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We know that nerf darts and bullets are a serious part of your play time and the secret to a successful Nerf war. To get the most fun out of your blaster, know what to look for when you shop for your next ammo pack-use our helpful guide.

Nerf Bullets Buying Guide

In this part of the guide, we will show you how to go about choosing the darts that work best with your particular blaster. There are so many darts available that you should know about how they work and what makes them special, not to mention the fakes that merchants try and sell you! After you learn about those aspects, we will show off some top products.

On Fake Darts

One thing we want to make clear is that there is a such thing as counterfeit Nerf darts. We cannot tell you how to spend your money, but we really advise against buying these. Even though it can be very tempting to get 100, 200 even 1000 darts in a pack, you won’t be getting the same level of performance that you would get from a real Nerf dart. They seem like a good idea at the time, but they could mess up your blaster, and that’s why we advise against it.

Do a quick search and you will soon understand that there are heaps of fake Nerf darts out there. They work pretty well at first, but they do tend to jam a lot more frequently than real Nerf ammo.

Differences in Quality

On Amazon, you can find plenty of fake darts. Take a close look at them. You will find that they lack a Nerf logo, and may be colored slightly different than the real ones. For instance, the orange might be brighter and the blue lighter. Other times it is really hard to tell, so it’s best to search for “Official Nerf Darts” when you shop.

The fake ones break down much faster than the genuine ones. This leads to jams or a malfunction in your blaster. When you fire your blaster, you sometimes have to use the priming mechanism to store up some air. If the air cannot be released properly, your blaster gets worn down and will not fire the darts as far-or even cease firing altogether.

These fakes come in many different varieties. Those of you playing with Mega Darts might find it easier and cheaper to just pick up some fake ones. But these fakes don’t even scream when they go through the air, which is the coolest part of these darts.

Meanwhile the other darts, such as the ones modeled after the Elite series, simply do not go as far as the real Nerf ammo. In sum, we strongly advise the use of official Nerf darts with your favorite blaster.

What to Look For When Buying Nerf Bullets

Now, we will talk about what makes each and every Nerf ammo type special. Whether your blaster takes arrows, discs, darts or something else, we will talk about it here, as well as things to keep in mind as you shop.


One thing we have come to expect with being Nerf fans is the fact that some of our favorite series become discontinued. For instance, our team liked the Rebelle series because it created blasters that young girls would be drawn to. The point we’re trying to make is that some Nerf merchandise unfortunately gets discontinued, and you should be aware if your blaster uses discontinued darts or can make use of some newer darts such as the Elite series. Do a quick search for your blaster’s ammo type if you are unsure and verify if the ammo is still made, and if not, see what other options there are.

Special Darts

Do you like Fortnite, Star Wars, or the Zombie Strike Nerf series? Do you like all three? If so, there are darts for you in each of these categories. These darts match up with certain blasters that Nerf creates and sells to promote the corresponding movie or video game. For instance, the Star Wars darts are special because they were made with color schemes relating to the First Order (black and red) Resistance (blue and white), Chewbacca (Green and white) and Stormtroopers (blue and orange). The Fortnite darts are purple and blue and have the famous llama design all over the body. These darts function like other Nerf darts, the only difference is that they have a special pattern or logo on them that relates to the brand.


The vast majority of Nerf blasters that use discs have been discontinued, so it’s presumably collectors and lifelong fans that have such blasters in their arsenal. Nevertheless, if your weapon of choice shoots a disc, here’s what to know: the original ones had terrible accuracy. Thankfully, the product was redesigned and burst onto the scene again in 2007, making use of the Foam Disc. These were soft and were shot from the disk shot as a means of providing target practice for Nerfers. Today, XLR discs are available, and are thicker and stronger than the original ones. They can be shot through the air and are not hindered by accuracy or firing distance. These discs are known for bouncing off of whatever they hit, or even hitting the opposition with just one shot. The best way to describe shooting these is like firing off tiny Frisbees and watching them spin toward your competition!


Known as Elite Missiles, these are big darts that have fins on the back. They remind us of miniature torpedos. They are orange and black and come packaged with a few blasters such as the ThunderBlast and the Tri-Strike, among a few others. This is a large foam ammo type that has a foam head and those fins on the rear. Fans will find it reminds them of the Mega Missile, which came with the Titan AS-V1 blaster. It does not have any resemblance to the original missiles of the 90’s, which were skinny foam darts with fins on the end. Instead, these are rather stout in nature, but certainly come with blasters that have power. 2019, for instance, saw these with the Hulk Assembler Gear pack, colored all in green. Later on, that year the RL had these packaged insides, but called them “rockets”. Finally, they were also included with the Legendary Supply Drop from the Fortnite blaster series and were colored yellow to match. In short, this is a special ammo type and only comes in packs of three. They do come in a variety of color schemes-there are the Fortnite and Hulk variations but also the N-Strike Elite versions also.

