Here’s an edgy idea, “Nerf is better than Airsoft.” But is it just an idea, or a cold hard fact?

There is no doubt about it, Nerf is renowned worldwide and has expanded far beyond being just a kids game. Nerf guns can be found everywhere from corporate offices to college dorms and hallways. Parents and tinkerers can let their creativity lose by modding them, and with the advent of the Nerf World Championship Nerf will continue to grow.

Nerf vs Airsoft

So what makes it better than Airsoft? A couple of reasons…

  1. Do it indoors – Foam is foam, it won’t leave holes or dings in the wall, and more importantly it won’t put an eye out. Its good safe fun you can enjoy anytime and in any weather.
  2. More movement – Because Nerf guns have a short range and do not shoot as fast, movement is much more possible and happens more frequently. You can see and dodge nerf darts much easier than an Airsoft BB. There’s nothing like getting into a close combat battle while dodging and shooting at the same time.
  3. It’s cheaper – Nerf is without doubt cheaper than Airsoft. If you play real Airsoft then you know that real Airsoft guns run in the range of $100 – $800 and more. Nerf guns can be had for a fraction of the cost.

These are just 3 reasons why Nerf is better than Airsoft. Of course both combat games have their differences, advantages and disadvantages. In the end it all boils down to personal preference. What most combat game enthusiasts find is paintball, Airsoft, and Nerf are all great for different occasions.