10 Biggest Nerf Guns In 2019 [Review And Buying Guide]

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Do you have to have everything BIG? Then get ready, because if you believe that bigger is better, we’ve got the list of the guns you need to have. These are great for offensive players who really want the competition to know who’s boss. We even have some sniper choices listed.

Take a look at our top picks, see the pros and cons of each, and use it to make your decision about what gun you will add to your Nerf arsenal!

The Best, Biggest Nerf Blasters

1- Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon

This is also known as the Mastodon in some circles. This is a Nerf blaster that made its debut in the fall of 2016. You will need a total of 6 D batteries to power this huge blaster!

But you won’t be slowed down as you enjoy the auto-flywheel blaster. The dart drum is very large and holds 24 darts all at once. You will also like the carry strap; this makes it a breeze to go around the battlefield and not break your back as you carry it. Three tactical rails grace this beast of a gun, there are two longer ones up top and one short one underneath, located in front of the blaster’s cylinder. Two strap points are situated in front of the top tactical rail and also at the rear of the blaster. This is where you place the carry strap if you wish to use it.

The ammo you will use are of course Mega Darts, and this beast weighs over 7.5 lbs! The priming mechanism is that of an acceleration trigger, and the firing mode is automatic. This is great when the competition is coming at you in waves. And when it is time to reload, here’s how: you load up to 24 darts inside the drum, hold down the acceleration trigger, and then pull the firing trigger to release one single dart. You may also hold the trigger down to fire automatically.


● Darts go 100 feet
● Easy to carry with shoulder strap
● Massive blaster will intimidate competition


● Requires 6 D batteries.
● Over 7 lbs-heavy to carry around.
● Costs over $100.

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2- Nerf Doomlands The Judge

Okay, if you want to establish yourself as king or queen of the battle, this might be the blaster for it. This is a multi-fire blaster that first hit the scene in August 2017. You get 30 Doomlands Darts with it. You fire not one but THREE darts per shot. There is also one tactical rail for any peripherals you want, located right above the barrel and strap attachments. The mechanisms are easily visible through the plastic clear window.

The Judge holds 30 Doomlands Darts at any given time. It is a pump-action blaster. Thankfully no batteries are needed for this particular gun, and a bonus is that you can use standard size darts in it too. At the weight of 5 lbs, this is a pretty good-size gun but still easy to carry for the firepower it delivers.

And let’s not forget speed here-one user reported the darts fire pretty fast at about 51 feet per second!


● Great for Nerf fans aged 8 and up
● You can use all standard-size darts inside it
● 5 lbs is a reasonable weight for this gun.


● Costs over $50
● One user reported it took half an hour to put together.

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3- Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

Here we have a great blaster that is part of the Phantom Corps family of guns. This is complete with 200 high-impact rounds, team flags, hopper, a charger, and did we mention you can also recharge this blaster? Pretty advanced!

This holds up to 200 rounds, and the priming mechanism is that of an acceleration trigger. You can fire 8 rounds per second with this. You will find that this blaster has 2 tactical rails, one that is on top of the blaster and also on the bottom.

In case you were curious about the amount of battery power you have left, just look at the light on the handle. This is an automatic fire, high capacity blaster that will make you the VIP of your team. There is a carry handle which is great for running around, and the blaster comes in at 5 lbs.


● Rechargeable-no huge battery amounts needed.
● Fires at 100 feet per second.
● One user reported a range of about 55 feet on one of the rounds.


● Only for ages 14 and up
● Very expensive-over $100

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4- Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Released in August 2017, this is a powerful blaster that can hold a hundred rounds, takes 6 D batteries or a rechargeable pack, and is fully automatic. There are two tactical rails, one of which is on top of the hopper and also a smaller one underneath the muzzle. There are also sights on this blaster which will help you aim, and the end of the blaster can rest comfortably on the shoulder. It is fully motorized, so just aim and fire.

This is a pretty pricey blaster, but if you and a bunch of friends can save and buy them in the corresponding colors-Team Red and Team Blue-your Nerf wars will get that much more intense. Unfortunately, this is only for Nerf fans aged 14 and up, so younger fans will have to wait a bit.


● Holds 100 rounds, some users fit even more in there.
● Fires at 100 feet per second.
● One user reported the rounds flew 80 to 100 feet-great for far-away targets!


● This is a very expensive blaster at over $80
● Takes 6 D batteries
● Only for ages 14 and up

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5- NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster

This is a long-range blaster that will fire the six included MEGA darts up to 100 feet away. The darts also whistle as they fly through the air, so your opposition will probably scream too. This comes with a bi-pod if you would like to prop up the blaster and wait while your opposition comes around. This is a bolt-action, single fire blaster perfect for those snipers who really want big guns. There are two tactical rails, one on the stock end of the gun as well as the one placed underneath the muzzle.

