As blasters have become increasingly upgradeable, the number of accessories available has grown too. Now you have the option to attach larger ammo clips like the extended 25 rounder, or the massive drum clip that comes with the Raider. How about a sword to complement that blaster? Mix and match clips, sites, barrels, stocks… you name it, it can be done. While stocks and barrel attachments are not sold separately, you can however find the following addons below.

Build the Ultimate Nerf Loadout With The Right Upgrades

It’s pretty well known just how awesome Nerf guns can be when it comes to getting your friends and family together to have a friendly shootout. It’s a super cool way to relieve stress, learn how to work together as a team, and enjoy the beautiful weather. What a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to Nerf guns, though, is that you’re not just stuck with the original blaster that you bought at the store. There are a ton of super awesome Nerf accessories that can give you the edge in a fight. These are things like scopes, extended barrels, longer clips, drum magazines, ammo holsters, and plenty of other sweet gadgets. There’s nothing more exciting than taking that standard blaster you started with and upgrading it to the point where you don’t even recognize it anymore. In this post, were going to go over each accessory type that you have at your disposal, which ones you’ll have to put together to assemble a Nerf loadouts and any other tips and tricks that might help you out. Let’s get started so you can get back out there and show your friends and family what you’ve got!

Just like no spy is complete without their gadgets, no Nerf warrior is complete without their accessories. When you show up on the battlefield and face your opponents who all have stock weapons with your fully customized blaster, you’ll already have the intimidation factor on your side. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories you can choose from as well as which ones work best for each of the Nerf loadouts.

Shoulder Stock

This accessory mimics the butt of most real life sniper rifles, and it functions the same on Nerf blasters as it does in the real world. Planting your stock up against your shoulder will give you a steadier aim and make it that much easier to aim down the sights. If you’ve got a scope installed, that’s even better. But we’ll get to scopes later. This accessory isn’t the best for close quarters combat, but if you’re in a secure position, shoulder stocks will give you the edge you need to take out the opposition.

Nerf Stockade Stock
Shoulder Stock

Shoulder stock This particular stock comes packaged with the Stockade Blaster and in the Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit. With one like this you get he added benefit of being able to store as many as ten extra darts at a time!

This accessory will seriously increase your accuracy. Modeled after the scopes you’ll find on real life sniper rifles, a scope allows you to use the built-in crosshair display to pinpoint where your enemy is. This accessory doesn’t feature magnification, but it does offer a great deal more accuracy than aiming down the sights or even firing from the hip.

Barrel Extension

This accessory was built for those Nerf warriors who want some more accuracy with their shot. You can think of the barrel kind of like training wheels on a bike. Once those wheels are taken off, all bets are off as to where the dart will end up. This is especially true when you factor in wind, rain, and other weather effects. But when you use a longer barrel, the dart has more time to gain momentum for when it’s released from the blaster. This does lead to a decrease in range. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that for accuracy, then you should grab this accessory.

Small Clip

The obvious downside to this kind of clip is that it’s not going to hold as many darts as other clips. With that said, though, using this clip will make your rifle much lighter. It’ll also be easier to put in your pocket or wear strapped to you, so you could hold a ton of these clips at once during battle.

Ammo Holster

Another way to add to that awesome small clip is to wear a nifty ammo holster that will hold all of that equipment within reach for you. No more fumbling around in the pockets of your cargo pants for ammo (and getting blasted in the process). With an ammo holster, you’ll always be ready for a fight.

Hip Holster for Secondary Blaster

Sometimes you’ll run out of ammo for your first weapon. Or maybe you’re just looking for something more compact after holding a heavy rifle around with you for an entire battle. Whatever your reason, it’s good to have your secondary blaster right there on your hip so that you can get to it easily. This is one of the most helpful Nerf attachments to have.

Large Clip

Just like there are Nerf attachments that are designed for being lightweight and easy to carry, there are more than a few that were made to give you the leg up in terms of firepower. While your enemies on the battlefield are stuck reloading, with a large clip you’ll be at a major tactical advantage. These are heavier, of course, but it’s a tradeoff.

Front Grip Attachment

This attachment is primarily used on assault rifles, but you can just as easily used it for a sniper rifle or even a pistol. This is a great way to steady your hand and pump up your accuracy so that you waste less darts on missing your target. Of course, your shooting accuracy can also be greatly improved if you incorporate a type of rifle scope onto your gun. For example, hunters who use real guns to shoot their target may decide to check out places like Opticsaddict to find the best rifle scope for their needs. And so the same thing should be considered when you want to improve your accuracy with your Nerf, but a decent front grip attachment may also be a worthwhile investment. It will take some getting used to since your hand naturally wants to hold the weapon’s stock. But once you get used to it, you won’t want to go back.

Collapsible Stock

This kind of stock is ideal for those situations where you want all the benefits of a rifle with the compact size of a smaller blaster. Unlike the shoulder stock, this accessory can be shortened whenever you need it to, so you can adjust your blaster depending on where your enemies are. Are they far away? Pull that stock out and pop a shot. Are they up close and personal? Collapse your stock and go into rapid fire mode.

