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Nerf N-Strike Jolt EX-1

Nerf has been making one shot blasters for some time now. Their newest release -the Nerf Jolt EX-1, proves they are paying attention to what Nerf fans want in a single shot, pocket sized blaster.

Secret Strike AS-1

Those that have used the Secret Strike AS-1 in the past, are well aware that it is capable of shooting 20 feet. The cool thing about it is it is completely air powered. No springs, nothing. With less moving parts it has less of a chance of breaking. The drawback to this is if you are an avid modder, you wouldn’t have the convenience of popping in a stronger spring to add extra distance.

The Reflex IX-1

The Reflex IX-1 on the otherhand does come with a spring, and has a slide-cocking mechanism. It doesn’t shoot that far, but as it is the smallest actual pistol with a hand grip, trigger, etc -they sure are fun to use. Not only will it fit in your pocket like the Secret Strike, but it also can be more easily aimed as it has a grip.

How Does The Jolt Differ?

What makes the Jolt unique, is not only is it smaller than the Reflex IX-1 (it’s about the same size as the Secret Strike), but it has a stronger spring. The stock spring in it is capable of producing 35 foot shots -which is pretty impressive for such a small blaster.

Other noteworthy aspects of it is it is cocked from the bottom. The grip itself houses all the mechanical goods (spring, plunger, trigger), including the cocking arm. Pull down till it is cocked, and squeeze the trigger to let one fly.

Is it For You?

Now, whether under-the-grip-cocking (Jolt) is better than top-of-the-blaster cocking (Reflex IX-1), well…. that’s for you to decide :). Be sure to leave your review/opinions/thoughts below!

Is the Jolt better than the Reflex?

Nerfboss33 - February 24, 2013

I love it!!!!!! I win nerf wars with it and my rampage 9/10 found this review helpful

dwayne deathmittens - February 9, 2013

Got 3 of these ,all modded ,one with a spring upgrade .all hitting 40-60 ft

Payton - June 17, 2012

this is one of the most compact guns ive seen with a long range.
i havent gotten it yet but with a low price like that im gonna get it
reallly soon

nayrsacul - April 12, 2012

amazing, espeshally when you get captured

dylan - April 5, 2012

EPIC,my fav nerf gun so far. so powerfull and easy to carry and easy to aim good for shooting hitler youth(lol)

ts20fan - March 29, 2012

Awesome backup-backup gun. If your primary is gone, then your secondary, this is a good gun to have as you’re running back to your base for more ammo. Also, it’s so small, your enemies will think you’re unarmed and not shoot you, but you can get EXTREME range with this small gun, and “snipe” them. (If that’s possible with such a small gun.) Go Jolt!

petar - March 12, 2012

kako da kupim NERF?????????>>>

angry sheep - January 14, 2012

i have just got the jolt.
cocking it can be a bit of a nag and your hand some times slips off but for $4 it is epic. i havent stoped shooting it and i cant see me getting bord with it
it is much better than both the others

btw im doing a youtube clip soon (jolt vs maverick) so watch it

ayden - January 2, 2012

i think so to

Julio - December 23, 2011

The Jolt is better than the As-1 because is more faster to reload the jolt than the s-1 but both are good.

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