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What is the Best Nerf Gun? To Buy, Mod, Or Use in a Nerf War?

So you are looking for the best nerf gun eh? I’ve tested plenty of the new ones in the N-Strike line of 2009, and can safely say that I know of at least 2 that can fall under the “best of the best” category.

But before I reveal which I believe is the greatest out there, let me define what factors I use to rate and qualify a toy dart gun as the best:

  • Number and Ease of Mods – A worthy contender should have a plethora of great modifications, of which should also be fairly easy to implement.
  • Versatility – It can easily be used in a number of scenarios. From close to longer range campus hall battles in a game of Humans VS Zombies, it should do it all.
  • Speed – These toys aren’t exactly the most accurate, and one way a great nerf gun will compensate this for is by offering faster rates of fire through ease of cocking. The easier it is to cock and shoot, the more chances you have to hit what your aiming for. Hey, sometimes its all about numbers.
  • Ammo Capacity – Since accuracy can be an issue, having more ammo is a great counter. The last thing you want to do is lose a battle while scrambling for more ammo… its not pretty. With that said, a great nerf toy will carry a good amount of ammo on the unit itself or use a clip that you can carry extras of.

Because accuracy and distance can be added to Nerf guns through a couple modifications, I did not include them in the above list.

So What is the Best Nerf Gun Out There?

best nerf gun
In consideration of the above list, the best one I have come across is the N-Strike Recon CS6. I’ve shot the Vulcan, Firefly, Longshot, and a couple of others from Buzz Bee, but the Recon stands out above the crowd.

Some say the Maverick is a good choice, and while I like it, I still feel it falls short of the “best” classification.

WOAH: See our NEW favorite reason for why the Recon is the BEST out there 🙂

Why? The Maverick doesn’t offer a sleek and quick clip loading feature. It also doesn’t carry as much ammo.

The Longshot can also be argued as a worthy contender because it in fact uses a clip, but needless to say… its more weight than its worth. The sheer size of it can be considered a big downfall.

Last but not least, the N Strike Raider, which boasts of a 35 round drum magazine seems to be promising… but yet… because of its “slam fire” operation, it isn’t all that accurate. It is fast, but not accurate.

All of these fall short of the The N-Strike Recon CS6, which is compact, lightweight, can carry 2 six round clips (a max of 13 rounds if you use the extra stowaway dart storage in the grip), fast and easy to fire, and is extremely versatile.

HEY: See why we prefer the Recon even more 🙂

The stock, barrel, flip-up site and scope can all be easily removed and reattached. Take off the barrel and leave the stock on and you have the perfect weapon for tactical situations where steady shots are needed.

Remove the stock and other accessories and you have a pistol that can be stowed away in a back pack for protection in a campus wide (or city wide) game of Humans vs Zombies.

At an affordable price of $19.95 it is a great buy considering what comes with it. Other nerf guns like the N Strike Raider cost around $40, but as I said above, it still just doesn’t offer the level of versatility as the Recon.

Also, for $40 bucks you could buy 2 Recons, or one with a crap ton of clips!

???? - December 10, 2016

I think the best is either the rapid fire as20 or the titan

Padfoot449 - May 27, 2012

I would say eiter the nitefinder or the spectre are best for a fun game of HvZ. This is because they can both be used at close quarters and if need be, you can run away with them a lot easier then some other guns. The spectre is probably better ofthe 2 because it has a barrel system so you don’t have to reload with every shot and its still very small. Also, both blasters rarely jam so you can count on relaiblitiy with both guns. Also, the nitefinder can be modded to have a lot longer range while still kind of accurate. The spectre also comes with a stock and a barrel so you can mod it to you environment.

    Danny Fantom - October 26, 2012

    Recon is outdaaaaatttttteeeeeeddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Retaliator is way better. Beats Recons range, accuracy, ammo capacity.

