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Find the Best New Nerf Gun for you

The sheer volume of Nerf guns that are available online and off can leave many justifiably confused as to which gun to trust their kids with or to which blaster to add to their arsenal. For situations like this the following reviews will come in handy. Keep on reading to find out which Nerf guns we think are worth your business.

1- Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster

Released in 2013 under the N-Strike Mega series, this gun is deluxe, and all you snipers out there got to have it. You get six mega darts, a bi-pod stand, and a Mega Clip. There are two tactical rails and the blaster comes in at 4.8 lbs. This one is designed to resemble a sniper rifle.

It has a firing speed of 1-2 darts per second and is a single-fire action, great for calculated snipers. The priming mechanism in this particular blaster is a bit different when you compare it to like clip system toys. When it is unprimed and idle, we find the Centurion’s bolt stays in the back which allows the clip to be taken out pretty easy.

When you pull the priming handle to the bank and then the front, the dart is chambered. Then when you fire it the dart is expelled and the bolt snaps back, almost like recoil. This may be confusing to others who have used an older clip blaster, as you would always remove the clip by pulling the bolt toward the back.

Otherwise, it’s a solid choice for snipers-the best, in fact!


● Firing range of 100 feet
● Comes in a variety of colors to match your team theme.
● The darts whistle when fired.


● Priced over $50-may be too expensive for some.
● Cumbersome to carry around during wars.

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2- Thunderhawk Nerf AccuStrike Mega Toy Blaster

Here we have a bolt-action blaster that has a ten-dart clip. It comes with a collapsible bi-pod, so if you have to lay down and wait for your competition, you can really aim your shot. The barrel is extendable, and this single-fire blaster can hold up to 10 darts.

There is one tactical rail located on top of the blaster also. One cool thing about his one for all you snipers is how the barrel on this blaster is extendable, making it look more like a sniper rifle. It also fires up to 30 feet, provided the conditions are right!


● You can attach a scope to this, and other cool peripherals
● Users noted the accuracy of the gun
● Holds ten darts at once


● A clip in the wrong position can make it feel like it jammed.
● Users noted it was noisy when used.

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3- NERF N-Strike Modulus Longstrike

Released in fall 2018, this is a blaster that is sure to impress your team and make your competition quiver in their boots. You get a barrel extension included, a bipod for comfortable sniping, and three clips that hold six darts apiece.

You will also get 18 elite darts and enjoy three tactical rails on the blaster. This is a bolt-action, single fire blaster that holds 6 rounds per clip. Reloading and firing is pretty easy. You just pull the bolt back and then push the clip release button located on the left and right sides of the blaster.

That gets rid of any empty clips. Then you load the darts into the clip and put it into the blaster. Push the bolt forward and then pull the trigger. Go back and forth for each shot after. Hear that? It’s the sound of you winning the Nerf war!


● Easily customize this with your barrel extension, bipod or scope
● You can fire six darts right in a row
● Great for Nerf fans aged 8 and up


● At $70, may be too expensive for some players.
● Bi-pod is wobbly when standing, says one user
● Cannot use Raptorstrike clips with this blaster

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4- Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Once again, we have a great option for snipers, as this Nerf blaster features a bi-pod, two clips with six darts apiece, and 19 AccuStrike darts included. Bolts are detached for this single-fire, bolt action blaster.
You will find a tactical rail underneath the barrel where you can attach the bi-pod but no top rail for scopes or other peripherals. This is designed as a sniper rifle, and the bi-pod makes it great so you can comfortably wait to take out competitors using the AccuStrike darts.
Firing and reloading is like this: pull back the bolt all the way. Then load in six darts into one of the clips and put that clip into the blaster. Push the bolt forward once more, and then lock into place. Pull the trigger and that will fire a dart.


● Works with any Nerf magazine or clip
● Range goes pretty far-one user reported about 50 to 75 feet.
● Price is affordable-under $40 which is less than some Nerf sniper guns


● No top tactical rail for add-ons.
● Cannot shoot Mega Darts.
● Some users complained the gun was not accurate.

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5- Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series AlphaHawk

Continuing with our AccuStrike series, here we have a relatively recent NERF blaster that burst onto the scene in 2017. You get ten AccuStrike darts and also can look forward to having two tactical rails attached, one below the muzzle and one on top of the blaster.
You will also like the shoulder stock, very comfortable for when you have to hide out and wait for your opposition to come your way. It is a revolver-style design. The darts are known for greater accuracy and you will also like the way in which you can fire five rounds at once without having to reload.
Reloading is pretty easy anyway-just open the cylinder and load in your darts. Then press the cylinder back in. It’s a mix of a cool Wild-West style revolver with the speed of a top Nerf blaster.


● Price is very affordable, under $20.
● Revolver holds five darts and you can fire single shots.
● One user reported a 45-food firing range.


● Some users reported darts firing inconsistently.
● Gun does comply with other NERF magazines.

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New Nerf gun Buying tips

Shooting style – Automatic (Battery powered), rapid fire or single fire?

What’s better: Automatic, rapid-fire or single fire?
It depends on your play style. So, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, having automatic ammo is great because all the work is done for you and your arms don’t get tired pumping the blaster. However, these mostly run on batteries and if yours are dead when your friends want to play, that’s a problem. Plus, these can be heard from far away, not good for sneaking.

Rapid fire is great for offensive players. If you love to storm the competition and just fire when you see your opposition, this is the style for you. However, if your gun jams during a Nerf war, this could be a problem. So, this may not be the best for you as a sniper.

Single fire is good because you really must calculate and plan your shots. It makes you a better player to think it through instead of firing haphazardly. However, having to prime your gun every time can be hard on your arms and make you tired.

So, if you like to be calculated, go with single fire. If you need speed, get automatic fire. And if you like to fire and overwhelm your enemy go with rapid fire!


What affects the gun accuracy, what are the most accurate type gun?

The most accurate of the guns featured here today is the Alphastrike Alphahawk.

And in case you were wondering about the factors affecting Nerf Gun accuracy, there are many to consider.

For instance, consider the speed at which the bullet leaves the chamber and goes down the barrel. Then think about speed, weather conditions, shape and aerodynamics. There is a lot of science that goes into how a NERF bullet travels through the air: Think about wind, rain and other factors nearby (suppose you are playing in an indoor gym and somebody is running a fan).

These factors are why snipers in real life make serious assessments and calculate their shots very carefully before firing at long distances. Even though a Nerf blaster and a real firearm are completely different, the basic principles remain the same.

Ammo Room

Pros of Large Ammo Capacity
● You are nearly always guaranteed a win when you have enough ammo.
● You have more chances to hit your target.
● The fun doesn’t need to stop because you ran out.

Cons of Large Ammo Capacity
● You are going to have to go around and find all that ammo once the war is over.
● It is going to require two hands to hold a gun that holds lots of ammo-they’re huge.

Pros of Small Ammo Capacity
● You can hide a small blaster in your pocket or boot.
● You can reload fast!
● Easy and lightweight to carry around.

Cons of Small Ammo Capacity
● You will run out of bullets fast.
● If you lose your only bullet, you’re out until you get back to your supply!


Being the best shooter amongst the team really depends on your skills and the Nerf gun you’re equipped with. We’ve done the research so you can focus on your shooting.

And we also hope that you found our tips helpful because there are countless gimmicky ads out there and people are being fooled by them. Remember that an aesthetically good looking nerf gun may not be the best one.