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Find the Best Nerf Sniper Rifle Gun for you in 2021!

I don’t know about you, but I find shooting someone from long range so satisfying 🙂 So here’s the top 5 Best NERF Sniper Guns currently available in 2021, as well as my review of each of them.

We will talk about the clip size, how far the darts go, sniper gun accessories, NERF sniper gun upgrades, and I will reveal my favorite NERF Sniper Guns for 2021.

1 – Nerf Sniper Rifle Mega Centurion – Best Sniper with Scope

This Centurion Blaster is an awesome way to size up any of your nerf battles.

Released under the N-Strike series, the Centurion measures 40 inches in length and features six screaming darts that can travel up to 100 ft.!

In addition to two tactical rails and five sling points, it has a priming bolt slot that is half the length of the blaster for a longer priming travel.

And with the help of the bipod stand, you can take your marksmanship to a whole new level.  You will be ready for any NERF Sniper War!

Moreover, the Centurion’s front barrel is permanent. The Centurion also has a recoil effect that is much different than clip system blasters, which require you to manually pull the bolt back before reloading.


The darts are longer and can travel up to 100ft.
Magazines are much easier to load.
A sturdy blaster.


The forced barrel lock can make the Centurion hard to transport.
Only has a 6 dart firing clip.
It is single-fire and can fire only 1-2 darts per second.
4.6 lbs, and not easy to prime and load for younger children.
Costs $60


2 – Thunderhawk Nerf Sniper Rifle AccuStrike Mega – Longest Nerf Sniper Rifle 

Also from the N-Strike Series, the Thunderhawk AccuStrike is the longest NERF Sniper Nerf blaster, measuring in at 41 inches. However, despite its impressive length, it is built for flexibility. With this blaster, you can participate in mobile and stationary battles. You can go long by simply extending the barrel and using its built-in stand to stabilize it or shorten it to carry it into battle. Perfect for the NERF Sniper Cold War!

With ten Mega AccuStrike Darts, the AccuStrike is also one of the most accurate blasters out there. Simply load the AccuStrike with 10-dart clip and take on your battles with bolt-action firing. Moreover, the darts are high-quality and made out of foam with flexible hollow tips.

In addition to the extendable barrel, this blaster also features a tactical rail on top and several sling points on the rear of the barrel.

With this blaster, you can go long and strong in any Nerf battle.


Built for stationary and mobile battle.
Has a built in, foldable bi-pod.
Features a 10-dart firing clip.


Some assembly required.
Built for single-fire.
Some users found that it does not fire well long-distance.


3 – NERF Modulus Sniper Rifle Longstrike – Best Nerf Sniper Rifle with a Scope

This Longstrike is a re-released version of the 2010 N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 with a number of notable sniper upgrades to improve its blaster performance.

When you order this NERF Sniper Kit for the Longstrike, you get a barrel extension to customize the blaster for any occasion, a bipod, a distance scope, and three six-dart clips to house eighteen Elite darts.

What makes the Longstrike unique from its predecessor is its use of a direct plunger system and the added feature of an unjamming button on the side of the gun. This one also makes my list of NERF Sniper Guns with a Scope.

This way you can release the bolt and remove empty clips with ease. The Longstrike also has three tactical rails, three-strap points, and an integrated shoulder stock where you can store two extra dart clips for easy access.


Features 18 Elite darts and 3 six dart clips.
Has an unjamming button and a clip release button for easy reloading.
The extended barrel allows for flexibility and a longer range.


Bolt action firing that has to be cycled back and forth for each shot.
Some users found it misfires sometimes.
Bipod is not extremely secure.
Costs $70; one of the most expensive guns on this list.


4- Nerf Elite Snipers AccuStrike RaptorStrike – Best Nerf Sniper Gun for Boys

The AccuStrike RaptorStrike is the top sniper gun for anyone looking for absolute accuracy. The RaptorStrike is a clip system, bolt action blaster that fires darts specially designed for improved accuracy.

With this blaster, you get eighteen darts and two six-dart clips to keep you stocked and at the ready for any Nerf Sniper War.

What makes the RaptorStrike stand out is its construction. Unlike some of the blasters we have seen, this gun only has a tactical rail on the bottom of the barrel, but no rail on top.

Instead of a rail on top, the Raptorstrike actually features a flip-up sight so there is no need for a NERF Sniper Scope.