Foam Cars

These ammo types, as you may have guessed, are not for Nerf war use; instead they are designed to do cool tricks. The Nitro series of blasters made use of Foam Cars that were fired off of very high speeds designed to help these cars perform cool stunts. Thanks to the rise in Nerf Stunt videos available on YouTube, Nerf decided to create a series that would answer to players’ desires to try these stunts themselves. These blasters and ammo are still available today, having been released in 2017. Cool stunts involving barrel knock overs, hitting a bullseye or even jumping through a “flaming” hoop were all part of these playsets that Nerf released, plus many more. The main body of these cars are made of soft foam, but the wheels are constructed of tough plastic. This in turn makes it easy to roll over ramps, obstacles and much more. These cars are fun, and they come in several different color schemes such as the FlashFury (black, gray, red) and the MotoFury (gray and red, black and blue, purple and yellow). Refill packs were sold with two to 16 cars per pack.

Modern Nerf Arrows

This is another one of those “discontinued” ammo types, but we will discuss it nonetheless in the event this is your weapon of choice. These arrows were what we saw with the Rebelle series of blasters as well as the Whistler Dart heads. They are easy to recognize because they have a slim plastic body plus foam that looks like a feather at the end of the arrow. These darts came in refill packs of three and four, and they can be used with the following blasters: Agent Bow, Wrathbolt, Dreadbolt, Wingspeed, Courage Crossbow, and Arrow Revolution Bow.

The Best Nerf Gun Bullets

Here is the main attraction-the discussion of all the coolest Nerf darts and other ammo types we have rounded up for you to peruse. Take a look at what we have come up with, see the pros and cons, and decide which is the best for you.

1- Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 250 Dart refill

Nerf Elite Darts work well with N-Strike Clips and Drums, too. They can be used in blasters that make use of Streamline Darts, also. Their color scheme is orange and blue, and their tip plug is shorter than that of a Streamline Dart. This makes for better compatibility with a wider range of blasters.

We also found that the weight of these Elite Darts is lesser than that of Streamline Darts, weighing in at only 1 gram compared to 1.3 grams for the Streamline Darts. Elite Darts go farther than that of the Streamline variety, and television ads even claimed they could shoot up to 75 feet when they were shot from an N-Strike Elite blaster.

However, they do tend to vary in range and accuracy, as conditions are different in every situation (for instance, having a Nerf war inside versus outside on a breezy day). It should be noted that these darts have rather weak aerodynamics. This is all thanks to the tiny hole in the head.

The force from the air pushed through the hole causes the dart to swerve, spiral and otherwise go haywire when fired in some cases. Thankfully, these darts can go into any blasters that were able to fire Micro Darts and Streamline darts and do exceptionally well when put into the clip using Dart Tag blasters, too.

The pack we have featured here is a great value for families and groups of friends that love Nerf. You get 250 official darts that will make sure the war keeps on going and reduces the need for you to stop and search around for your darts as often. It’s a great value that everybody can afford.


● These darts can fire far under the right conditions.
● This pack comes at a great price and features over 200 darts to keep or share.
● Elite Darts can be used in other blasters, too.


● The darts have poor aerodynamic ability.


2- Official Nerf Zombie Strike 30-Dart Refill Pack

This is a variety of Nerf dart that was first seen in 2013. It was released as part of the Zombie Strike series of blasters that had players defeating hordes of the undead. Much like Elite Darts, these Zombie Strike darts work well with clips and drums. These are an offshoot of the Elite Dart and are therefore similar to the darts fans may have seen, such as the Rebelle Collectible, Alien Menace, and the Doomlands Darts.

These darts are easy to recognize because they are a bright green color and there are even Deco versions of this particular dart that exist. These feature the super cool Zombie Strike “Z” emblazoned on them and also the Nerf logo, which is an easy way to tell if they are official or not. They are primarily used in the Zombie Strike series of blasters, as you may have guessed from the name. One thing fans may have noticed is that a suction cup tipped version of these darts has not yet been announced or released. This could be a future development.

