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Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6

The Recon CS-6 is way more than just a BA looking Nerf gun, its also a highly customizable tool of destruction that can be broken down into a pistol, a close quarters rifle with light-dot sighting, or the ultimate sniper tool complete with a flip up site and tactical stock. This is the Nerf gun of choice.

This Nerf blaster is based around a tactical rail. The tactical rail allows for a science fiction feeling of entering an intergalactic battle. The oversized machine-gun style barrel is almost reminiscent of an epic modern or futuristic war film. The flip-up sight also enhances this feeling of being a piece of equipment those playing with it can use for “important missions.”  In addition to the flip-up sight, the N-Strike also comes with a dual-mode laser pointer that can help increase accuracy of the shots being taken. This feature is great for late night games being played in darker settings.

You can expect around 25 feet per shot with the Recon.

The blaster comes with six standard sized Nerf darts, which fill it to capacity. While the blaster isn’t one that has a huge ammo capacity, it is certainly one of the more accurate and more powerful blasters on the market. The manufacturers aren’t exaggerating when they boast that this has an impressive ‘N-STRIKE power’ behind it!  The stock can store an extra clip of ammo (6 rounds in a clip). It has multiple sites, one light-dot and one for longer ranges. All these awesome features add up to an excited Nerfer! No but seriously, I call this the best valued Nerf gun out there. You can grab one for cheap off of eBay, I’m talking from just $10 to at most $18, and have a Nerf gun that can be suitable for all Nerfing occasions.

Thinking of Painting it?

For those who love video games that involve shooting and futuristic technological weaponry will LOVE this blaster. With a high-tech chrome or black and silver paint job, you can spruce this item up to look like an impressive piece of artillery from the year 3000. Because of its ability to be assembled in a wide range of formations, the Recon CS-6 is able to be adapted for an equally wide range of cos-play and costume needs. With the right combination of assembly, paint-job, and attitude, this could become the key detail to a great battle, a great costume, and a great deal of fun to be had by all!

ed - October 27, 2016

Whay dont thay go back to when thay made good guns with good ideas now you get ten sifret types of shotguns

Zachary meneses - April 8, 2014

This is the best nerf gun ever
I’s very good at firing darts
but it has a light on the bottom

dwayne deathmittens - February 9, 2013

RIght then priming issues,,, remove slider (has tac rail ) while apart usepriming handle from long strike or vulcan to replace slider, or
turn it in2 a single shot. anyhoo got i of each -best blaster

daniel - May 18, 2012

Wanna beef this gun up big time? i took out a piece of plastic inside that makes it jam if you cock it really fast so mine never jams and i took the little sliding gate off and taped my bullets in 1-2 layers of invisible tape

Andre Roque - April 29, 2012

My cousin and brother challenged me. I used this gun and they never won against me

backlinks service - April 16, 2012

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Narsacul - April 12, 2012

Mine is, like amazing (fires40 ft)

Jonesy - April 9, 2012

Now my gun after a day started to jam but the cocking bit should not be pumped fast like the raider. It is an epic gun that should not be doubted! Personally i took off the scope for 2 reasons; it made it harder to cock and also because i find it hard to use. Other than that is is perfection!

punk - April 7, 2012

it mid-level gun mess up and it will get jammed in the back if it dosent work in the first try its either jammed /ok luck/ or broken /bad luck/ or even ajusting /good luck/ shoots fine little bit heavy ammo is great but jams to easily tips:if it dosent shoot dont keep shooting or it will get stuck in the back like what happened to ???????mike or dart will get ripped up only buy this if have or used the CS6-deploy.

Ultimate Nerfer - April 1, 2012

Wow online at same time cool

EpicFruitCake - April 1, 2012

Ultimate Nerfer I agree

Ultimate Nerfer - April 1, 2012

Absolutely my weapon of choice! I love a bit of flexibility when it comes to nerf guns, and through customizing my weapons I can take control of the battle. This is definately the best nerf gun ever!
My Rating: 8.7/10 becaus elf it’s customization abilities and it’s fast reload, thanks to the best reloading technique, clips.