Padfoot449 - May 27, 2012

I would say eiter the nitefinder or the spectre are best for a fun game of HvZ. This is because they can both be used at close quarters and if need be, you can run away with them a lot easier then some other guns. The spectre is probably better ofthe 2 because it has a barrel system so you don’t have to reload with every shot and its still very small. Also, both blasters rarely jam so you can count on relaiblitiy with both guns. Also, the nitefinder can be modded to have a lot longer range while still kind of accurate. The s

harry - May 25, 2012

Raider or alpha trooper, if you consider price are definitely the best. The recon is cool and very customizable but jams and only comes with one clip. The raider’s drum is awesome and isn’t as bulky as you might think, and the alpha trooper has a ton of power. I also like the longshot more than the recon.

???? - May 5, 2012

Blob is right recon jams a lot. Rayven is the best gun even if it uses batteries. Quick long range fast shoots what
more can you ask

    Anonymous - September 14, 2012

    You know ive used that one and it’s soooo loud! Really bad for stealth.

      Danny Fantom - October 26, 2012

      I have a Barricade and its really loud! I heard the Stockade it much more quieter than the Barricade and shoots further than the Barricade and the Rayven.

Blob - April 23, 2012

At Yur Face:
Who’d be stupid enough to go into battle with dead batteries?
And as for the Recon, what if it jams in battle (which it does 40% of the time)

Frank - April 22, 2012

where can i get vulcas for less than 50 bucks

Frank - April 22, 2012

i agree with poo vulcan is one of the best and their is no best nerf gun! sniper idiot is write every nerf gun has a porpose the only thing i don’t agree with is the maveric everybody sais its good its not semi auto it comes with only six darts and their is no place to store extra ammo if you buy more, who cares about the pop out barrel you still have to put every little dart in it after its done the thing you pump back and forth has a tactical rail but when you pump it your sight you put on the rail will move after every pump youll have to readjust to the sight every time before shooting, i can go on and on about the maveric. people say its better than the barricade,1st of all the barricade holds 10 darts and the maveric only holds 6, 2nd of all the barricade is semi auto but the maverics not, thje maveric is pump action, its driving me up the wall

yur face - April 14, 2012

Blob but wut if the batteries stop.0.0

yur face - April 14, 2012

Joe and so are u.

Joe - April 1, 2012

Nerf is for pussies

    ???? - December 10, 2016

    oh god another one saying Nerf is lame and is on a Nerf sight just to bring people down.

Blob - March 29, 2012

I’d go for the swarmfire. It holds 20 drts and fires faster than my brother’s vulcan. Beats the recon anyday. I own a recon and a raider, so i know what im talking about

Sup? - March 19, 2012

i think th longstrike is the best…
it actually looks like a sniper, mine can shoot really far without mods.
i keep the barrel on put i stampede clip in and add the stampede bipod with longshot scope and it looks awesome.
it also can hold 2 extra clips and does not need batterys.

i think the recon is still good. ive got 2 and use them for different things.

best handgun i believe is the new vigilon. it can shoot really far and looks like a maveric. ive modded mine and it holds 16 discs.

all in all good choices but this is my opinion.

mr. man - March 13, 2012

A a voltage modded rayven with raider drum=pure destruction

btw, spectres suck

poo - March 1, 2012

vulcans easly the best

yur face - February 17, 2012

Nerf guy I only wished it can detach parts for the alpha trooper besides the stock

nerf guy - February 15, 2012

alpha trooper is the best

yur face - February 11, 2012

My personal favourite combo is problaby the recon with barrel and raider 35 dart drum mag and stock with ladder sight without ladder on the front of the gun.

yur face - February 11, 2012

Oh yeah sniper idiot put periods sheesh.

yur face - February 11, 2012

And I tried almost all nerf guns

yur face - February 11, 2012

Plus I own most of the n strike series

yur face - February 11, 2012

All right sniper idiot all i got to say is that there r nerf guns that suck. U say secret shot can go behind enemy lines when the nite finder can do the same job. U say that the longshot is good for high bunker stuff but the longstrike can shoot farther. Nite finder not only for nightime sheesh. Recon is I think the best because all the other guns have there other giant problems. Why do people think the stampede is better when in the middle of a battle its battery can die. The recon is THE BEST BECAUSE IT’S AN ALL AROUND WEAPON! the only other gun I would think is the best is the longstrike without the barrel or the alpha trooper.

damjampad - February 5, 2012

Stampede 2.5x spring mod + half dart = +100ft range automatic, +clip system, (BEST but too expensive & not as fun as pulling).

