Released early this fall, the Whiteout Series from Nerf is a special edition line of some of N-Strikes stealthiest Nerf guns with an arctic paint job. Which blasters were included in this limited series? Read on to see!

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Whiteout Deploy CS-6

Whiteout Deploy

When one thinks of stealth, they often think of the deploy, as it is a the first blaster to transform from a seemingly nonthreatening flashlight into a Nerf gun. Hasbro took a page from the transformers blasters they developed a bit ago, and created one worthy of the N-Strike line.

Whiteout Longstrike CS-6

whiteout longstrike

What’s cooler than a Nerf sniper rifle decked out for winter warfare? I used to hear all this blunder about how weak the Longstrike is, but have come to realize it seems to be nothing more than a rumor. After testing the Longstrike personally, I’ve come to appreciate it. It not only looks cooler than the Longshot, but I feel it is more accurate.


Nerf Nite Finder EX-3

Whiteout Nite Finder

Like the Maverick, the Nite Finder is a classic to the N-Strike line. It’s simple, easy to cock, and fun to shoot. The lazer-light feature is the most notable aspect of the blaster. It makes aiming a breeze, and can help you increase your accuracy. Overall, it’s a fun, affordable, simple blaster to use indoors over the winter.


Whiteout Maverick REV-6

whiteout maverick
I feel not much can be said about this blaster that hasn’t already been said. It’s an epic pistol, that has been honored through the inclusion in 3 special edition lines — Red Strike, Clear the Way, and Gear Up. The Maverick is just that special.

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What I like about this series, is they’ve only included N-Strikes most stealthiest blasters. The Gear Up series, which is being sold alongside these for fall/winter 2011, is all about the most popular ones. It’s good to Hasbro including the Longstrike, Deploy, and Nite Finder in an appropriate stealth-themed limited edition lineup… oh, and of course the Maverick… heh, but it’s safe to assume it’s going to be apart of every special edition series 🙂

What say you?