Nerf N-Strike Elite Magnus is the nerf blaster that kids love the best. It can fire the foam darts up to 85 feet away. As the darts fly they make a screeching sound that kids seem to enjoy. Many kids love the fact that the blaster can shoot as far as it can because it makes for more fun outside knowing that kids can stand farther away from each other and still enjoy the fun from this sturdy dart gun. It comes with three darts, but more darts can be bought that fit the blaster at a reasonable price. The sturdy construction of this dart gun will allow it to perform perfectly for kids for a lon time. The makers of it understand that children can be hard on their toys, and that is why they have built this unit sturdier than ever.

Children enjoy the fact that the darts can be loaded from the top of the blaster with one hand. This makes it easier for them to run and reload at the same time. Many children create fun games with this blaster such as blaster tag, frozen blaster tag, and many more. It is important to note that this particular model of blaster only accept the Mega Darts only. It is imperative that parents make sure that they check the type of replacement darts that they are looking to purchase to ensure that they will work with the unit.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Magnus is quickly becoming the blaster of choice by children that enjoy being able to shoot targets at over 80 feet. The soft darts will not injure a child, so parents can rest assured that only fun will be had with these devices. It is worth noting, however, that parents should instruct their children in the proper usage of this toy in order to avoid eye injury or the possibility of choking on a loose dart. Educating the child not only on the operation of the blaster, but also on the safety procedures that should go along with it will ensure that the children will have a safe, and fun, time.