Rayven + 3.7v batteries(easy no mod) =
+60ft range +clip system +glow +dual wield -battery powered.

Nite finder modded = 80+ ft but low ROF otherwise would have been best.
+easy mod +easy to pick up ammo

sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - January 31, 2012

hey guys ive bin worring about your arguement it does not look like its going any were so ive come to tell you that i like all the nerf guns they are all biult for a purpose the longshot for high up snipering the longstrike for low bunkers the mavrick for close combat the vulcan for rapid high flying fire power the stampede for close or long range quick fire power the recon for bunkers and close range fighting the barricade for close range rapid fire the furyfire for inside battles the secret strike for behind enemy lines last enemy head shots the night finder for close range night battles the deploy for in the middle ranged fighting and the unity system for all rounder fighting that my gonna be my last comment for ever unless you comment back saying this is the best nerf gun and i won’t hold back what ive got to say if you do

Cman100 - January 29, 2012

My Dart Tag Speedswarm hits 50 feet flat, unmodded, is full auto, and holds 10 rounds. 2nd place is probably the Spctre as a backup, after I exhaust the 10 rounds. Once those 5 are done, I pull out my Quick 16. Once all 31 rounds are done, I’ve won the match.

Blabla - January 27, 2012

Longshot is pathetic for a sniper, it’s range is terrible. @ stampede is good but weighs more then the vulcan

cody - January 25, 2012

the raider jams too much but the mavrick is really good. i own both of them. i would recomened the all new stamppede which i have not gotten yet.

Tim - January 25, 2012

The longshot cs6 is the best nerf gun

Blabla - January 24, 2012

Vulcan has good fire rate. The recon has mobility. Stampede is basically a Vulcan but heavier and the lOngshot is terrible with the barrel on and does the pistol on the long shot work? The best gun in the majority of nerf wars without modifications is the recon.

bogan - January 11, 2012

how do you mod nerf guns?

theflamessuck - January 9, 2012

i have stampede, recon, maverick, and long strike. And of all of them i hated get shot with the maverick loaded with screamers the most. But the recon with longstrike barrel and red dot “laser” is my favorite to play with.

yur face - January 6, 2012

Ladder as in the sightings that u can attach and dettach

yur face - January 6, 2012

The best nerf gun is the recon because its extremely versatile unlike the others. Plus in mid game u can take off the attachments so u can have stealth or wut ever u want. Warning ladder is pointless. It interferes with cocking sometimes when u put it at the top of the cocking rail.

chaos0093 - January 4, 2012

Ok have any of you heard of orange mod works no look them up… My recon shoots about 120 feet after installing the stage 1&2 unleashed kits… It was the best until just a bit ago now you can buy their massacre kits made of polycarb and get the raider the alfa trooper and the long strike to shoot about 120 feet or more… So it depends one your gun prefence is… I like the long strike cause it is a sniper it will def be my next mod then the alfatrooper just cause I like slam fireing… But curently I am modding the stampede with a stronger spring and higher voltage which should end up being pretty B.A. but seriously look up orange mod works its worth the effort !!

cheez - December 31, 2011

Wtf? The longstrike ROCKS I modded mine with AR removals and spring upgrade (5kg (not much)) and it fires like 60-70ft and my brother has the rwcon and it sucks I AR modded it and replaced the spring and the plunger BROKE because of too much force acting upon it also it jammed bullets before I modded it also. Also the maveric is the best handgun because unmodded it has the farthest ranges but an easy trigger and pullback mechanism

yur face - December 29, 2011

Guys the raider is good but the weight on one end just makes it unbalanced. Also reconcile has range. Raider has firepower. Both cam use the drum idiots. Oh wow raider has a 35 drum mag. Snap it on the recon idiots.

randomguy - December 29, 2011

I own a recon, and i think its the best nerf gun ever made… in fantasy land. Out of the thirty or so darts or so i bought along with the recon, six of them are left. I’m planning on buying a longshot next, and i can only hope it will be much better.

nomster - December 25, 2011

dude get f**ked barricade RV-10 or maverick REV-6 well i sorta agree with you with the attachments it comes with but the barricade is way cooler and DOESN’T JAM ALL THE TIME OR SNAP YOUR DARTS