The product we have featured here today includes 30 darts in the pack and is an official Nerf product. As promised, they work well with Elite Blasters and ZombieStrike weapons alike and will have you and your friends taking out zombies as if you were on The Walking Dead. These darts make a great addition to your dart collection even if your team does not use any ZombieStrike gear, as you can always tell which ones are yours compared to your teammates’.


● You get many darts for a great price.
● These are official Nerf branded darts.
● These fit in a variety of blasters, not just ZombieStrike products.


● Some users reported these bent and deformed too easily compared to other darts.

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3- Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Series 10-Dart Refill Pack

A Mega Dart is part of the N-Strike Mega series. They were released in 2013, like the ZombieStrike darts, and are noted for being larger than most other darts. You can easily notice these guys as they have a bright orange tip plus a red body. They also have that cool ability we all love of whistling through the air.

One exciting version of these darts are the ones that came with the Z.E.D Squad series of blasters in June 2014. These featured a green Mega Dart variant that matched the blaster. You can also find these in Sonic Ice and Fortnite colors too, among several other neat variants.

These darts not only look cool, they are much more functional, too. These are known for being better at achieving long ranges of fire. The maker of Nerf, Hasbro, even stated that over half of the Mega Darts shot from the Centurion blaster were able to reach the max firing range while the rest did not. This is a far cry from Elite series darts, who only reach max distance when conditions are optimum.

No matter what N-Strike Mega series you have, you can use a Mega Dart with it. Due to their big size, they are not able to be used with older Mega Dart blasters, except for the Max Force Sawtooth. You can also use these with the Action Crossbow, too.

The product we have featured here is a pretty good value. You get ten darts that are official Nerf and guaranteed to work with your Mega Blasters.


● These darts are a great value and keep your war going.
● Official Nerf product.
● Will work with all of your Mega Blasters.


● Some users complained they did not get the whistling darts when ordered.


4- Official Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series 24-Dart Refill Pack

The AccuStrike Darts are relatively new, having been released for 2017 as part of the AccuStrike line of products. These are compatible with clip systems and are a lot like Elite Darts, the biggest difference between the two being the spiral tip on the AccuStrikes.

The spiraled head helps the darts fly in a straighter line. The darts are engineered to spin when they are fired, but this is not always the case. The darts are different in the way they are balanced than the usual Elite Darts and their weight is also distributed in a different way. The dart heavily relies on drag to be accurate. One fun fact is that Hasbro engineers spent two years in designing the AccuStrike darts.

Although the other darts we saw today feature some cool “Deco” versions, the AccuStrike does not feature any of this variety. There are a few different color schemes to choose from if you are able to find these darts: purple and gray as part of the Rebelle series, and the orange and gray N-Strike Elite variety.

Refill packs for these come in 6 to 75. The product we featured here today is a great value and at the price you can buy many AccuStrike Darts. You get 24 of these darts, so you can keep them to yourself or share with your family and friends.

These are official Nerf darts, so we know they will work extremely well and make your blaster as great as can be. Many users found that these darts were a lot more accurate when being used and also held up to wear and tear better than other darts.


● Users report these darts are very accurate.
● The spinning effect of these darts makes them fun to use.
● Darts are durable.


● These darts are not as backwards compatible as some other ammo we’ve reviewed.


5- N-Strike Elite Suction dart

Suction darts first hit the scene in 2014. They are a variation of the Elite Dart but feature a suction cup tip. The dart heads on these are the same width as the body, unlike the Micro Darts which some fans may remember. This is a great advantage as they can be used with clip system weapons and Dart Tag plus N-Strike blasters too.

The performance of these darts is actually greater than that of the regular Elite. Suction Darts feature improved accuracy and velocity. The aerodynamic atrocities of the Elite Darts are improved also in the case of the Elite Suction Dart, as the tip is solid and has no holes. The air passing around the dart does not distort which allows the dart to fly in a stable and static manner.

The reliability is greatly increased when it comes to these Suction Elite darts, and we recommend them heartily for your next Nerf war. You can get these in two styles, the standard of the blue body and orange head, plus the Fortnite style, featuring a purple head and a blue body.

Packs of these come in 12 or 30, and the one we have chosen today is the latter. It is still a great deal although the most expensive of the darts we’ve featured today. They are official and will work in all your Nerf Elite and N-Strike Blasters.


● Darts have markedly better performance over the Standard Elites.
● They fit into clip attachments with ease.
● Works with any N-Strike or Nerf Elite weapons.


● The darts have a hard time sticking to surfaces, say some users.



The darts you use can make a difference, so choose wisely. However, remember the two most important parts of any Nerf war are fun and safety. Be safe and have fun and you will always end up a winner.