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The New Nerf Guns of 2017, And The Release of a Brand New Series – Accustrike

48 years ago NERF was birthed into existence, and now, it’s grown into a massive company that releases an upwards of 40+ blasters a year. This is a huge step considering 10 years ago NERF released around 8… times were different back in 2007. What’s even more remarkable, is that dedicated fans are able to keep up with the huge number […]

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Complete Your Halloween Costume With These Essential Nerf Guns & Accessories

Halloween is just around the corner, and some people want Nerf blasters to accompany their costume. Maybe Halloween is not your thing, but you are planning to cosplay as a character from Fallout, and you need a post-apocalyptic blaster to complete the look. Finding the ideal blaster can be difficult, but this guide is designed […]

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7 Incredible Propmasters on Etsy That Turn Toy Blasters Into Unbelievable Art

Store-bought Nerf guns can be simple, and sometimes boring. Bright orange details aren’t the best when you’re trying to hide from your brother. A bright blue rapid-fire style gun doesn’t feel very fitting for a cowboy. It’s great for holding all your ammo, but what if you want it to look different?

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  • Updated October 21, 2016
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Bored? Here’s 15 Nerf Gun Mods on For You to Try!

No matter who you are, Nerf guns can be a lot of fun. With these top 15 Nerf gun mods from, your Nerf gun battles and contests can be even more exciting.

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10 Nerf Channels on Youtube You Should be Watching!

Can’t get enough Nerf? Looking for reviews, the latest news, or the coolest mods/customizations? You’re in luck — here the top ten YouTube channels for hardcore and newbie Nerfers alike. Without further ado, the best blaster vids in the land of the ‘Tube: 10. Wazzup1207 ( Can’t get enough unboxings of the latest tech gadgets? […]

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  • Updated July 17, 2016
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Top 10 Most Viral Nerf Gun Videos Online

1.Most Epic Nerf War in History When mixing amateur filmmaking talent and Nerf guns, there is sure to be a viral video as a result. Brothers Danny & Michael Philippou are Australian amateur filmmakers who set out to create a gun battle masterpiece. With no access to airsoft guns or gun props, the twins resorted […]

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Some of the Biggest Nerf Wars to Ever Take Place

Tactical airsoft survival games, paintball campaigns, Nerf wars. Nerf wars have been and still are widely popular. Amidst large groups trailing out to the woods or emptied buildings for airsoft leagues and companies geared toward running paintball parties, Nerf wars are humble in comparison. However, airsoft leagues take dedication and specialized zones for play and […]

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  • Updated August 3, 2016
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Let’s Compare: Dart Zone vs. NERF

When it comes to combat play, no brand is more iconic than NERF. NERF blasters and combat toys have been a staple in many childrens’ toy boxes since the 1970’s. Whether you are a young child or a kid trapped in an adult’s body, having the right toy arsenal can give you hours of fun. […]

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New Nerf Guns of 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. That’s right, time to unveil the new 2015 lineup of Nerf Guns. Feast your eyes on the newest innovations to a timeless arsenal of Nerf guns, just in time for the holiday season and beyond! These intense new models will blow your mind and help you […]

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Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury

The Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury is one of the newest Nerf guns available in the Zombie Strike line and it is AWESOME! Both amazingly bright and affordable at right around $30, this bright orange toy gun shoots up to 12 darts without you having to reload and the best part is that they shoot up […]

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