The RaptorStrike’s clips also have an angled base with a half-clear design. And for more convenience, the RaptorStrike also has a clip release button. This reduces the likelihood of jamming in your blaster.  Another reason this is one of my favorite Sniper NERF Guns.


3.75 lbs, making it one of the more light-weight guns on this list.
Has great accuracy up to 50-75 ft.
Clip release button avoids jamming.
Has a pop-up sight and an extendable bipod.


Priming requires you to manually move the bolt back and forth for each shot.
Some users found that it won’t shoot straight.
Costs $65


5- Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk

Also a part of the AccuStrike Series, the AlphaHawk is built for precision and accuracy. However, unlike the other guns on this list, the AlphaHawk is a revolver-style toy blaster. So, instead of holding magazines and clips, the darts are loaded into a revolving drum. This blaster comes with 10 Elite darts, which are some of Nerfs most precise darts.

The AlphaHawk is also unique because of its drop down cylinder. The cylinder actually makes loading the revolving extremely easy because all you have to do is press the cylinder release button to let the cylinder fall out and load it up with the darts. This way you can easily unleash five darts without having to stop and reload.

Moreover, the AlphaHawk features two tactical rails and a non-adjustable shoulder stock. Along with a simple orange and light grey design, the AlphaHawk has an ambidextrous bolt handle. No matter who you are you can now strike with greater confidence and accuracy with the AlphaHawk.


2lbs; the most lightweight option on this list.
Has a revolving chamber instead of magazines or clips.
Drop-down cylinder makes for easy reloading.
Extremely accurate and easy to hold.
Costs $18; the most affordable option on this list.


Only holds 5 darts.
Does not have good distance.
Lacks power.

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Nerf Sniper Gun Buying tips

Gun Size

Nerf guns come in all shapes and sizes and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. With larger guns, you can have more ammo. Not to mention ammo that travels farther and faster than ammo in smaller guns.

On the other hand, smaller Nerf blasters or guns can help you in the element of surprise. You can easily conceal them, but you give up having a high ammo stock. Moreover, smaller Nerf blasters allow you to move faster and more efficiently. Meanwhile, largest Nerf guns can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around.

Fire mode – automatic or manual?

Pros of Battery Powered Snipers
Pusher eliminates priming errors, jams, and insufficient trigger pulls
No need to manually prime blaster

Cons of Battery Powered Snipers
Automatic blasters are much louder.
You do have to use batteries to power the blaster.

Pros of Rapid-Fire Guns
Can shoot at a faster rate.
Can use and load more darts at a time.

Cons of Rapid-Fire Guns
Rapid fire guns require battery operation.

Pros of Single Fire Sniper
Single fire allows more control.
Some Single-fire guns come with multiple shooting modes.

Cons of Single Fire Sniper
Only fires one dart at a time.

Nerf Gun Range

According to WisePick, the Nerf guns with the longest firing ranges include:

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster
  • Nerf Vortex Revonix 360
  • Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18
  • Nerf Vortex Vigilon
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18

Blaster Accuracy

Nerf gun accuracy relies on a number of factors. You could be a greater shooter, but your aim can be thrown off by everything between weather and wind conditions to the shape and aerodynamics of the dart itself.

Moreover, it also relies on the spring mechanism in the Nerf gun. A weak spring allows for more dart or bullet drop, but a stronger spring can counteract bullet drop easily.

In general, you want to think of firing Nerf guns like you are firing a real gun. Granted, you won’t be shooting the same distances and Nerf guns are much safer to use.

However, the same principles apply to Nerf guns. Like professional snipers, you have to do some calculations to achieve more precise shots.

Here are six of the most accurate Sniper Nerf guns out there:

  • Nerf RIVAL Nemesis
  • Nerf AccuStrike AlphaHawk
  • Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

Ammo room

Pros of Large Ammo Capacity

Larger ammo capacities allow you to overwhelm opponents easily.
You are able to stay in battle for much longer without running out of ammo.

Cons of Large Ammo Capacity

With more ammo, you do have to spend more time trying to reload.
Also, more ammo means that you are carrying around more, which can slow you down in the long run.
Lastly, the more ammo you use, the more you have to clean up when the battle is over.


So, which sniper gun will you use to blast your rivals without them even noticing you?