Nerf Caters the new Demolisher to rapid combat

I love a good game of strategy and it appears that the people at Nerf do to. With their latest missile launching, rapid firing, long-range addition there is no doubt that the gamer was in the forefront of their minds.

Made for modification

When it comes to strategy, bright orange (the default color) is not really a color that will keep with the whole theme. Painting this in a futuristic gunmetal or in the style of Hallo would look very nice on this blaster. Since the back is already black, I would leave that alone and just focus on that bright orange body. For those Starwars fans out there, the design has a certain resemblance to Chewbacca’s weapon. It could add for a unique addition to one’s cosplay outfit.

Is it Nerf or is it War?

The Nerf-N-Strike Elite Demolisher is more advanced then the standard dart guns that are generally found in a mega-stores (which may explain the $40 price tag). Claiming ranges of 90 feet on the rapid fire, it has to be asked if the goal is really strategy and tactics of just all out nerf foam war? Though the design would seem to appear more to a SWAT weapon then to a rapid fire assault weapon, the features would tend to point the other way. For example: The main focus is on the rapid fire clip. Where older Nerf guns had several massive darts available to launch, the Demolisher appears only to have perhaps one in the frontal grenade launcher.

Overall opinion

Compared to other Nerf dart guns, the Nerf-N-Strike Elite Demolisher would rate in the mid-range section. It is not so primitive as the single load dart gun, but it looks as if some of the functionality of the gun has been sacrificed for the aesthetics. One of the trademarks for a Nerf is the mega dart. Getting rid of that is almost as critical as removing the name from the product. It just does not work well on a Nerf claiming to be a dart gun. That being stated, I do believe that this blaster would be great for those of you that make customized weaponry as the design is superb in that regards.

Great on appearance but low on the usage, I would give this 3 out of 5 stars.