Samuraikidd - November 26, 2011

Longshot gets 100 ft easy with an angel breech. Recon can get around 80 with a massacre kit, which is super expensive. Longshot has a much easier prime than the recon, even with a stronger spring. For the people complaining about the weight, its a freaking plastic toy, its about 5 pounds, 10 MAX.(and thats with a load of heavy-firing mods)

CameraCamera - November 8, 2011

i think the scot ix–3 is a well rounded secondary but realy maverick wins the secondary 1st place.

chewiecandy - October 29, 2011

Nerf longshot sucks in range but is awesome once modified

NickBurp - October 29, 2011

You guys must be crappy modders..the Recon is probably one of the lamest gun in Nerf history, along with the Maverick. The Longshot easily beats the hell out of the Recon when modded. Even the Raider beats the Recon. I’ve modded mine and I can get 60′ consistently. It’s not accurate, you say? I can shoot another nerf dart 9 out of 10 times. It’s you that’s not accurate.

Pie - October 25, 2011

I think maverick deserves it , it has 6 darts ,very easy to mod , lightweight,comfortable , has many mods , and for the brave it’s barrel can be modded to be removed so it can act like a clip .

tulio - September 27, 2011

ou as nerfs no brasil estao muito caras ajuda a gente por favor muito obrigado thau

airan - September 21, 2011

pra mim a raider e a longshot é uma das melhores tá certo q a recon é uma das mais vendidas mais a recon é um lixo se vc colocar a arma completa ela vai uns dois metros e se vc deixar ela como uma pistola ela vai uns 5 metros aviso:a recon é um lixo

unknown - August 28, 2011


Wildstar116 - August 14, 2011

I have a bunch of nerf stuff and have been buying and testing/traing for years and the vulcan is one of my favs. But, the only reason for that is that it looks cool. I have tried the stampede and its pretty cool too but I “like” the recon because of all the attachment options but you lose darts too fast because they “rip” and you have to buy more. In all, my favorite is the Longstrike with the Longshot scope, the recon tac. light under the barrel, and the “dual mag” or in other words, the flip mag attached.

Brandon - August 13, 2011

the recon cs-6 sucks because my brother got one and it got jammed all the time and he only had it for one week he threw it away and started crying

smile :D - August 7, 2011

i got the deploy cs-6 and it kicks ass.
u can fold it up and when u prees the button on the top..wham its a giant gun!

unknown :p - August 6, 2011

Can some1 plz tell me if I should get the longstrike or the recon 🙂

nerfreak - August 6, 2011

The longshot is the best nerf gun.It is just as fast as the recon.It can hold more darts than the recon with the barrel included-14 darts in total.The longshot if modded can gomore than 100ft!It has to be one of the easiest to mod.It has to be one of the most accurate guns.If you think it is heavy you can simply take off the barrel attachment.Also it has a scope, an adjustable stock and has two guns in one! Does the Recon have any of those? The longshot is the best of the best!

jj - August 4, 2011

Spectre is the best, i’ve only taken away the air restrictors and now it went 5-10ft more(50ft), ALL WITHOUT TOUCHING THE PLUNGER SYSTEMS!!!

Backyard killer - July 28, 2011

i think that no one else has said this but i like the deploy best, (not just for the flip out thing) it is compact, easy to carry in a pack or by hand with the handle, can get 30-35 foot shots with no mods, and comes with a flashlight built in for night battles (which i mostly do) only problem with the deploy is there’s only one rail and it’s on top of the carrying handle / sight.
i’ve fired all the clip guns except longshot, and i’ve fired maverick, nite finder, rev-10, vulcan, hornet, and magstrike, and the deploy tops all.
deploy with my bandolier (6 spare mags and 24 individual darts) with my maverick and sword are unbeatable

Burntpies - July 25, 2011

I have the Recon, Maverick and the wii remote blaster and I think the recon it best, it’s sturdy enough, quick cocking action and has a good range of fire. The maverick is extremely sturdy, I literally beat one to death with a hammer and it was a tough nut to break but takes ages to reload. And the wii one has a extremely long range for some obscure reason but is not sturdy.