GUNER999990 - March 6, 2012

No Modififications!!!!!!!!!! =]

GUNER999990 - March 6, 2012

My recon cs 6 shoots 100feet!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!;›)

biddy kong - February 26, 2012

ok so i did all the mods for the recon.i must say that i get 67 feet short and 92 feet max and also, if u want to make the stock plunger last longer AFTER u take out the air restrictor then take a really small piece of cotton and put it in the plunger and make sure its pushed down all the way with a pencil eraser and that will reduce noise as well

Nerfing - February 23, 2012

I love the Recon CS-6!!! It has a very powerful shot, the barrel makes it very accurate without taking much distance, the flip-up sights work really well, and the laser light is great! If you only have $25 dollars and your planning to save up for a Longshot/Longstrike, no need to! This is a good sniper rifle with the sights and barrel, and a great close range gun, especially with the attachments! I recommend the Recon CS-6 to any Nerfer, whether new or a veteran!

sean - February 17, 2012

i am still waiting for someone to donate one to me… just kidding 😀

sean - February 17, 2012

i think the recon is better than the longshot

sean - February 16, 2012

i haven’t used a recon but i have been begging for one

Peter - February 9, 2012

Best gun ever!!!!!!!! My mates say it jams really easily but I’ve had it for 1 year and no problems. Beats the longstrike any day, and the stampede( that lasts for 5 minutes) BUY IT but hopefully it’ll be a good one

Mike Morrison - February 5, 2012

My son has problems with his nstrike cs6 reacon. Its very hard to cock and the trigger wont work any more. Is there any thing you can do to fix it?

Mike Morrison

nerfer - January 24, 2012

Iam looking for any mission kits,like the red dot sight

NerfyOne - January 16, 2012

This was my 2nd Nerf Gun. I wanted a rifle to go with my Maverick and I love this gun. I’m still nervous to do the AR removal mod, but I probably will soon to eke out some extra range. Overall, it’s a solid gun. It runs a close 2nd to my Stampede ECS in terms of cool factor.

Sigrid - January 2, 2012

@ anyone who complained about jamming: the Recon requires a steady rythm when cocking otherwise you will jam. It’s not built for slam-firing and anyone who tries that with the Recon will jam it. Other than that, I love the Recon. The versatility is great and after you mod it the range is spectacular (I got about 20m with mine, don’t know how much that is in feet though).

dappy the duck - December 28, 2011

I have just got a recon and it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The range is good and it looks awsome

Brandi - December 21, 2011

We have had this gun forever. My boys love nerf guns…until today. My son was looking down the gun tring to get a clear shot of his brother playing video games and bam, he fired the gun and the piece that says “armed” pinched his cheek and took out a dime size chunk of his skin. He is not a happy camper. Great toys that keep your child busy but just be careful.

frontline sniper - December 21, 2011

recon. deffinitely

frontline sniper - December 20, 2011

recon is good. it’s the only nerf gun i have. i just bought a maverick and it hasn’t arrived yet. how do you mod a nerf gun? mine fires about 15- 30 feet, depending on it’s mood. each nerf gun has it’s own attitude, some work and some don’t. just do the best with what you get. if it’s really crappy, send it back for a new one. they should have bigger clips, though

DragonClash101 - December 13, 2011

hey guys do you think i should buy swamp fire or recon???

mr. pigeon - December 3, 2011

maybe i’m doing something wrong, the darts ripped in the gun after a week and no longer work.

