7 Best Nerf Machine Guns In 2019 [Review And Buying Guide]

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The Best Nerf Machine Guns

1- Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

The Nerf Rival Nemesis is the Nerf machine gun that will give you the ultimate precision and power to survive the most intense face-offs. With two colors to choose from, the Rival Nemesis not only looks battle-ready, but also features high-impact rounds for high-precision battling.

The Rival Nemesis allows you to load fast and load big. Thanks to a simple sliding door, the Rival Nemesis has a hopper that is easy to load. The hopper is high-capacity and can hold up to 100 rounds.

What also makes the Rival Nemesis stand out is its motorized blasting. The motorized blasting means rapid fire blasting at 100 ft. per second for the most intense and effective firing. This blaster is battery powered, but it’s compatible charger is sold separately. Lastly, the Rival Nemesis has a trigger lock for complete control and a tactical rail.


● Loads fast and loads big.
● Easy to load hopper has a 100 round capacity.
● Less time spent reloading.
● Has Rapid fire and reaches long distances.
● Automatically powered.


● Requires batteries.
● 6lbs; it is on the heavier side.
● Rival rounds make a mess easier.
● Costs $92.49

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2- Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

This blaster provides exceptional distance in a surprisingly light-weight design. For even more mobility, the N-Strike Elite is also a motorized, rapid-fire blaster. So with one pull of the trigger, you can deliver a blitz of 18 Elite darts for the more intense attack.

What makes the Elite Rapidstrike unique is its Acceleration Trigger. The Acceleration Trigger allows you to power up the blaster’s motor so you can launch your darts far and fast. With the Rapidstrike, you can send Elite darts flying at a rate of 3.2 darts a second and reach distances of 75 ft.


● Motorized and has a rapid-fire feature.
● Can launch darts farther and faster.
● 2.98 lbs; it is extremely lightweight.


● Only holds 18 Elite darts.
● Requires batteries.

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3- Nerf N-Strike Hyperfire Toy

The N-Strike Hyperfire takes blaster performance to a whole new level. With the ability to unleash five darts a second, this fully-motorized machine gun is the fastest firing Nerf blaster on the market. The Hyperfire utilizes an acceleration trigger to bring a high-intensity blitz of darts onto targets.

On top of that, the Hyperfire can power up to launch darts up to 90 feet. The Hyperfire also holds 25 Elite darts into a 25-dart drum, which reduces the need for magazine or clip attachments.


● Fires five darts per second, making this blaster the fastest Nerf blaster.
● Can launch darts up to 90 feet.
● Uses a dart drum instead of magazines or clips.


● Can only carry 25 Elite darts.
● 4.21 lbs; not extremely lightweight.
● Requires batteries.
● Some users found the firing strength weakens over time.

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4- Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

Also a part of the Rival Series, the Khaos Blaster also brings ultimate power and precision to any Nerf faceoff. The Khaos is a fully motorized machine gun that can fire 40 high-impact rounds up to 30 mps. Unlike the Nemesis, the Khaos utilizes a high-capacity magazine to hold its rounds, rather than a hopper.

The Khaos also features an acceleration button. This can ensure you have complete control over the accuracy of your shots. The Khaos is available in two colors, red and blue, and is an ideal size for 1-on-1 battles or all out squad-sized battle royales.


● Fully motorized and has a rapid-fire feature.
● Can fire at a rate of 30 mps.
● Uses an acceleration button for complete control and accuracy.


● Uses a magazine to load the rounds, which can mean spending more time reloading.
● Weighs 5.25 lbs
● Requires batteries
● The ball-shaped rounds tend to go everywhere and make a mess.

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5- Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

The Rival Prometheus is one of the fastest blasters in the Rival series. With its advanced acceleration system, it can fire up to 8 rounds per second. In addition to it being one of the fastest, it is also has one of the largest capacities.

This fully motorized blaster can carry up to 200 rounds in its easy-to-load hopper. Moreover, it the Prometheus also comes with a tactical rail, trigger locks, and a shoulder strap. If you plan on using these blasters for a battle, there are red and blue flags to distinguish the teams.

