NERF is the world leader in fun, engaging and ultimately-safe, tactical play gear for children. The NERF N-Strike Elite Thunderbow is a prime example of this company’s adaptable/customizable weaponry for carefree fantasy play. This string-action, ultralight blaster is perfect for backyard child’s play, or organized club challenges with futuristic weaponry requirements.

This blaster has become popular with the MOD communities because it is easily converted into a continuous soft dart-firing weapon. It is absolutely concurrent with contemporary gaming and role-playing descriptions. There is a soft grip handle and compounding mechanism, side spring reload, five-dart clip and an intimidating virtual combat appearance.

The NERF N-Strike Elite Thunderbow(on amazon) is extremely versatile and attractive, yet its cost puts it at the upper middle range for NERF tactical play weapons. The amount of firepower that this this blaster provides far exceeds its retail price. It is far less expensive than models like the girly Rebel Heartbreaker Bow Blaster, but comparable to blasters like the Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow. This blaster is a hybrid creation that combines old world bow and arrow action with space-age sleekness that is attractive for any role-playing situation.

Gamers and strategic geniuses will find it absolutely appropriate to paint this legendary, if not mysteriously rare NERF bow, with traditional camo or military colors. Metallic green, black and silver paint will make this blaster look truly intimidating and powerful. Key components can be color-coded. These include the sights, bow arm scaffolds, and the main aiming knock. If straightforward, “bag-em’, tag-em’” sensibility survives into the future, this is the type of NERF bow blaster that will be the game-changer in any virtual sporting situation.

Nothing is more intimidating than a MOD warrior who is equipped with late and experimental NERF gear like the Thunderbow, knowing how to use it! Previous NERF bows offered little in the way of real gaming situation versatility. The Thunderbow is loaded with power and is designed for high action, fraction-of-a-second response to real gaming situations. This is an affordable and attractive must have for anyone possessing a war archer’s penchant for accuracy and domination.