The best nerfer - October 18, 2011

This is an awesome gun. The minimum of it’s range is 20 feet! It is also an excellent sniper. I have done some amazing shots with it.
Over all this is a truly amazing gun. I love it.

sperky12 - September 2, 2011

my nerf recon cs-6 fires 50 feet without modding it!
ij the first time i bought it, it fires only 3 feet, then it jammed, me and my friend removed the spring because it is jammed, and the dart is on the back (i dont know how it got there)after we fixed it, it jammed again because of the first time you bought a nerf with its own dart, it wiill jam, after my dad bought me some nerf darts, it fires so 50 feet!!

msblood90 - August 9, 2011


Swible - July 29, 2011

It’s Frowned upon, not illegal. I say let them mod their guns, they can’t use it in tournaments so it doesn’t affect me

griffin - July 25, 2011

modfiying merf guns is illeagal

Kippy123 - July 6, 2011

The Recon CS-6 has all the makes of a good Nerf gun. Accurate, has the ability to use Raider drums, and can shoot anywhere between 15 and 20 Ft. However, it jams in the worst of times, and it has the habit of shooting than not shooting streamline darts. I recommend using whistler and tagger darts, and changing the spring out with a higher tension one. It’s my personal favorite. ~Ow0~

nerves - June 21, 2011

i modified mine. now it shoots about 50 ft.

Chris - June 18, 2011

I just modded my recon and it fires well but the darts are loose in the chamber, sometimes even falling out. Also it’s very loud now. Any recommendations?

nerf 4 life - May 31, 2011

RECON!!!!!!! It is the only way to go. The raider is pretty sick too.


hyper new nerfer that likes nerf - May 27, 2011

i also have a vulcan EBF 25

hyper new nerfer that likes nerf - May 27, 2011

pls tell me what should i buy recon or the longstrike?? someone tell me i am so confused some ppl say that it rocks some ppl say it james like crazy?? so which one!!


Jake - May 16, 2011

My Nerf Recon is a BEAST!!!! it gets 60 feet plus!!!! The air restrictor has been taken out and i have stretched the spring. If you have a faulty recon too bad because the recon is one of the best Nerf guns EVA

ObamaOnYourMoma - May 3, 2011

U guys are idiots if ur guns jams alot then take it back and get a different one if that one doesnt work then go to a different store if ur a loyal empoly and get huge discounts cus thats like the only place u buy from and u work there ask a friend to pick one up and then pay him for the gun and gas i havent bought this gun but every nerf gun i have jams once in a while and is there like a huge battlefield where ppl go to to have battles or r u guys just having a battle of friends?

New Nerfer - April 25, 2011

Hey erh I’m a new Nerfer and I was wondering whether I should get this gun, I only have a nite finder

dingleberry - April 21, 2011

i dont get it my recon only shoots 20 feet but my friends shots 35 feet =(

da best - April 2, 2011

I like this gun but sometimes it only gose 1 1/2 feet, this is very annoying considering I have only got a maverick as well and not much ammo, but i like light on it the most.

nerf nerd 24/7 - January 25, 2011

i’m one of thoes people who is mad about nerf.personally, i don’t really like the recon.it has slow rate of fire and jams alot, but is good as a starter.

me - January 23, 2011

i got one about 6 months ago its crap it was good for the first few days, now it wont shot 5 feet dont buy it the longshot would own the recon its beter in looks and range

N-Strike sniper - January 7, 2011

reconrapper likes recns for running and sniping and u really need a stampede or a maverick

N-Strike sniper - January 7, 2011

i was anonymous 123

NerfAddict - December 31, 2010

i have the recon and i found the range can be good, and accuracy is generally good but the gun jams alot causing the darts to break,the flip up sight is useless if you want a real nerf war intsead if sitting there aligning it for 2 minutes, the laser sight can be useful for shot under 5 metres as the dart starts to drop after that far. the major downside about is its jamming problems

sharko 2100 - December 29, 2010

o and lots of comments ago, spoiled ppl brag to every1. on the alpha trooper page i said i was going to brag… to 1 prsn

Aburk12 - December 27, 2010

I have found this to be THE worst nerf gun i have in my arsenal. In fact its the only one that I am thankful that I gave it to my little brother. However it does have some upsides.

