Best for Nerf War
NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster
Most Powerful
Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
Best for Defense
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
Most Affordable
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster
Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
Best for Nerf War
NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster
NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster
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Most Powerful
Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
More info
Best for Defense
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
More info
Most Affordable
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
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Find the Best Nerf Gun for you

There’s a nerf blaster for everyone. You’ll find a carefully selected list of 15 of the best ones below. Choose yours depending on your age, shooting style and agility.

1- Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster

This is a super cool Nerf blaster that you can buy in four different cool colors. The great thing about this particular gun is that you can fire six darts in a row, and it goes FAST, too! This is part of the N-Strike Elite series. The darts will travel up to 90 feet or 27 meters. There are six darts included with this particular gun. Your competition can run but they sure can’t hide!

So how does it work? The rotating barrel that holds the 6 darts flips open, so it is very easy and fast to load this up. Even younger players can figure this out very easily. And parents, take comfort in knowing everything is hand-powered and batteries are NOT needed.

It should be noted that the tech has really improved for this particular gun compared to the one that came before it. The cylinder only rotates when the plunger returns, and not when the trigger is pulled. In this manner, jams are prevented.


● Price point is great for all budgets.
● Fires 6 darts, slam-fire method
● Blaster reloads fast and fires fast


● Lightweight; 1.25 lbs.
● Springs can weaken over time, slowing down firing distance
● Some users reported malfunctions with the sliding mechanism of the gun

Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel, Slam Fire, and 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts for Kids, Teens, and Adults (Amazon Exclusive)
  • FIRE 6 DARTS IN A ROW: Fire 6 darts in a row from this quick-draw, fast-firing Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm toy blaster that shoots darts up to 90 feet (27 meters) and includes 6 Nerf Elite darts
  • FLIP-OPEN ROTATING 6-DART BARREL: The Strongarm Nerf blaster has a rotating 6-dart barrel that flips open for easy dart loading and is hand-powered -- no batteries required
  • SLAM-FIRE BLASTING: Slam-fire all 6 darts in a rapid-blasting wave at targets by moving the slide back and forth as you hold down the trigger


2- NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Much like the gun we just reviewed above, this is a slam-fire six-dart revolver-blaster with a cylinder that is fixed in one place, and also features one tactical rail. There are also dual strap points located below the cylinder and also inside the handle.

You can fire up to 27 meters or 90 feet and reloading and firing is pretty fast. Load six darts into the cylinder, and then pull the priming slide backward to get the blaster primed. You then can fire one dart by pulling the trigger or hold the trigger and prime fast to engage slam-fire. This quick-draw blaster is known as a newer version of the Strongarm, so fans of that gun will enjoy the improvements.

For instance, the Disruptor is easier to load and much faster too, because you do not have to pull out the barrel as you do with the Strongarm. It’s great for Nerf fans of many ages.


● Great price point for all budgets.
● Easy for all ages to use
● Lightweight and easy to run with


● May be hard to pull the primer for younger players.
● Some users report jams for this gun.
● No drop cylinders.

NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor
  • 6-dart rotating drum
  • Quick-draw blaster
  • Slam-fire action


3- Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Debuting in Spring 2015, the FlipFury has been a fan favorite for years. This is a single fire and a slam-fire blaster, featuring two barrels that can hold six darts apiece. You can flip between the two barrels, and this allows you to smoke the competition with relative ease.

While your teammates will be running out of darts, you can flip to the next barrel and easily take out whomever gets in your path.

There is one small tactical rail on this blaster, a total of three strap points. Reloading and firing is easy. Simply reload six darts in each of the barrels. Then, prime the blaster by pulling the priming slide back and let it go to its starting position.

You can release one dart by pulling the trigger or many by holding down the trigger and continuously priming the blaster.


● Carry a total of 12 darts
● Easy to flip back and forth between barrels
● Accurate when fired


● Not good for younger players-aged 10 and up only
● Can be hard to prime the blaster
● Barrels are prone to jamming

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster
  • Zombie Strike FlipFury blaster fires up to 12 darts without reloading
  • 2 flipping dart drums hold 6 darts apiece
  • When one drum is empty, flip to the other one


4- NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3

This single fire blaster may hold only three darts, but it is a smart gun in that it knows which blaster is loaded and will fire accordingly. There are no tactical rails on this gun due to the smaller size of the blaster.

This particular gun features an air restrictor system and fires one single dart by sealing the hole to the next chamber when you put in a dart. When all three barrels are loaded up, the blaster fires in a clockwise direction beginning with the barrel on the bottom.

