Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18


What is Special About The Alpha Trooper?

The Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 can assure victory to anyone who owns it! This sleek gun is not only stylish, it’s a fast rapid fire gun should be included and ranked among the other Nerf guns. Any fan of Nerf guns should have this in their arsenal. This smaller blaster is still efficient enough to accomplish and finish any mission handed to its user. Sharing the same slam-fire feature the Raider CS-35 has, and comparable in size to the Recon, the Alpha Trooper is a great hybrid of firepower and compactness. Fun to shoot and easy to handle, Nerf gun fans are sure to love it.

A Good Looking Slam Fire Blaster

This classically colored schemed yellow and orange slam fire blaster is equipped with a lightweight 18-dart drum magazine to make sure that anyone who has this equipped has plenty of ammo at all times. Firing this great gun is simple as well. To fire the CS-18, one has to hold down the trigger, slide and slam the fire handle to release the darts! This is a sleek lightweight gun that never jams and also has an awesome range of over thirty feet! The CS-18 weighs on average just about five pounds making is very easy to handle and carry.

Alpha Trooper Ammo Capacity

Though the Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 may not hold as much ammo as say, the Nerf Raider CS-35, it is still a great competitor. The CS-18 dart drum magazine is much lighter than the CS-35 making it easier to move with. Because it is lightweight and easy to operate, I’d say it is an excellent all-around-blaster perfect for just about any situation. With the CS-18 you get the speed of the Raider CS-35, but at a cheaper price.

In Conclusion

The Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 is a great addition to someone’s arsenal of Nerf guns. This fast and lightweight blaster allows quick rapid fire, making it great for any situation.

Anyone who needs a slam-fire blaster that can shoot fast, but doesn’t want to pay too much for a Nerf gun, should get this blaster. It is cheaper and lighter than the Raider, yet just as fast.

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  1. pikachu11

    AWESOME gun I have one and its great! Especially the barrel clip.

  2. Rudi

    The reacon Cs-6 is better because it is much more accurate and u can custimize 2 any weapon 2 suit what tarrain u r playing in. It rarely jams but if u try to shoot it like a retard, itll jam the bullet. But the pricings now ridiculous! its 50 smacke roos for one! I bought mine for only 36 bucks at Target 2 years ago. Butthe alpha trooper isnt so bad eather.

  3. slade2501

    Just got one today, and its great. The slam fire works like a charm, the 18-mag hasn’t jammed yet and its light weight makes for an excellent assault gun.

  4. ts20fan

    jesus101: 18, I would still get the pack of darts, as you can fit 20 darts in the clip without jamming, and you lose darts fast when you slam-fire.

  5. jesus 101

    i found out it comes with 18 darts but it holds 20. how retarded is that.

  6. D.E.C

    This is my first Nerf gun and I am not disappointed. However, my first alpha trooper kept jamming after 1 day of buying it. I returned it and got a replacement (which I have had no problems with). I really like the slam fire (4 darts a second is my best speed). Nerf rules!!!

  7. jesus 101

    I don’t know how many darts come with it so I don’t know if I should get the 36 pack as well? anyway its more powerful than the 2 pistols that you get in the dart tag pack with goggles and with almost triple the ammo. it doesn’t jam to much but it is good they have jam door just encase. I also like how when you hold the trigger and pump it fires still so really all you have to do is pump ant its semi automatic.
    anyway can someone tell me how many darts come with it.

  8. ts20fan

    I can get 3 1/3 dps with this gun, and only 3.125 dps with my Vulcan. The Alpha Trooper even did not prime fully three times and I had to reprime the darts, and still got faster than the Vulcan. Awesome gun, best for everything: wars, accuracy, range, speed… GET IT!!

    PS: pin point nerfer: Spectre, It has the collapsible stock and small barrel, perfect for secondary.

  9. Bill

    Sooooo getting this and putting my raiders stock and drum and my acog sight on it!!

  10. pin point nerfer

    wat is a good secondary to put with the alpha trooper
    p.s i have 2 nite finders, 2 mavericks and a spectre

  11. Nerf rookie

    So i only have a Raider, Barricade, and a Refelx and limited money . will this be a good gun to get?

