Like others in the Elite line, this is an upgraded version of a previous design, featuring a new blue and white paint job along with new Elite darts, nudging it into the upper-mid range of Hasbro’s current line.

As the name suggests, this blaster features a top-break style barrel, producing a quick and satisfying way to reload in the middle of an intense Nerf battle. Pulling the trigger half way fires a single dart, while pulling it all the way unleashes a double-barreled blast! It is a simple, sturdy mechanism that trades high dart capacity for reliability and compact size.

While the blaster comes with a full set of 10 Elite darts, it can only load two at once. There is no dart holder included, but the Elite model features an accessory rail along the top to allow for a flexible variety of attachment options. As with the other blasters in the Elite range, the Barrel Break IX-2 boasts an impressive 75-foot range, making it an ideal choice for outdoor play. This is largely thanks to the improved Elite darts, which allow for higher velocity and more stability over long distances. With these darts, this blaster makes the user a formidable foe in any setting.

This blaster shares some similarities with the Elite Rough Cut 2×4, which also features the ability to fire 2 Elite darts at once, though it uses a pump-fire system and loads up to 8 darts at a time. While the Rough Cut slightly edges out this blaster in terms of performance, it is also a newer design and demands a higher price tag.

Overall, the Nerf Elite Barrel Break IX-2 represents a final chapter in the N-Strike line of blasters. It is a very solid blaster, with an easy-to-use reloading system that allows the user to lay down a hail of darts as quickly as their hands can move. For both indoor and outdoor Nerf missions, this blaster is well worth the cost of admission.