50 Round Drum Clip

The advantage of this Nerf accessory is obvious: It allows you to carry an insane amount of darts at a single time, fed into a single blaster. This is great if your team has designated you as the warrior who stays put in the base and blasts any enemy who dares enter. What this wouldn’t work so well for is if you were running and gunning or trying to snipe an enemy. The drum magazine is a little on the heavy side, so having a stationary post to attack from is definitely ideal.

Under Barrel Rocket Attachment

This Nerf attachment is for the warrior who wants to make the biggest impact. As of this writing, it’s only supported with the Demolisher blaster, but the under barrel rocket attachment is definitely an attachment to keep your eye on. Along with being able to fire standard Nerf dart rounds, this attachment allows you to load a massive foam rocket into the blaster. The enemy might say that they didn’t feel an ordinary dart hit them, but there’s no way to argue when one of these huge rocket darts makes contact with you. It goes without saying that this blaster and its attachment will be a lot heavier than other, standard blasters, but this is definitely an awesome option to go with.

Tactical Vest for Extra Ammo

Why have a hip holster for your ammo when you can have all of it within easy reach on your chest? Or better yet, you can have both the hip holster and a tactical vest to double the amount of ammo that you can carry on you during an epic battle. Keep in mind that the more ammo you load onto this vest, the more it will weigh you down and potentially get in your way. But if you practice with the amount of ammo you want to hold and maybe even change up your shooting style, you’ll be good to go in no time.

Blast Shield Attachment

One of the coolest ways to camp in when you’re more like a heavy gunner is to plant a blast shield attachment to protect you from dart fire while you mow down the enemy. Just like we said before that a drum clip was best for warriors who were looking to stay put in their base nd dispatch their enemy that way, a blast shield attachment is the best way to help with this kind of strategy. The really cool thing about this attachment is that it was made to be translucent. What this means is that you can see through the shield and won’t have to peek over it to see the enemy, which of course could lead to you getting shot. There are a number of holes in the shield, too, that you can shoot from if you’d rather keep it safe and not risk shooting over the shield where there’s no protection.

Once you’ve assembled the most awesome Nerf accessories, it’s ttime to figure out what kind of loadout you want to go with. Depending on what kind of warrior you are, you can mix and match these accessories to get the perfect blaster for your style of battle. Let’s take a look at which accessories you’ll need for each loadout.


The sniper’s an especially powerful loadout, but it’s definitely going to need the most accessories out of all of the loadouts. The first thing you want is a long stock. Sniping the enemy requires that you keep the blaster steady and your aim on point, and the long stock will help you do that. You’ll definitely need a scope to pick off your enemies with ease, too. A barrel extension will make sure that your shot is accurate, and it’ll give you that authentic sniper rifle look, too.

Using a small clip will help to offset the rest of the weight that you’ll have with this kind of blaster, and you can offset this smaller clip by wearing a convenient ammo holster. A sniper blaster is great for long distances. But if your enemy starts to get a little too close for comfort, that’s where having a hip holster for a secondary blaster comes in handy. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy–just a blaster that can pop off a shot in a pinch and hold off an enemy or two while your backup arrives.


The first thing that you need if you’re looking to build the assault loadout is a larger clip. These blasters eat through ammo like it’s nothing, so you need to be prepared for when you eventually run out of ammo. Your enemy might get caught having to reload their blaster often, but that doesn’t mean you have to too.

A front grip attachment will get you out of trouble when the enemy is closing in. Just like the long stock will help with accuracy on a sniper blaster, the front grip attachment will steady your hand and let you pivot the blaster wherever it needs to go. Your enemies won’t stand a chance. Pair this up with a collapsible stock and there will be no stopping you. You can extend the stock for long range warfare, or you can collapse it for times where the enemy’s closing in. Either way, you’ll be prepared.


For the heavy loadout, having plenty of ammo is key. You’re going to want to pick up a 50 round drum clip, as this will ensure that you get plenty of shots off before even thinking about reloading. And when your enemy sees just how huge this clip is, they’ll think twice about messing with you. If you’re really looking to go heavy duty, you should get the under barrel rocket attachment. There will be no mistaking one of these rockets when they’re flying through the air.

That drum clip will last a while. But once it runs out, you’re going to need some help. By wearing a tactical vest with extra ammo, you’ll be making sure that you’re prepared for literally every situation. Plus, you’ll look pretty awesome, too. The last thing you need is the blast shield attachment. With all of that firepower, you’re going to need a way to protect yourself. This shield will keep the darts away and allow you to become a glorified human turret. If you’re playing capture the flag and you post this shield up nearby, it’ll be awfully hard for the other team to score even a single point on you.

Simply put, Nerf battles are pretty awesome, and they’re a great way to have fun with your friends and family. But if you’re ready to take your game to the next level, then the starter weapons are not going to be enough. In times like these, you’ll need a solid collection of accessories that can give you the advantage on the field and make sure that you’ve got equipment that matches your skill level. So take a look at what kind of loadout you want and then make a list of the accessories that’ll help you out. Once you’re ready, get out there and have an awesome time! There’s nothing that can stop you on your quest to total victory.