Nerf War Games Part 3

Just like you can customize your Nerf war any way you want, there are a ton of great game modes to play as well. Be creative. While it never hurts to stick to tried-and-true matches of Capture the Flag, you never know what epic moments will happen when you engage the opposing team in a
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Nerf Mod Inspiration: Mass Effect

Extremely popular for its interactive storytelling, role-playing, and action elements, the Mass Effect sci-fi video game trilogy has received tons of awards and acclaim. In fact, the year it came out it was recognized as the 2007 Game of the Year by the New York Times and was also given the #1 spot of Top
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Nerf War Games Part 2

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing, there’s no better time for a Nerf war. It doesn’t even matter if you only have a few people or a ton. Any excuse to run around and shoot each other with Nerf guns is a good time. Don’t forget to set rules when
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General Nerf Team Roles

Nerf wars are a lot of fun, especially when you have lots of people and can divide them into teams. However, unless you’re just having one-on-one duels, Nerf teams have to be organized in order to be the most efficient. It usually doesn’t work too well if no one knows what they are supposed to
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Nerf Mod Inspiration: Borderlands

A first-person shooter video game series that is famous for its extensive campaigns and over the top kills, Borderlands and Borderlands 2 also have a ridiculous amount of guns available for players to choose from. This is entirely thanks to Borderlands random gun generator system, which changes up literally everything about the weapon, from barrel
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Nerf gun

Nerf Gun Safety Tips

Recently, Nerf blasters have been making the news not for how fun and awesome they are, but for safety concerns. Parents have been wondering whether Nerf guns are safe for their kids, and when you type the phrase “Are Nerf” into the Google search bar, a top question that pops up is “Are Nerf guns
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Nerf War Games Part 1

There’s no better time than summer to have a Nerf war! With friends and family on summer vacation, it’s much easier to get a large group of people together and have fun blasting each other with foam darts or Super Soakers. Get creative. From standard battles to target shooting, there are lots of different types
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Nerf Mod Inspiration: Steampunk

Other than having epic Nerf wars, many Nerfers love the fun of modding. Some revamp only the innards of their blaster, while others do visual mods using paint and glue. Of the many types of modders, the Steampunk community has embraced modifying Nerf guns whole heartedly. What is Steampunk? In a nutshell, Steampunk is a
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