Nerf lovers come in many groups: Hobbyists, gamers, kids, kids-at-heart, collectors and on and on. The Nerf N-Strike Gear Up series focuses on that last group, the collectors -the Nerfers who love boasting of the rare and limited edition guns they have in their arsenal.
nerf gear up
The line was introduced to count down to the release of the Vortex lineup, so each gun in the series comes with a Vortex disc to load into the new line. The basic idea behind the line is to take some of Nerf’s best and most popular guns and release them in limited edition varieties. These are simple repaints of popular guns, but nevertheless, very cool to have in your collection. Orange with diagonal black stripes on both the body and the darts, the Gear Up Blasters are some of the most visually striking guns Nerf has ever released. Here are the pieces that make up the collection.

Gear Up Maverick

nerf gear up maverick

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The Maverick is one of the most popular sidearms in Nerf history. The bulky, six shot revolver-style design is reminiscent of the Magnums and 357’s used by movie heroes like Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood. The Maverick is typically available in the N-Strike yellow and gray tones, and the orange looks really good on this gun, lending it less of a sci-fi style and more of a Desert Storm era military appearance.

Gear Up Barricade

nerf gear up barricade

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One of the coolest and most versatile guns ever released by Nerf, the Barricade has previously been released in Optimus Prime red and blue, so this is one of the more collectible guns out there today. With a revolver style design and a battery powered motorized chamber, the Barricade is perfect for tight spots and fast action, and the Gear Up model just plain looks really cool.

Gear Up Raider

nerf gear up raider

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The big, bulky Nerf Raider looks intimidating, and delivers on that promise. Tossing out darts at a rapid pace from its drum-style magazine, the Raider is the perfect gun for the “Tank” style player on your team, laying down heavy suppressive fire to secure an escape or peppering the battlefield with darts to redefine the frontlines. With the orange body and black stripe, the gun will make you look and feel more than ever like John Rambo laying waste to an enemy encampment.

Gear Up Recon

Nerf Gear Up Recon

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With its AK-47 inspired iron sights, collapsible stock, removable barrel and laser sight, the Nerf Recon is a real heavy hitter, capable of hitting targets at long range or breaking down and handling close-range combat. The orange and black design seems to have been designed almost especially for this piece, lending it a very cool, bold, hornet-like appearance.