This particular gun fires 90 feet and by cocking the handle, you can prepare your shot. This is perfect when you are in a tactical situation and see the competition from behind your vantage point. Plus, this blaster is small and easy to hide in your pocket, which will surely catch your competition off-guard!


● 1 air chamber, three holes for bullets
● Great for Nerf fans aged 5 and up
● Small size is easy to conceal


● Product is discontinued
● Users report the gun jams frequently
● Product lacks tactical rail

NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor
  • Micro Triad EX-3 blaster has mega power
  • Blaster knows which barrel is loaded
  • Fires darts up to 90 feet


5- Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500

You can pack up to five high-impact rounds inside the internal magazine. The rounds are indexed by way of a spring-loaded follower that loads the rounds into the chamber. You will find two tactical rails on this particular blaster.
It is a single-fire gun and was released in the year 2018 as part of Nerf’s RIVAL series. The colors of this particular gun come in shades that are great for team play: red, blue, and Phantom Corps, even colors that honor Deadpool, the famous Marvel character.

If you need your gun to hold more than five rounds, the internal magazine is able to be modded. You can shorten the follower to do this. Other users have created speed loaders using 3D printers to make Kronos reloading much easier.

To reload normally, you just pull back the priming slide and the open the load door. Then insert up to five high-impact rounds into the magazine and then push the slide back to prime it up. Then…fire!


● Affordable price point
● Several great colors for team play
● Team flags included


● Shoots only about 22 feet
● Not slam fire
● Jams frequently

NERF Rival Kronos Outdoor Blaster
  • Breech-load blaster
  • Includes 5 high-impact rounds
  • Spring-action mechanism, trigger lock, and tactical rail


6- Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite

This particular gun can be single-fire or slam-fire. This cool gun has digital camo on it and two tactical rails located on the top of the blaster, plus a clip point on the handle so you can use a strap or another accessory to carry it around.

The Rampage is a side-loading system, and this can be a little uncomfortable if using a clip holding 18 darts. This can also be a bit of a challenge to remove for some users and can block the view for right-handed shooters. On the other hand, you can make use of the drum as a shield for incoming darts.


● Holds 25 darts (wow!)
● Blasts up to 75 feet
● Three different color schemes to enjoy


● Side loading system can be hard for some to use
● Can be hard to prime the gun fast for rapid fire-hands may get tired

Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster with 25 Dart Drum Slam Fire & 25 Official Elite Foam Darts for Kids, Teens, & Adults (Amazon Exclusive)
  • High-capacity 25-dart drum: The Nerf Rampage blaster's drum holds up to 25 darts and includes 25 official Nerf Elite foam darts giving you plenty of firepower for Nerf battles
  • Slam-fire action for rapid dart blasting: shoot a rapid-fire dart Storm at targets with the toy blaster's slam-fire action feature as you hold down the trigger and slide the handle
  • Hand-powered blasting up to 90 feet (27 meters): you're in control as you prime and fire the Rampage Nerf blaster by hand -- No batteries required -- and send darts flying up to 90 feet (27 meters)


7- NERF Fortnite Sp-L Elite Dart Blaster

Calling all Fortnite fans! If you love to play Fortnite and then carry the action over to real life, this is the blaster you will need. This is a model of the suppressed pistol from the popular video game.

You will like the integrated clip capable of holding three darts at a time, and you will also enjoy the barrel extension option as well as the iron sights. It is like the Han Solo Blaster, so if you love that gun, pick this one up. These are side-action blasters fed by way of an internal clip.

The gun features a slide action priming mechanism and is a single-fire tool.


● Looks exactly like the gun in the video game
● Comes with 6 official Nerf darts
● Suppressor really works


● Only holds 3 darts at a time
● Some users report it is not durable
● NERF does not recommend modifying blaster.

NERF Fortnite Sp-L Elite Dart Blaster
  • Dart-blasting Fortnite blaster replica: this spy-l blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite, capturing the look and colors of the one in the popular video game
  • Detachable barrel: comes with a detachable barrel so you can customize the Fortnite spy-l blaster
  • Internal 3-dart clip: the blaster has an internal clip with a 3-dart Capacity so you can fire 3 darts in a row


8- Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

This is a fully automatic blaster that is hopper-fed. This gun features two tactical rails, a rather small one on the bottom as well as one on the top of the blaster. There is a reversible carry handle on the front. The trigger is located on the carry handle found in the back.