  12. dingleberry

    should i get the longstrike or alpha trooper and the dude on top of me yes replace it

  13. dylan

    soo is It worTh bUyING???
    cause my deploy cs-6 broke and i was thinking on replacing it with this gun.

  14. Tom

    Easy to mod though take lots of pictures of the internals. Taking the restritors out doesnt do a load but still worth it…also take the trap door out. Make sure all your bullets are in good condition especially if you’re using nerf streamlines otherwise you’re going to get varied results.

  15. FA2X : )

    Alpha trooper is an awesome gun, it shoots far but the thing is that its accuracy still lose with longstrike. Alpha trooper only have one built up sight and not like longstrike tht has 2 so it affects on accuracy. Nerf modified the reverse plunger system already so ot can shoot farther.

  16. Australia

    Possibly one of the best guns NERF has made to date, It combines fire-power (18 Drum + singleshot/slam fire modes) Light weight, and compact size, not to mention it looks beast when combined with some of the other N-Strike attachments. The only problems this blaster has are as follows:

    Occasionaly will get jammed if you do not prime it enough (Pull the slam handle back all the way to avoid this) and the lack of any bundled attachments.
    The reverse plunger system that is present in this model (along with others; Raider, Recon etc.) make it annoying to modify, but not impossible.

    Overall i give this blaster 9.8/10

  17. Scooter

    Ok. I have this gun and this gun like someone said…it is so much better than the mavrick however it doesn’t take the same bullets. This was my first CS gun and I am very happy with it. Moding it seems a bit difficult since I don’t do mods myself but I sure want to. Anyways. This is my favorite gun so far. (Hate the barricade and deploy ALOT) One of the video says that the Aplha Trooper has a jammming problem. I have no experience with it. Every friday (like today) I play nerf with a friend of mine. He isn’t a HUGE nerf fan but he still has a few guns. I have only had one jamming problem and its been 4 weeks since I got this gun. So i fired about 1000 shots with it. The jamming is rare and is better than the raider 35 because the raider is much more expensive and the drum is very annoying. The 16 dart drum is very lightweight and makes you feel that you can waste bullets because you have so much ammo. I don’t see any better things that the raider other than its grip is better. The slide for the slam-fire is a bit wavery. There is a random, unnessicary loop on the slide. I have no use for it and it makes loading much harder when lieing down in a good position. If you are new to Nerf and have no idea what to buy and you are carrying a mavrick thinking you got the best there is, swtich to CS (clip system) the mods are better and why use 10 darts when you can use 7 in a clip without having to place individual darts into the socket and you have reverse plunger! TERRIBLE STUFF. Did I mention that the Alpha Trooper shoots 40-45 feet because of the terrible AR design? (AR = air restrictor = gun doesn’t go its full potential) The gun doesn’t need that much moding to get 80-90 feet. I don’t suggest moding for the newer players but if you’ve had experience, this is a walk in the park. (its basically the recon set-up). I highly recomend this gun. Problems would only be: buying CS darts…getting mags…no freeking stock! Pros: very lightweight…great capasity…has room for stock to put another mag or drum(drum if modded stock)…travels 40-45 feet….hits direct target at 15-20 feet. There yah go… I can’t wait til my 15th birthday so I can get paint and 100bucks to start my modding business ;) This gun is cheap and effective. I highly reccomend this gun!

  18. Camille

    i love this gun i hav one of my own and i also consider it for a person already with one gun. its also really better with firering it once you have modifies the spring.

  19. michael

    dont own it yet but I do own the recon cs-6 and the maverick and let me tell you the recon sucks when you try to do continuous blasting(dosnt #### right,jams, breaks,ect..).

  20. da best

    should i use this as a primery wepon and a longstrike as a secondary wepon and two mavericks.

  21. dog

    i want the raider and this gun.

  22. milk

    i dont have it but it looks cool because of the 18 dart drum.

  23. Jon

    Got this today, so powerful and the accuracy is great. Used with the flip switch clips makes it look real good too, and the drum barrel looks great on my deploy. Its not just good for 20, its good full stop. Rapid fire is an awesome feature too. Get it!

