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Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1

You’ll Rock it in Your Pocket

Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1 is Hasbro’s stealth unit and perfect for any Nerf assassin. It’s small size (6 x 1 x 6 inches) and light weight (7 ounces) make it easy to carry. It’s perfect for someone who wants something with both speed and accuracy. The air power gives it a distance of up to 30 feet. The Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1 is meant to be aimed at the target, not just shot blindly.

Take it Everywhere

A belt clip is included with the Secret Strike for easy carrying. It comes with two foam darts and a cut-out target. It’s cheap enough to be added to any Nerf arsenal. To get the most out of this gun, pump it at least seven times. Although this is a small gun, you still have to pump forcefully.

What’s it Good For?

Since the Secret Strike is meant for stealth and accuracy, it shouldn’t be the only Nerf gun in your collection. It is, however, great for the times when you want to sneak up on someone and surprise them with a hit.

JaguarXT - June 11, 2012

surprisingly powerful

nayrsacul - April 12, 2012

ok, need a bigger gun though

dappy the duck - January 5, 2012

awwwwwwwwwwwwww cute

Cman100 - December 31, 2011

Hey Dage! Level 31 in AQW! By the way, the Vulcan shoots like 25 feet

Chris - August 22, 2011

The top gun what is it called because it is just mad

Sammy - July 13, 2011

Unknown you only pump it 7 times

unknown - July 1, 2011

this gun sucks hard!!! it doesn’t even go 4 feet after pumping it like 20 times!!!!!!

Patrick.nerfguy - February 2, 2011

just got secret strike as-1 nerf gun, doesn’t work though.

MoreDakka - January 3, 2011

I’ve seen these for sale, but have yet to buy one for myself. From what I hear (and have seen from about one youtube video), this is like a sort of lethal joke weapon. It becomes a case of “not the size of the tool that matters, but how you use it,” I imagine that in addition to being a last-resort blaster, this can also serve as a weapon in an ‘elimination’ type game when you and one other person remain. Imagine the disbelief on your opponent’s face when he’s been mowing down everyone with a Vulcan or Stampede and you cap him from 50 feet with a single dart from this!

andrew - December 29, 2010

If you do get a good pump its pretty powerful. Or it shoots out a dud.

There are quality issues with the gun. Sometimes the valve doesn’t close so you can pump a lot of times before it catches. I wouldn’t recommend it unless it was made better. Which it won’t be so save your $3

abc - December 21, 2010


Dage the Evil - December 8, 2010

Yes, this weapon is alright…if your a toddler with a medical condition. I mean seriously, it shoots 30 feet,one third of what a vulcan shoots. If I went into a nerf war I would bring vulcan, nightfinder, and stonewall shield with normal sword. If you wish to have this discussion with me, I play a MMORPG called Adventure Quest Worlds.

RC159570 - November 27, 2010

agreed. it can be good but nerf has better guns

boo - November 20, 2010

cheap good backup-backup-backup-last-resort-gun

Ben - September 29, 2010

good for in your pocket or clipped to your belt

willi - August 28, 2010

the thing sux! (ish). range is ok, but takes so long 2 fire a 2nd dart!
also, therz no way 2 proprly aim. it’s basikly point, fire, and hope 2 hit. other than those few things, it’s a good gun

nerf assasin - August 19, 2010

I got 2 weeks ago and is has changed my view on nerf I got a really good one and you pump it 14 times before it stars to realese air preasure.

blade master - August 11, 2010

i like it its ok it evens out i mean if you need it in emergensys ye but no way for main its like a small gun with a punch i guess

Myles - August 3, 2010

Why is there a picture of the Raider on the review of the Secret Strike?

Qwert221 - July 29, 2010

For such a small blaster, it really packs a punch! This thing sends darts flying farther and faster than the hornet!

Daniel - July 18, 2010

I got it for like 4 bucks. Its not going to be as good as a 14 buck gun

nerf assasin - June 22, 2010

How can the secret strike be awseome, it compared to the maverick is f**king sh*t biscuts.

Nick - June 6, 2010

Pump it before your battle. I tape it to my wrist and use it in emergencies. After all, you’ll only fire it once every battle (unless you don’t have a raider like me lol)

Ben - June 5, 2010

its okay except pumping it is so loud

sharko 2100 - March 21, 2010

1 dart but key chain connecter and long range

Tim - September 25, 2009

lol, a whopping 2.99. The son of the magstrike.

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