This particular blaster is powered by batteries, and you can find how much “juice” your batteries have left by checking the light on the trigger grip. To reload this beast, you just load up to 200 (!) high-impact rounds into the hopper and then pull the trigger. Hold that trigger for non-stop rapid-fire action.


● Advanced acceleration system can fire 8 rounds a second
● Holds 200 high-impact rounds made of foam
● Rounds are fired at 100 feet per second velocity!


● Battery powered-there is a risk they might die
● Price point may be too high for some fans.
● A bit heavy at 5 lbs.

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K
  • Advanced acceleration system: The Prometheus MXVIII-20k Nerf Rival blaster features an Advanced Acceleration System that fires up to 8 rounds per second*
  • Rechargeable battery: This fully motorized Nerf Rival toy blaster comes with a rechargeable NiMh battery and a wall charger so there's no need to stock up on batteries
  • High-capacity hopper: This Nerf Rival Phantom Corps blaster has an easy-loading, high-capacity hopper that holds up to 200 Nerf Rival rounds


9- Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

This is a super blaster with not one but THREE modes of fire-single-fire, slam fire, and multi-fire. This clip-system blaster is named after its most famous feature; its ability to fire off three different dart types. You can seriously fire Elite Missiles, Mega Darts, and Elite darts.

You will like the shoulder stock as it is detachable, and there is also a barrel extension the blaster is compatible with. The blaster itself comes with all you need to rise above the competition, with a ten-dart clip, a Missile Launcher Stock, a Mega Dart Barrel Extension, Four Mega Darts, one Elite Missile, and Ten Elite Darts.


● Price point is great for most buyers
● Great for ages 5 and up
● 3 blasters can be used separately or combined into one!


● The tristrike has a button on its left that doesn’t do anything.
● Gun is heavy to carry at about 4 lbs.

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike
  • NOTE: This version comes in simple brown packaging
  • 3 ways to blast
  • Elite blaster creates a base to add all of the Tri-Strike components


10- Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Helios XVIII-700

Released recently in Spring 2018, this is a single fire bolt-action blaster that is part of the ultra-cool Phantom Corps series. You get seven high-impact rounds, plus a seven round magazine and two banners with your purchase. Great for team play!

Reloading is pretty straightforward. You load up to seven high-impact rounds into the magazine, and then load the magazine into the handle until it fits right in place. You will hear a snap indicating it is ready to go. Then, prime it by pulling the bolt back and pushing it back into place. Fire the trigger and you are ready to go!


● Fires rounds super-fast-100 feet per second!
● Spring-activated, no batteries needed
● Great for intermediate Nerf players


● Recommended for ages 14 and up
● Rounds can get stuck inside gun and can be hard to remove
● The rear of the gun cannot be comfortably rested against the shoulder; arms get tired fast.

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Helios XVIII-700
  • Bolt-action blaster
  • Includes 7 high-impact rounds
  • Fires rounds at a velocity of 100 feet per second (30 meters per second)


11- Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Part of the RIVAL series, this blaster comes with thirty high-impact rounds and features three magazines that can hold ten rounds apiece. This is a slam-fire blaster, so get ready for a good high rate of fire. There is one tactical rail, plus dual strap points.

There is also a safety near the trigger to make competition safer for everybody. The internal magazine puts the rounds into three muzzles, and when being primed one is placed into the chamber and then fires out of the bottom muzzle.

The downside is that you must prime and fire the blaster 2-3 times if the high impact rounds are located in the middle and rightmost magazines.


● You can choose red team or blue team as blaster color
● Comes with 30 rounds
● Users report shots are accurate


● At nearly $40, this may be too much for some users.
● Slam-fire can reduce accuracy if blaster is not being held in a stable manner.
● Only for users aged 14 and up

NERF Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Blue
  • High capacity blaster holds 30 high-impact rounds
  • Rotating barrel
  • Easy-load integrated magazine


12- Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

This might just be the granddaddy of all the blasters! It comes with two 25 dart drums, a tripod, and 50 Elite Darts to blow away the competition. It is an automatic-fire blaster that really packs a punch with its four tactical rails, enabling you to hold two different attachments provided they don’t interfere with one another.

The trigger is pretty easy to find, with it being a huge orange button on the top of the grip that is at the back of this blaster. This can also serve as an acceleration trigger, too. Keep in mind that the Rhino-Fire only allows the blaster to go off if you have two clips or drums in it.