One thing we really liked about this particular gun is that it does shoot up to 100 feet. So, provided the conditions are right, imagine hitting the target from far away! Your team will love you for being an expert marksman and this is the right gun to learn with.


● No batteries needed
● Great for snipers -you can also add a scope
● Shoots up to 100 feet away


● Expensive gun-nearly $70
● You cannot use regular Nerf darts with this gun.
● Some users stated it was not very accurate.

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6- Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster

Once again we have a super choice for all you snipers that love big guns. This monster comes in at nearly three feet. Thankfully there is a bi-pod for those times you have to prop up your weapon, and also there are two tactical rails. They are located under the muzzle and at the stock end of this gun.

This is bolt-action, single fire blaster that can shoot 1-2 darts a second. Like it’s Centurion Sonic Ice counterpart, this one can also fire up to 100 feet if the conditions are right. One thing we want to note about both of these guns is that the priming mechanism is a bit different than normal.

When you pull the priming handle back and then front, the bolt comes forward and a dart goes into the chamber. When you fire the gun, the dart leaves and the bolt snaps back like recoil. In the past we would simply remove our clips by pulling the bolt to the back first-so this was confusing to learn at first.


● No batteries needed-this is a bolt-action primed sniper rifle.
● Fires up to 100 feet!
● You can attach a carry strap to it for easier moving around and staking your spot.


● Costs $83, may be out of price range for some Nerf fans.
● The way in which we have to remove the clip on this blaster was indeed confusing.

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7- Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

You will enjoy a tactical rail at the bottom of this blaster’s barrel to which you can attach the bi-pod, but, there is no rail at the top for say, a scope. There is, however, a sight that pops up and will help you aim. This blaster can hold a second clip, sort of like the Longstrike CS-6. The clips that come with this hold six darts apiece.

The gun is a bolt-action, single fire blaster. Reloading goes like this: Pull the bolt back all the way and then load the darts into the clip, placing the clip into the blaster. Then push the bolt forward, lock it, and then the blaster will be primed and ready to go. This blaster is packaged with 18 darts and is great for Nerf fans aged 8 and older.


● Great price for new snipers to learn-only $40
● Weighs only 3.75 lbs, great for young players.
● You can shoot standard darts with this rifle.


● No tactical rail on top
● You cannot shoot Mega Darts with this

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8- Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Okay, this is the type of gun you see and want immediately. After all this is motorized blaster whose two barrels hold 25 guns each in their drums. 50 Elite Darts come included with this blaster, and there is a handy tripod you can set up so it can sit on top of an object outdoors while you play with your friends.

This automatic, clip system blaster features four tactical rails. There is one on each clip well, plus two located in the middle of the blaster. The two in the center have been combined to form one single rail so you can hold two different accessories. You can also attach the Vulcan tripod to this blaster too, if you happen to own one.

If you want to fire up the blaster to shoot automatically, just push the orange button on top halfway. The flywheels will kick into motion and those darts will go flying!


● Fires up to 90 feet
● Tripod lets it sit on different places outside: stumps, tables, rocks, etc
● You can hold it in your hand or set it up to fire.


● Takes 6 D batteries
● Only fires if two clips or drums are equipped

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9- NERF Zombie Strike ZED Squad Longshot CS-12 Blaster

This particular gun uses Zombie Strike darts as well as regular darts to win the Nerf war. This gun is a re-release of an old Nerf gun from 2006, the CS-6, but does not include the bi-pod that came with that particular gun. You can absolutely use barrel extensions with this particular gun and there is a stock you can use to store an extra clip. One thing we noted was that there were no tactical rails for this particular gun. This is a single-fire gun with a max range of 40 feet. Reloading is quick and easy, just put in a new clip and you will be ready to go.


● Only 3.5 lbs, easy to run with!
● Great for Nerf fans age 8 and up
● Features a targeting scope


● No barrel attachment included
● Some users reported the gun jammed frequently.

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10- Nerf Mega ThunderBow Blaster

When you watched Avengers, was Hawkeye your favorite? If so, this might just be the blaster that you need. This is a bow-action, single fire blaster with a capacity of five darts. You also get a Jolt, three elite darts and also three targets with your purchase.

There are no tactical rails on this particular blaster. The blaster is advertised to fire for a distance of 100 feet. You can always tell when it is time to fire because the indicator on the back shows green when the string is pulled back in the correct firing position.

Reloading is easy, just load five Mega Darts into the front. Pull the string back, watch for the bow arms to move and wait for the indicator to turn green. Then fire!


● Fires up to 100 feet-as far as the Centurion.
● Lightweight at only 3 lbs.
● Works for fans age 8 and up.


● At over $80, may be too expensive for some fans.
● Some users reported their string broke and they had to fix it.

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Big guns mean big wins! Enhance your skill as a sniper or defensive player, and let your team know you mean business. Learning how to wield one of these big guns will put you ahead of the competition and they also look really good when you carry them around. Choose your favorite, go forth and win!