One of the greatest advantages of the Prometheus blaster is that it is powered by rechargeable battery. This way there is no need to keep purchasing batteries for your blaster. This way you can take charge and fire up to 200 rounds at a rate of 100 feet per second without worrying about running out of power.


● High-capacity and easy to fill hopper fits up to 200 rounds.
● Can reach distances of 100 ft. per second.
● Fires 8 rounds a second.
● Comes with trigger lock and tactical rail.
● Features a rechargeable lithium battery.


● 5 lbs; still quite a heavy blaster.
● Costs $154.99 on Amazon.
● It uses up battery life quickly.

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6- Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon

The N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon is Nerf’s first fully motorized Mega blaster. If you are looking for something to completely command the field, this blaster has the sheer size and power to do so.

With the help of its massive 24-dart drum, the Mastodon allows you to send two dozen Mega Whistler darts sailing into the air. The drum allows you to skip over any complications that come with having to insert a magazine.

The sheer size of this blaster makes it an absolute beast to carry into battle. Fortunately, you get a convenient shoulder strap and a handle to help you carry the Mastodon around.


● Can launch darts up to 100 feet.
● It utilizes a drum instead of a magazine.
● Has a shoulder strap and handle for easier transport.


● 6 lbs; its huge size is intimidating but it can slow you down in battle.
● Requires some assembly.
● Requires a lot of battery life.
● Fires quickly, which requires constant reloading.

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7- Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite

The Rampage N-Strike Elite has a 25-dart drum that allows you to launch a storm of Elite darts as fast as you can handle the Slam Fire handle. Moreover, this blaster has greatly improved its distance reach so you can have the best battle coverage ever.

The most unique aspect of the Rampage is that you have complete control over two firing modes. For precise firing, you can simply launch one dart at a time. For a steady stream of darts, you simply need to hold onto the trigger while rapidly sliding the Slam Fire handle back and forth. This blaster can launch darts up to 75 feet away, and if you want to, it is also compatible with any other Clip System N Strike blaster.


● 2.75 lbs; the most lightweight, compact blaster on this list.
● Two firing modes.
● Slam Fire Action allows you control over the speed of your firing.
● Can launch darts up to 75 feet away.
● Very accurate aiming.


● Requires 1 AA battery.
● The Slam Fire Action can be tiring to do repeatedly.
● Some users found the darts jammed easily.
● Loading the drum can take some time.

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Nerf Machine Gun Buying tips


Gun Size

Advantages of Large Gun

● Larger guns can have more ammo capacity.
● Large guns can fire at longer distances and faster speeds.
● Larger guns allow you to easily overwhelm your competitors.

Disadvantages of Large Gun

● Larger guns tend to be bigger and more cumbersome to carry around.
● They can slow you down.
● Large guns eliminate the element of surprise.

Advantages of Smaller Gun

● They are easier to conceal.
● They allow you to sneak around and surprise opponents.

Disadvantages of Smaller Gun

● Smaller guns have smaller ammo capacities.
● You will have to reload the smaller gun more often.

Shooting style – Automatic (Battery powered), rapid fire or single fire?

Why we only chose automatic blasters?

The greatest advantage of automatic blasters is that automatic blasters do not require you to manually prime your blaster. With automatic blasters, you just have to load the darts, point, and fire. With non-automatic blasters, you do run the risk of more jamming issues because if you prime incorrectly your darts can get stuck in the barrel. However, the downside to automatic blasters is that they are quite loud and require battery usage.

Ammo Room

Pros of Large Ammo Amounts

● Large ammo capacity ensures that you do not run out of ammo early on.
● It reduces the number of times you have to stop reload.
● The more ammo you have the more you can overpower your competition.

Cons of Large Ammo Amounts

● Even though you don’t have to reload often, you do have to carry around more ammo, which can slow you down.
● If you have a lot of ammo, it means you have more to clean up.