If you are looking for a large and effective dart gun, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 is exactly what you are looking for. This dart gun is going to pack all the punch and power you have been looking for, and as it is one of the best options from Nerf, it is going to be difficult to beat this rather promising weapon. Very few require batteries, but this Elite Cam does need four AA batteries, in order to improve the power and versatility of the weapon.

The Elite Cam looks like a compact M-16, only with more scopes and features. With this weapon, you are going to receive a twelve dart click that is loaded from the base of the gun, right in front of the trigger (just like you would find in a typical assault rifle), plus there is an integrated shoulder stock that you can pull out and push against your shoulder. This gives you better accuracy and comfort when shooting for distance. Of course, when you don’t have as much room, you can simply slide this shoulder stock back into place.

The four AA batteries are designed to power the video camera that is built right into the top of the gun. This allows you to record and capture your kill shots. If you are looking for an excellent paint option, you really can’t go wrong with black. In fact, it is going to give you the look of an assault soldier on the front lines in Starship Trooper.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 is a bit similar to the Demolisher. If you don’t really want the camera on the Elite Cam, you will find that the Demolisher is a bit more towards your liking. For one, the Demolisher is less expensive as there is no camera and it also makes it lighter as well (plus you don’t need all of the batteries as well). The camera resolution is also only .3 megapixels, which is something you probably wouldn’t even find on a cell phone 10 years ago. All in all, you need to determine if you just really want that camera or not.