1) Comes with all sorts of useful accessories
2)It comes with a clip obviously so you get something out of the deal
3)Very customizable

However it has several crippling faults:

1)Kills darts when you jam the gun
2)Horrible accuracy when it does fire the darts correctly
3)Range is somewhat under par
4)The stock it comes with is virtually useless as its extremely hard to put a clip in and even more difficult to take it back out. Also flimsy.

Overall this gun is a disappoinment from nerf. I have two guns and both have all of these problems. I don’t suggest that you get this gun.

Pierce2715 - December 24, 2010

Probably the best gun out in the past 5 years and most would disagree, but I have made a list of rebutales.

Look: Because it is customisible, you can make it look like whatever you want. With a stock and scope; it looks like a G63C and with the barrel and stock, its a modest AK47. While most would say the Longstrike or Maverick look awesome, they will always be a sniper rifle and a revolver.

Versatlity: With the 5 parts included, it can become over 20 different guns and with further purchased components (light finder, shield and scope), it could have over 40 different guns! Most components are for visual style but some do improve any aspect of performance. The Spectre and the Stampede are versatile out of the box, but they don’t have as many components or enough tactical rail to fit add-ons.

Accuracy: Accuracy is dependent on whether the barrel is attached and what aiming devices you use. With the barrel stock and the iron sight, most people can hit someone in the head at 5 metres (with practice fires of course). While most would refute the Longstrike is pretty accurate, matter of the fact is the Recon can hit further.

Firepower: With a range between 20-45 feet, the darts can hit objects (or victims) hard when standing 10-15 feet away. Lobbing the bullets may get further range but it carries considerably. With a standard capacity of 6, it is good for short bursts and with a second clip in the stock; opponents beware. The Alpha Trooper’s 18 drum, the Stampede’s 18 clip or the Rapidfire’s 35 drum can improve capacity considerably but that involves buying a new Nerf gun, so it’s a personal preference. Most would say a Vulcan, Stampede or a Rapidfire has better firepower, capacity or unloading speed, but the truth of the matter is they are heavier, harder to handle and more awkward to fire.

Reliablity: Most people slam this gun for jamming but this depends on how much of a Nerf Noob you are. The Vulcan and the Maverick have more of a tendancy to jam due to their design.

Conclusion: Without any refutes for modifications, this review IS NOT FOR MODDERS but more for people first starting out or trying to find either a secondary weapon, a new primary weapon or their first Nerf Gun. I gave it a 5 star on the pae but it’s more a 9.5, due to the fact that the regular one having one clip. If Nerf added a second clip or a different type of clip (18 drum?), thiswould be the perfect 10.

The_Stealth_Dude - December 23, 2010

I hadnt had any nerf guns for about 13 years and
this is the first and only nerf gun of the n-strike series I own. The laser point is kind of lackluster compared to a real laser pointer, as in you wont be able to see it after 15-20 feet. Having a tactical rail on the cocking system is also a design flaw. Half the time when you cock it, any attachment that isnt the flip-up ladder sight will come off.

The stock also is flimsy and easily bent, but does hold an extra clip, which is nice.

The gun is highly accurate though. I can hit the head (which is where I aim) about 3 out of 4 times, tested in a couple nerf fights.

If you try to fire too fast, it does have a tendency to want to jam. The way to fix this is to pull back the cocking device (it doesnt have to click in place when you pull it back) and release/pull out the clip. You should find that a dart remains in the gun. You should be able to then re-cock it and fire it. Then put the clip back in and continue.

It does have a couple flaws, but overall I like it because of the multiple attachments you can use for other products, which I intend to try and the accuracy and overall customization that the gun has. 7/10

abc - December 21, 2010

it is a really cool gun has ok range and it has an AWESOME lazer pointer. my friend has it and a stampede and he attatched it and it is good

in my scope - December 19, 2010

yay u do have to cock the recon each shot it kinda sucks but i still like it i think i will mod it to be a ak 47/galil assualt rifle they show u how to do it on you tube its pretty cool check it out

NerfAddict - December 19, 2010

do you have to cock the recon? it would get annoying if you have to cock it every bullet, especially if you want rapid fire

NerfAddict - December 19, 2010

i am wondering if i get alpha trooper and buy stock,and scope

in my scope - December 19, 2010

well i think it depends on wich pack u get. Sometimes u get extra clips in the pack.