glenn - July 18, 2011

no the alpha trooper carrys darts longer for some reason its real good with a 18 dart drum it slam fires and modded it goes preety far

Andrew - July 13, 2011

RAIDER pwns all of them

Kippy123 - July 7, 2011

Yes SamGuy00 do a youtube or even a tutorial in pictures. At least let us see a picture and let modders figure it out on their own. Please? ~Ow0~

Guy mmm joshv - June 16, 2011

Cool man.. But i seriously think ur lying because its hard to pull the slide back. The maverick has a moving barrel and so to pull the trigger back would cause strain as your trigger finger would have to move the barrel, pull the slide, pull the spring, then release it. It alarms me how a kid could complete such a mod while using a powerful spring… However, post a vid. I wanna see how u turn a 25 capacity drum into a 50 capacity one.. And then stick it into a MAVERICK?! And then shoot it in semiauto mode…

Sumguy00 - June 15, 2011

I personally think that me, my moded raider and my moded mav kick butt. I win every battle with my friends. I made my raider go semi automatic plus hold 50 darts, and it never jammed so far and I had it for 3 years. I made my mav able to hold 50 darts with my moded raider drum clip and take out the reloading thing so u can go berserk and never have to reload, expect when I used all my darts. And btw I’m not gonna tell anyone how to do it, only my friends, cause it’s a secret.

Guy mmm joshv - June 12, 2011

Wow! They can shoot max 65 feet? You guys need to find airsoft guns… The bad pistols can shoot at 200 feet per second. Which means its total range is 400 feet. More than 6 times longer range. If u want to get snipers, theyre around 700 fps and they come with real scopes that zoom. And they only cost around 100 bucks! So there. Airsoft guns kick raw butt!

juan maniac - June 7, 2011

the ner recon is not really good, it ripps all the darts 3 of 6 darts per clip i prefer my firefly it can carry 8 darts and 8 in stok 16 dart and it shoot like 45-50 ft, firefly rules.

recon pigeon - June 5, 2011

i personally like the recon but i also think that the raider and longstrike are also great. but i like the recon because of its ability to be taken apart and put together as a shotgun, sniper, pistol, rifle, SMG. its just my liking of the weight and the range isnt all that bad but to make it effective you need to put a stampedes 18 dart clip,take off the barrel, make a sight, and some kind of stock= pewnage firepower 😀

kill:nerf - May 15, 2011

stampede is the best

mats - May 3, 2011

the best nerf is the alpha trooper

charizard813 - May 1, 2011

too bad that the maverick doesn’t have a clip on it but if one of u guys mod it then put a raiders drum that would heaps of ammo and compact size =D

Spartan - April 26, 2011

i personally like the longshot because it can shoot farther than my longstrike most of the time!(no mods)

nerfff - April 25, 2011

dude the nitefinder is a much better sniper than the longstrike. as for the recon i use it no barell. i keep the stock and use an extended mag box clip.

timmy wrenjamin - April 25, 2011

definantly the alpha trooper

dingleberry - April 21, 2011

raider and maverick are the best =)

joe - March 29, 2011

The Maverick is the best. it has an amazing shot accuracy and is easy to cock. easier to reload than most nerf gun.

steve - March 21, 2011

my modded night finder shoots 65 feet but the mavs are best if you do the clip mod and put the night finder plunger tube in it

infantry - January 17, 2011

yeah i will go with yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoma the stampede rules

infantry - January 17, 2011

the vulcan rules it will blow you up

TOMARZE - December 30, 2010

Magstrike and maverick- the best combination ever!! I run in with the mag and obliverate everyone then run out using the mav for protection. 🙂

yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoma - December 17, 2010

stampede ownes the best gun

A person - December 17, 2010

The recon is miserable. It jams every 2 darts it fires(shreds), and the quality of the gun drops with age. Great idea, it looks epic, but horrible execution. I prefer the fast, reliable vulcan(B.T.W., if you think the vulcan sucks, use the ammo box that comes with it).

Kied - December 13, 2010

i really think that the longstrike is better than the recon since it has a ton of ammo storage and is acurate. With the AR mod and a better spring, I’ve gotten 50 feet shots.

