In a game of dart tag, anything that slows you down is your enemy. Unfortunately, reloading is often a tedious, slow venture. How many shooters have been tagged at a crucial moment while fumbling with the darts snapped onto the back of their gun, or reaching into their pockets for more ammo?

The Nerf Dart Tag Fast-Load Sleeve is built to make reloading a little less time consuming on the field, offering quick, easy access to your extra ammo so that you can get your gun locked and loaded in half the time. This is one of those accessories that, while not directly improving performance or anything, nevertheless offers a distinct edge over the competition. While they’re wondering where the heck they put their extra darts, you’ve already grabbed a handful off of your sleeve.

The best part of the sleeve is the Velcro based design. This allows you to just stick the tag darts right onto the sleeve without having to pull them out of little slots or snaps or anything. You just grab them and they’re ready to load and fire.

The Velcro is strong enough that, as long as you don’t go machine washing it or anything, it can hold the darts well enough without them falling all over the place, but not so incredibly strong that you wind up fighting to get the darts off. Luckily, the darts are just the right weight, it turns out, to be Velcro’d to your wrist and shaken around in the middle of a firefight. Obviously, they’ll get knocked off if you like to use a few more rolls in your tactics than are really necessary, but for ninety five percent of shooters, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The sleeve’s spandex and elastic enclosure ensures that anyone can wear it from the little brother to the twenty something Nerf duelist. Oftentimes, these sort of products feel restrictive and uncomfortable to adults, but the Fast-Load Sleeve fits, well, like a glove, no matter your age.

The sleeve comes with twenty darts (ten orange and ten green) so if nothing else, you may as well pick it up the next time you need to restock the war chest. Getting a pair of these will let you carry twice as many darts around with you at a time on your wrists. There’s no real “official” number for how many darts you can fit on here. The general idea seems to be “however many you can fit”. Stuffing the sleeve from front to back may actually defeat the purpose of an easily accessible dart cache, though.

Pretty much any Dart Tag player should probably keep one of these handy, and serious shooters may want to consider getting a pair so that they can carry ridiculous volumes of ammo into battle.