NerfAddict - December 19, 2010

also can you buy individual acessories (at a store)e.g.a laser sight, or scope?

NerfAddict - December 18, 2010

i am wondering what i should get for a starter. Alpha trooper, or recon.something capable of rapidfire but with good accuracy and range. recon also has alot of jamming problems. so what is a good starter?

nerfer and a rapper frm singapore - December 15, 2010

I used the recon for 4 months and it jammed twice only , idk y u all haf so much jamming problems? And btw my recon shoots dart at a far distance 40ft and if u expect for a better range I suggest u buy a real gun cos recon is a toy gun dun expect much ….

Nerf recon suks - December 14, 2010

This gun is horrible I don’t have it but I used one. It kept on getting jammed and it only shot about 6 feet. The longshot beats it by far….

milo - December 13, 2010

i love this gun! i dunno why other peeps guns keep jamming though. i use it with the 18 dart barrel from the alpha trooper and it is AWESOME!!!

XOLLS1939 - December 8, 2010

I used the Recon, AS-20 rapid fire and a maverick on the weekend. The AS-20 is awesome but the recon is accurate and has a good range for indoors, its really quick to reload aswell.

But be careful, it chews up your darts like a leopard in a maternity ward.

nerfer girl - December 7, 2010

dude the time thingy is wwwaaaayyyyy off!

nerfer girl - December 7, 2010

hey im getting a recon 2morow, but i have shot my brothers b4 and it was fudging awesome! it shot like 35-40 ft! he broke it by dropping it on the floor though.:(. oh and i like the raider. the first time i shot mine i was amazed! it shot like 40 0r 50 ft! (great for snipping, i know cause i got my brother in the back of the head!:)) I LOVE NERFING!

h-dog - November 27, 2010

i find this the best all round nerf gun of all time. sure i find the nerf stampede/spartan the best for heavy artillery.but j-home,get stuffed

Sam - November 16, 2010

yo,dudes i suggest you guys wait for the new nerf Barricade it will be epic

J Home - November 8, 2010

Ok you guys r seriously high, i bought 3 longshots and 3 longstrikes to test range, they all shot over 50 ft at a 30 degree angle, compared to the wimpy recon witch shoots about 15 ft and for all the poor hobos who cant afford longshot get stuffed.

Ben - November 2, 2010

for the front lines try a raider or the alpha trooper for a primary and try a maverick or barrel break for a secondary I use the barrel break as a secondary because I can get two shots off the barrel break when I need to reload.
Try the recon or maverick or maybe any handgun

sam - October 30, 2010

im getting my first nerf gun tomorow should i get a recon?

blue - October 27, 2010

add recon stock its awesome cause it looks like m4 and add red pinpoint sight

nerfproz - October 13, 2010

what is a good primary for a person who usually is in the forntlines
please reply

nerfproz - September 29, 2010


nerf_vet - September 25, 2010

@ben farmer – it depends whether you’re a sniper or frontliner.

for snipers, I prefer my classic longshot cs6 with a raider drum, that’s 35 shots@30+ ft at average.

for frontliners, lotsa my buddies used the recon. but they are interested in the stampede when it comes out this month or in october.

ben farmer - September 24, 2010

guys i haven’t had a nerf gun b4 any i have 50 any ideas for what to get?

realsnipin - September 24, 2010

is it good for both rushing and sniping?

Recon Rapper - September 19, 2010

what you talkin bout, willis?

sharko 2100 - September 19, 2010

yo reconrapper, stop acting so spoiled

M8R - September 16, 2010

this gun only looks cool guys, sorry but thats all its good for 🙁

nerf-erf - September 3, 2010

it jams like, 5 times per second..

josh - August 31, 2010

my recon is gret at sooting my brover and his recon

nerf assasin - August 27, 2010

my recon can be very weird beacuse some times when it james it shoots two bullets any ideas why?

