darts. The extra firepower you can enjoy as part of this cool vest will ensure you win the war each and every time. The pockets are located on the upper part of the vest on the chest, where ten darts can be stored. Meanwhile there are mesh pouches on the bottom of the front, where darts and clips may be placed for easy access. And lastly, there is a spot for an extra clip and a blaster in the back. Just grab your ammo and get firing! There are three different options for purchase that will serve you well-a full body tactical vest, a standard tactical vest and a tactical drawstring bag with a vest and extra pouch included. It’s a winner no matter which one you get.


● Great for ages 8 and up ● One size fits most-easy to adjust ● TONS of space to put extra ammo


● No extra darts are included with this pack. ● No other color schemes are available.

3- Official Nerf Tactical Vest N-Strike Elite Series

Released in 2012, this is a basic Nerf tactical vest that does everything you need and has the cool N-Strike Elite logo emblazoned on it, also. The material is breathable, and you will love wearing it as you run around the battlefield. This is a remake of the older 2009 Tactical Vest, so if you missed out on that or would like to have it back once more, this is the way to go. However, this does differ from the original in some ways. For instance, the Elite Vest has no space for a custom logo. Also, the N-Force sword slot has been removed, as well as the blaster holster. The holster instead is replaced with an elastic strap where a small blaster or additional clip can be placed. There are plenty of dart and clip holders on this vest, plus a velcro strap and a pouch. The dart holders at the top of the vest can hold up to 12 darts. The vest holds four clips and the mesh bag is capable of storing a smaller size blaster. We found this one to be easy to adjust in terms of sizing. Even the product description itself indicates it is great for kids, adults and teens, and we agree-it’s a vest all people of many body sizes can comfortably wear and enjoy. The quality is very good on this and the storage space is plentiful. This may be a bit basic compared to the others but is great for Nerfers everywhere.


● Comes with extra ammo and some magazines ● Great for ages 8 and up. ● Easily adjustable to fit many Nerfers.


● No ability to put team logo on vest. ● No other colors are available for this vest.

4- Nerf Elite Mobile Gear Pack

Here we have another Nerf Jazwares product that delivers and looks cool while doing it! This cool Gear Pack comes with three awesome accessories including a battle-pack dart pouch, a hip holster that makes you feel like you are in the Wild West and of course the very cool utility vest. Bear in mind that there are no darts included with this particular tactical gear set. This is rated for ages 8 and up, so Nerfers of all ages will be able to make use of this cool vest. This is a lot like the Tactical Vest in that you can store darts or clips. On the top there is storage for six darts plus two clips on the top, and there is also a mesh pouch which can hold a six-dart clip or as many darts as you can fit inside. The back of the vest has the capability to store an 18-dart clip or two more clips up to six darts. It might not look like the regular vests we’ve seen today but is super useful.


● Great for ages 8 and up ● This is a great value and you get three cool accessories with it. ● The battle pouch can hold up to 75 darts.


● No other colors to choose from. ● No darts included with purchase.

5- Nerf Elite Utility Vest, Tiger Pattern

This is a super cool utility vest that is basically the same one as the one we took a look at earlier. It is the same useful utility vest as before but features a very cool tiger pattern. This is capable of holding 4 magazines total, that is, two on the front and two on the back. You will be able to easily access your ammo during the heat of the battle and reload your weapon with ease. We also liked the removable storage pocket. You can fit a lot inside that thing!

There are also two elastic dart holders on the left and the right, just like the other Utility Vest. It is easy to store and carry individual darts, and we think this vest would be good for snipers that need to have quick access to their ammo right away when the perfect shot is lined up. It is easy to adjust the waistband and shoulder straps so that people of all sizes can comfortably wear the vest. In total, you should be able to hold up to 50 darts!


● Rated for ages 8 and up ● Cooler to wear around than a vest, which can get sweaty. ● There are two color options you can pick from.


● Only fits Elite darts. ● Some users complained the vest was far too large for their young children.


Having a vest makes a great accessory, and you can really gain an advantage by wearing one, but it is not critical to do so. Just keep safety and fun as your first priorities, and everybody is guaranteed a good time.