● Fires up to 90 feet
● Great for ages 8 and up
● Easy to reload and carries a total of 50 shots


● Price is nearly $100
● Requires 6 D batteries for use
● Users report the gun jams frequently

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
  • Rhino-Fire blaster rapid-fires Elite darts from 2 alternating barrels with motorized blasting
  • Removable tripod helps you steady your shots
  • Blaster's 2 drums hold 25 Elite Darts each


13- Nerf Modulus Regulator

Now we move into an electronic clip system gun that can fire automatic, semi-automatic, and burst. You can fire at a max rate of five darts per second. This gun uses a conveyor system not unlike that of the N-Strike HyperFire.
This in combination with the computer chip’s lag creates a delay in firing, which may sound like a disadvantage when using single-fire mode. However, this gun has a faster rate of fire than other blasters of its kind. You can fire up to 90 feet when using this blaster.


● Compatible with detachable shoulder stocks as well as barrel extensions
● Features two tactical rails
● LED light flashes when clip is empty


● Not as fast in fire rate as the HyperFire
● Price is over $50
● Can be loud-not great for tactical situations!

Nerf Modulus Regulator
  • Features SwitchFire Technology
  • 3 modes: Single-fire, burst-fire, continuous-fire
  • Swivel handle to stabilize shots


14- Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Released on August 1, 2012, this blaster features slide-action priming and single-fire mode for shooting. A new Retaliator will come with a barrel extension, Assault Grip, 12 Elite Darts, and clip that holds 12 darts. There is also a shoulder stock included as well.

There is one tactical rail on the priming area of the blaster. When the barrel extension is attached onto the blaster, there are two more tactical rails located on top as well as below the barrel.

There is also a sling attachment you can use that is located on the handle to carry accessories along. You can also store one spare dart inside the handle, perfect for those last-minute strikes.


● Holds up to 12 darts
● Easy to add on more N-Strike accessories
● You can build the blaster in 4 different configs, and fire up to 90 feet


● Product is discontinued
● Users report this gun jams frequently
● Price is over $40

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster (Colors May Vary)
  • Retaliator blaster can be built in 4 configurations and fires Elite Darts 90 feet
  • Removable stock helps you steady your shot, or you can remove the stock with the flip of a switch
  • Barrel Extension has top and bottom Tactical Rails so you can add most N-Strike accessories (sold separately)


15- Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

The Centurion features a total of two tactical rails, and you will find them at one stock end of the blaster as well as underneath the muzzle. The Mega Darts are designed to fly far and go a distance of 100 feet! The darts are launched via bolt-action priming, and no batteries are needed.

The priming bolt itself is about half the length of the blaster. From this, we can determine there will be long priming travel. Reloading is done by ensuring the bolt is located in the front-facing position and then you simply press the clip release button to get rid of any empty clips. You can load 6 Mega Darts at a time and then put it in the clip slot.


● This is the longest of all the Nerf blasters.
● Intimidates competition when they hear the darts whistle
● Features highest advertised firing distance for a blaster


● Low accuracy
● Expensive price point
● Single-fire style

Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster with Folding Bipod, 6-Dart Clip, 6 Official Mega Darts, & Bolt Action for Kids, Teens, & Adults, Gray, Regular (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Mega-sized dart blasting: size up your Nerf battles with the Nerf Mega Centurion blaster that measures 40 inches (1 meter) long and includes a 6-dart clip and 6 Nerf Mega darts designed for power
  • Comes with a folding bipod to stabilize shots: stabilize the blaster to set up the perfect shot with the folding bipod that attaches the Centurion Nerf blaster's tactical rail
  • Fires darts up to 100 feet (30 meters): kids, teens, and adults can shoot darts up to 100 feet (30 meters) from this long-range blaster that's powered by bolt-action priming -- no batteries required

Nerf gun Buying tips

Gun Size

To have a smaller blaster means you can conceal it better, and you can move much faster. However, a larger gun means more ammo, and faster ammo at that-consider the foam rounds that go nearly 100 feet per second! At the same time, a smaller blaster may be fun to surprise the opposition, but at only three darts able to be contained in these varieties, you are likely to be defeated.

Age Restrictions

Some Nerf blasters are for ages 8 and up; others are 14 years and up. It really depends upon the child. Some children are capable of reloading and firing advanced blasters, others are not quite ready for it yet. Other times, the blaster may simply be too heavy or cumbersome for a child of that age to comfortably carry and enjoy.