Recon Rapper - August 22, 2010

I just modded my recon using a botched AR removal, and suprisingly, it worked. what I did is: first I took the gun apart (obviously) and removed the plunger assembly and slipped off the female part of the plunger, next, I got a drill and a reasonable sized drill bit and carefully drilled out most of the inside of the end with the black rubber ring on it so that I could pull the air restrictors out the other end with a pair of pliers the end result was a hollow plunger assembly.this mod not only works better than normal AR removal but its easier too and costs less if you have no pipe cutter/hobby glue. this mod is not recommended for people with small backyards as maximum range (W/ barrel extension) is 85 feet

This mod is not only illegal but it really hurts so don’t shoot it at your friends/little brother/pet alpaca but note I said nothing about big sisters, just make sure when doing this you can run fast. I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur due to this mod.



Recon Rapper - August 21, 2010

So far, this is my favorite nerf gun that I posess, but I don’t doubt that I’ll be drooling like a fountain when I get a vulcan for cristmas



Recon Rapper - August 21, 2010

What the hell are you idiots talking about? my recon can easily reach 55 feet (unmodded) so, either you all got crap ones, or I got the pick of the litter.



NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

the recon is really cool. it looks awesome, and has a ton of features. u can customize it to almost any way u want, and it has a cool tactical light, which is very useful in night wars or in dark rooms. its really good with the 35 round drum in wars. not to mention its good accuracy and range (without the extension). its also fairly common and uses the universal streamline dart. the sights are actually useful, too. u just have to learn how to use them, just as long as u aim up slightly. its rate of fire is rather slow, though. so its not the best choice for close range.

nerf assasin - August 16, 2010

hey sharko2100 how old are you?

nerf Sn1p3r - August 11, 2010

percy if u live in uk then go to play.com since they have the raider for 25 the only place i know for spare raider clips is e bay and the cheapest ive found clip system darts is 4.99 for 36 excluding e bay.

Percy - August 6, 2010

thanks d u no any where to get a cheap raider darts and clips

nerf Sn1p3r - August 6, 2010

percy the recon would probably be a better starter gun but its what you want and anyway there both great guns.

Percy - August 5, 2010

i am a new nerfer with no guns should i get the raider or recon. someone please tell me

nerf assasin - August 3, 2010

With the raiders drum the recon can be awseome

Ladz - August 2, 2010

Got this gun a bit ago, and it was okay, it had fairly shabby range, could only get about 15 feet, then it jammed really badly. I tried but couldnt get it out so i took it apart and modded it. Anyways, after modding it got much better range, but it’s slow reload, cuz it likes to pop out of the barrel when I load it in. Anyway, bad range till you mod it.

Pyro - July 31, 2010

I have this gun. Not happy with it. I have yet yo have it jam, which is good, but I can only get maybe 15 feet of range from it. I wouldn’t mind modding it, but I don’t really trust myself. Probly just going to get a different gun.

sharko 2100 - July 21, 2010


nerf assasin - July 19, 2010

the recon looks awseome but when put under the cercumstances of the heat of the battle you would be dead meat but really it all comes down to how you shoot.

sharko 2100 - July 7, 2010

well, ok ppl have opinions

eddy - June 22, 2010


sharko 2100 - June 9, 2010

i agree with u argx yea 30 ft is short range after modding

sharko 2100 - June 9, 2010

30ft. is alot u dumbo, actually a tsunami wave is that high, 30 ft.

agrx - June 7, 2010

lol at you people saying 30 feet is far

if my gun shot 30 after modding, id throw it away

brad - June 6, 2010

what are u saying????????????Mike: mine fires at least 30 feet flat and if u put it at an angle of about 45 degrees it will fire easy 45 feet