Rascal - December 1, 2010

what i mean about the one shot is the extra shot in the recons handle

Rascal - December 1, 2010

Dude, the recon sucks, terrible range, accuracy, jams, and you need to buy a bunch of separate things. personally, im not a fan of the raider. But the longshot is supposed to be a sniper rifle so, of course its kind of large but the extra clip that you can stow wont have the ammo falling out aaand the longshot comes with an attatched bipod. Also, it would take to long to load another clip just for another shot. The stampede is cool, but most people are way to trigger happy. the Alpha trooper, i havent tried it out so i dont know what to say there. Im a fan of side arms so i kind of like any pistol that is like the maverick or night finder but not the recon. Its just my opinion, so if you have something to say then go ahead.

beasty boy - November 28, 2010

alpha trooper mag on a recon is best. magstrike is also a ton of rapid fire fun. mavericks also pretty good.

nerf assasin - November 15, 2010

The jamled isn’t even out yet. It is coming in 2012.

Australian dude - November 15, 2010

The Jamled cs-24 is the best. has huge clip, 50 ft range, 2X scope+ super accurate.

chris - November 5, 2010

most defintley my maverick i can get 45 feet plus and i have it where barrel comes all the way out and i have three barrels so i murder people and the iron sights on that are really good

nerf assasin - October 29, 2010

Recon is the best. It has many parts. carrys an extra clip. Is accurate and powerfull. And weighs a ton less than the longshot.

Nerfer - September 15, 2010

The longstrike plus raider clip=epic!!!

Alpha trooper - September 1, 2010

alpha trooper is best big ish clip that does not take 4 ever
2 reload has slam fire is accurate and is powerful

Nerfman - March 18, 2010

I think raider is the best it rock!

sharkmantwist0 - March 17, 2010

i used to think the raider was the best out there, then i realized it was just becuz of te big mag. i think the best possible gun is a modded longshot with raider mag.

Zred - March 12, 2010

All good guns,
But I say longshot. My modded longshot+a couple clips+me= sniper havoc. Of all the people I know, I have the best aim, so a sniper is my gun and
My longshot is my pride and joy. Seriously though, I am king with that thing

sfurry - March 8, 2010

the maverick has as much power as the recon, but reload time is too long. The worst gun that i thought would be the best is the longstrike.

raphael c felix - March 4, 2010

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo raider rules baby

raphael c felix - March 4, 2010

i think the raider is awesomer it has 35 drum and it shoots better than the crappy recon cs 6

NerfGuns.net Admin - February 28, 2010

Does the raider break down as small as the recon? Can it be toted around as easily in a backpack or bag? NO. The Raider is a great nerf gun, but the Recon is much more versatile. You could slap the Raider’s drum clip onto the Recon and have a small, compact pistol, OR larger rifle – both versions with WHOPPING clips.

hunter - February 27, 2010

nooooooooooooooo your head is full of crap the raider is far better than that peice of crap

brad - February 18, 2010

my recon fires about 38 feet depending on the angle you put it at

ARK - February 13, 2010

really? does it shoot far or somthing?

Aaron Kline - February 5, 2010

Nerf is the best, I modified my nite finder and it is the best.

ARK - January 29, 2010

i think the new dart tag guns are cool. if your smart you have a game and only use 8 darts

Brad - January 27, 2010

Well my recon jams more than my raider, and that’s a hard record to beat. Me? I would think out of my nerf guns i would choose my raider, or switch shot. both are excellent, my raider for ammo capacity and rate of fire, but falls short in reload time and accuracy. The Switch Shot for it’s range,power,and accuracy.

John - January 27, 2010

um………. I would say that the maverick is the one who deserves the title.

ripper21 - January 22, 2010

the best gun to mod is a longshot the worst is the recon because if you cock the gun to fast it can cut your bullets in half

ARK - January 10, 2010

and is way to big

boo - January 9, 2010

But it jams to much

Tom - January 9, 2010

vulcan is better because you can take 2 belts and put them together for 50 rounds of fire

boo - January 4, 2010

I think the recon is one of the best but tied with others

ARK - December 17, 2009

no no no the dart tage REV 10 is SO much better for all the reasons above

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