  24. sam

    i recently got the raider for christmas and think the slam fire mode is awsome but sometimes jams does the alpha trooper jam when using slam fire

  25. Edward

    alpha trooper is better than raider by alot becuase raider jams more and alpha trooper’s slam firing mode is way better than raider btw dont get recon it freaking jams too much alpha trooper is GOD of nerf guns. of course this is my opinion and btw you can only get alpha trooper on amazon now becuase as i said earlier this gun is GOD of nerf guns so get the alpha trooper and enjoy!

  26. Ford

    Easily the best gun I’ve ever used. Slam fire is excellent and I love the drum mag. The only problem:where’s the stock?

  27. Edward

    i dont have the alpha trooper but i used my friends alpha trooper and it is so freaking good!!! it shoots really far and its accuracy was pretty good i think alpha trooper is the best gun and i am begging my mom to get it.

  28. Ryan

    The Alpha Trooper CS – 18 is one of the best non-battery nerf guns, i like to think of it as a Recon CS-6 on cocaine, as it is like the Recon CS-6, just better, with 18 dart drum, tactical rail, has the capability for a stock to be attached and two good types of fire: single shot and slam fire. Slam fire, if done well could easily pump out 3 darts a second like a vulcan. I only paid $29 for the Alpha Trooper and had paid on quite well, with awesome power and considerably accuracy

  29. Josh

    I got this gun for my birthday and love it. I have the vulcan, longshot, maverick, raider (broken), magstrike,barrel break, and now the alpha trooper. This one is by far my favorite. It has excellent accuracy, has a very quiet firing sound, is lightwieght, and has the convenient slam fire. I put the raider stock on mine and a tactical light and was all of my friends envy at our last nerf war. In my opinion, this is the best gun nerf has ever made.

  30. Andrei

    recon and reider had sex and this is the result

  31. wafflez

    dis is a awsome gun. probably the most accurate that nerf has made. u can fit the recon or the raider stock on it and BOOM!! u got 1 awesome nerf gun!!

  32. da_best

    this gun is the best mine shoots 45feet easy.

  33. anonymous123

    longstrike and maverick are better

  34. abc

    get the recon because this gets jamed alot.

  35. NerfAddict

    is it better then the recon? because i am wondering which one out of recon, or alpha trooper to get for a starter. any opinions?

  36. ??????

    it ok i don’t have it and i might get if its good i get good guns only

  37. dylan

    i got i today its fun to use mine goes over 15 metres when i shoot it. its a musthave in the nerf n-strike collection.

    one more comment it looks f**king ridiculous

  38. Sandies79

    I do not have the gun, but i was wondering if it is accurate and if it would be good for a nerf war, if anyone could tell me any of these things, please comment

    • unknown

      The speed of it is perfect for close combat.

  39. sharko 2100

    o crap it shoots farther and has more accuracy than i thought. mine shoots like 40ft. cant w8 to brag 2 1 of my friends on the range, i cant beilieve his fire fly is his farthest shooting gun. but it has range problems in the good way.

  40. Ezekiel

    Is it better than the maverick???
    How much is it Malaysia?
    Please help me…………..

  41. boo

    Definatly a 9.5 out of 10 the drum mag rocks

  42. boo

    It’s a really good gun; shoots 35-40 feet and is only $20! Rapid-fire and your friends will be blown away. [i have the gun so i know] and also it is NOT only at target; I picked mine up at zellers

  43. Ben

    this is awesome I bought it today it has excellent range and rate of fire but the accuracy is a little shabby but it’s still good I recommend its low price and excellent quality

  44. noobslaer117

    i have all clip guns but the deploy (if u r reading this after crismas or Hanukkah i have a deploy) the alpha trooper rocks

  45. Jaden Galfano

    I actually don’t own this gun, but my friend just bought it, while I bought the Raider CS-35. I have about 6 or 7 Nerf guns, and I thought this one was ok. The only problems I had with it ( and my friend had with it) is that the cock is a little small for the hand to hold, and I personally think that it’s really stupid that is doesn’t come with a stock. You can disagree with me on this, but I would give it an overall 8/10 stars.

  46. Mike Brogan

    I just purchased this gun, I am new into the Nerf gun world. I own a Recon cs-6, Raider cs-35, and now the Alpha Trooper cs-18. I am in love with the Alpha, it shoots farther and harder than my other two nerf guns for a lower price! Buy and enjoy! =D

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