Myles (New Nerfer) - June 4, 2010

Before I say anything about the video, I’m basically a new Nerfer. I generally started out by getting the Hyperfire set and the Nite Finder EX-3.
Anyways, 0:17 is Nerf’s Epic Fail.

sharko 2100 - May 4, 2010

w8 wut?

adam - April 27, 2010

can you use the raiders ballel and use it in the recon cs-6?

nerfmaster - March 27, 2010

my friend has the red version of this gun and hes modding the add on barrel and taking the tube inside it and puting it on the front so the barrel is much longer.i have to admit its a very good gun and take the barrel from this gun and add it on the longshot and it makes the longshot more acurate.

sharko 2100 - March 21, 2010

wat is wrong with this gun?!?!? me and my brother have perfect 1s but so many ppl have these jamming probs., no wonder its only $20 at the target i go to. if this is happening to so many ppl, they should 1. either lower the prices, or 2. fix the gun so not many dont have this problem.

Drew - March 18, 2010

Ya i bought one, and the mag was locked in… i was real mad, but my friend’s got a perfect one. Recon & Raider are the best Nerf guns.

    NerfGuns.net Admin - March 20, 2010

    I been hearing a lot about that… whats up with that? I guess there are some lemons out there… which is a shame ’cause the gun is awesome.

Lance - March 10, 2010

Ya mine dosent even want to release the mag when I slide the mag release button. Its stupid, i think i got a defective one.

????????????mike - March 6, 2010


    NerfGuns.net Admin - March 6, 2010

    Sounds like a pretty serious jam. You might have to shred that dart and take it out in pieces, but after you do that it should be back to working.

    Hope you get it working again.

brad - February 18, 2010

where is the air restricter because i really want to get more power on my recon cs-6 but i can’t find the air restricter

Brad - January 26, 2010

Two main problems with the gun:
1. Mine jams a lot
2. When I put a scope on the tactical rail, it makes cocking the gun MUCH harder because I can’t grip the cocking mechanism

Tom - January 24, 2010

best gun i ever bougt its great for the price if you put a scope on the end it gives nice cross hairs better than the longshot overall though tactical rails any one ?

boo - January 5, 2010

john my recons go 36 feet flat my longshots go 30 feet tops your guns may have different power.

John - January 4, 2010

what are you saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The recon is like tied with the longshot in range.

boo - January 2, 2010

I got a recon and it’s almost perfect, it makes the longshot look weak. I defiantly recommend this gun to any serious Nerfer.

John - December 28, 2009

yep you’re really unlucky. My Recon just works fine and rivals my longshot in range

Gary - December 22, 2009

i bought a recon 6, and i reckon i got unlucky and chose a gun that is hard to reload i can only reload it if i bang and slide the grey thing to reload, i dont know why its doing it, i even removed the black top bit for the jams and it still dosent work, could any1 help me, cause i really wanna play this gun without have to bang my gun

Dylan - September 2, 2009

This gun looks so cool!!

Aidan - August 13, 2009

I got the Recon CS-6 a few days ago and its pretty good. Looks cool, fires pretty well (about 20-30 feet depending at the angle you put it on) and is good in war. I just want to know one thing: should I take the air restrictor out?

Keagan. - August 9, 2009

The Recon CS-6 is about, 20$

Simon - August 7, 2009

I think ill love the Recon CS-6. I just wanna know: how much does it cost?

gage - August 3, 2009

great after modification

Jeffrey - August 1, 2009

lol, the first dart missed the target at 0:17!!

David Reeves - July 27, 2009

i dont no what u are doing but goes like 25 feet here! its the best for any mission or what not,will destroy the longshot in range and accuracy definately is the weapon of choice!

peter - July 26, 2009

the recon looks cool but it stinks.when you shoot with the barrel, it doesnt go far. like 2 feet.

trent - July 8, 2009

YAY that is awsome
im actully going to buy that THEN the longshot cs6
and it is even better becuase it is KINDA like paint ball but not as much injures

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