Fire mode – automatic or manual?

Pros of Automatic Blasters
● Pusher can remove priming errors
● No worries about priming the blaster

Cons of Automatic Blasters
● You can hear these from far away
● Requires battery usage

Pros of Manual Blasters
● No need to make use of batteries during play
● Newer spring-action blasters feature shooting that is about 100 feet per second

Cons of Manual Blasters
● They still make noise that can be heard

Types of Ammo

Elite Darts, Whistler Darts, Streamline Darts, High Impact Rounds, Mega Darts, Accu-Strike Darts, Elite Missile and Mega Darts.

● Darts that have a higher mass tend to be more accurate- Buzz Bee Extreme is best
● Darts that have a lower mass will go farther but have less accuracy (we recommend the X-Shot Excel).
● Off-brands like Koosh are lightweight and have greater stability
● BOOMCO Smart-Stick darts are very durable and super accurate. Use these if they are compatible with your blaster for the best in accuracy.


Blaster prices vary greatly, from 6$ to more than 200$. Typically, what affects the pricing?

● The size of the blaster
● The amount of rounds the blaster can hold
● The features of the blaster- for instance, does it come with many accessories, rounds, and customizations?
● If buying a used Nerf product, the rarity of the blaster may affect it
● How long it has been on the market

Nerf Gun Range

The Nerf blasters with the longest ranges for the firing of darts and other ammo are as follows:

● N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster at 100 feet
● Vortex Revonix at 65 Feet
● N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 at 75 feet
● N-Strike Elite Retaliator at 90 feet
● N-Strike Elite Disruptor at 90 Feet
● Rhino-Fire at 100 feet

Blaster Accuracy

What affects the gun accuracy, what are the most accurate type gun?

The most accurate NERF gun is the Rival Nemesis or the Accustrike Alphahawk.

The reasoning behind why Nerf guns accuracy can be affected is because of many different factors. You have to consider speed, rifling, weather conditions, aerodynamics and shape. You need your darts to spin in the air as a live bullet does.

Wind and other factors can affect how the dart hits the target. This is why snipers make serious calculations before they fire as firing at a thousand plus yards can have a real impact on where your bullet will land. Granted you will not be firing at a thousand yards with a Nerf blaster, but the principles are the same.

Ammo room

Pros of Large Ammo Capacity

● You can overpower the competition with ease
● You do not have to worry about running out of ammo
● You can keep the fun going longer.

Cons of Large Ammo Capacity

● More to clean up and find once the Nerf war is over
● More to carry around
● Takes longer to reload

Tactical rails

A tactical rail may be used to attach accessories to your blaster. You can add on scopes, flip-ups, ammo rails, grips and any other accessories that fit your blaster. You may even use it as iron sights in some cases!

There are plenty of popular Nerf blasters that feature tactical rails, such as the Furyfire, Hyperfire, Stormfire, Strikefire, and Magstrike.

If add-ons are important to you, make sure your blaster has at least one tactical rail.

Types of players

Curious about who you might go against in your next Nerf war? Check out these player types. Find which one appeals to you and learn what the best type of gun to buy is.

Offense: These players are known as the “run and gun” types. They go into the action feet first and have blasters that have fast rates of fire and large ammo capacity. Go for these blasters:
-N-Strike Raider CS-35
-N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike
-N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Defense: These guys and gals find a spot and stick with it. They move very little within that spot. Look for a blaster that is powerful at close range.
-Ballzooka by Nerf
-FlipFury Blaster (Zombie Strike)

Snipers: These are the ones that wait patiently to take the perfect shot that gets your team a sweet, sweet victory. They are great when you play with a large group. They fire from long-range and sometimes mod their blasters to be as accurate as can be. Check these blasters for some suggestions (they are all N-Strike by the way):
-Longstrike CS6
-Mega Lightning Bow
-Elite Crossbolt
-Centurion Mega Blaster

Nerf Gun Safety

Let’s finish off with safety tips.

After all, it is not fun if somebody gets seriously hurt. Follow these safety tips and you will have a much better time!

● Do not look down the barrel of a Nerf blaster.
● Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, and keep the blaster pointed at the ground until you are ready to aim.
● Do not leave your blaster loaded and lying around.
● Never do head shots while playing.
● Always wear safety goggles.
● Never shoot at animals or people not playing.
● Do not play in the road.
● Always make sure your Nerf gun looks as far from a real firearm as you can. You may have law enforcement called on you if it looks like you are toting a real weapon.