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Nerf N-Strike Maverick Rev-6

With a revolving barrel holding up to 6 darts, the N-Strike Maverick is a pistol just waiting to rock friends in the office, basement, house, or outdoors. It can shoot 30+ feet, so its not wimpy by any means, and is accurate enough to hit exactly what you are aiming for. Couple the accuracy with an N-Strike sight like the light beam or flip up and your set.

Auto-Revolving Awesomeness

I think it’s safe to say the Maverick is Hasbro’s attempt at making a revolver-like Nerf pistol. With its futuristic looks however, its also hard not to think of Hellboy’s pistol. It cocks on the top and when shot the barrel automatically advances, and even reloads like a revolver; just pop out the rotating chamber and load away, its fast and easy.

With a Maverick you’ll have a hard time NOT wanting to play Nerf… heck, you might even have a hard time NOT buying one – you can find them for just around $10 online, more if modified.

Justin - May 22, 2013

This is deffinatly my favorite and my opinion best nerf gun out there! No batteries required, reliable, accurate, only 6 darts but quick
And easy to reload. Rate of fire depends on how fast you can cock it and pull the trigger but I manage to fire off all 6 shots pretty

JaguarXT - June 11, 2012

Trusty sidearm

Vincent DiPaula - May 13, 2012

The Maverick does seem to jam alot I like the recon cs-6 better but I want to get the raider drum mag for it. Just don’t want the raider.

nerf gun elite - April 13, 2012

the maverick is the best nerf pistol ever!

XxCrazyMaverickxX - April 12, 2012

Why use mods i like it original

XxCrazyMaverickxX - April 12, 2012

I have the third addition and it is awsome.
But for one problem its been cocked for ever it won’t cock again it has all the bullets and the trigger is fine but it won’t shoot and trust me its not jammed
Please Help

punk - April 7, 2012

its my second best gun so its good shoots well the trigger is a little hard to pull back but i wish the barrel was bigger but its a good weapon.

P.S buzz bee toys darts are the best in the maverick and nite finder

NerFMarksman1111 - April 2, 2012

It’s ashame that my Maverick after modding shoots…20.2feet

NerFMarksman1111 - April 2, 2012

Anyone know how to buy o-rings for the maverick cylinder. It stretches when I put oil in it

NerFMarksman1111 - March 31, 2012

I had a yellow Maverick. It’s great.I shot my dad with it and he keeps saying ouch

Tommy - December 29, 2011

This is probably my fourth favourite nerf gun (that I own) It’s my best sidearm being better then my Vulcan and not far behind my stampede and barricade. My top five nerf guns that I own are: #1 Stampede #2 Barricade #3 Recon #4 Maverick #5 Deploy and firefly (I don’t know which is better) Overall it’s an AMAZING gun and by far the best sidarm (that doesn,t take batteries).

dappy the duck - December 28, 2011

I don’t really like my maverick it’s a real pain to reaload and the darts always pop out and make it jam.

frontline sniper - December 25, 2011

just ordered. hope it works

frontline sniper - December 20, 2011

i just ordered one. hope it works. amazon is really great for a serious nerfer (i’m getting there). they have almost all of them. target is also good.

awsome - December 4, 2011

i have had the mav for ages
i have to admit, its pretty awsome
it’s reliable, easy to use, mad range , good accuracy and is just plain awsome
recommend for starter guns or if your looking for a reliable gun, this one is for you

cookeis10 - October 19, 2011

my mavraick just broke

MrUmp623 - August 17, 2011

excellent weapon of choice for any stealth operations or close quarters

call centre - August 14, 2011


unknown :p - August 7, 2011

this is my 1st(and only) nerf gun its so reliable since it has 6 darts 🙂

fishy6780 - May 31, 2011

i have the maverick and i shot my sister with it with the wistler darts and she cried like hell its awesome

dingleberry - April 21, 2011

the maveric is an awesome gun ive moded mine and its shoots 40 feet with wistler darts =D

Kalp - April 9, 2011

maverick is a awesome gun witha lot of reliability.
It does not dissapoint you in nerf wars and you will not get a better sidearm than this

da best - March 21, 2011

this gun is so alsome that the first shot i fired without looking went right into my oppents eye or its just i da best or the gun da best

pw - March 20, 2011

Bad luck. Bought one and the barrel did not align with the cylinders. Back it goes. Really bad quality assurance. Where are these things made anyways.

Pierce2715 - January 17, 2011

The Maverick Rev-6 is certainly the best Nerf gun available on the current market. Most Nerfers disagree with this statement but I have prepared rebutals for any complaints.
Appearance: Straight up, this gun looks mad, amazing, sleek, whatever adjective you want to use but it is purely awesome looking! It doesn’t have any flame decals which make it look gimicky and the design is simple enough for a revolver and this is it’s most appealing feature: it looks like a revolver! Sure the Longstrike looks like a sniper rifle, the Vulcan looks like a machine gun and the Barrel Break looks like a shot gun, the thing is; they have faults which the relife counterparts don’t. Such as the Longstrike having a weak range and the Barrel Break being inaccurate. But the Maverick looks like a revolver and does the job of a revolver, enough said.
Firepower: The last thing you want from a Nerf gun is high dart capacity but low range or long range but random aiming but the Maverick meets everything in the middle and doesn’t go over any limits, making it balanced; therefore perfect. It has excellent range for a handheld gun, a decent six dart capacity and the cocking mechanism is simple. This means you can nail down an attacker fairly easily at medium range. While most people believe that a Stampede or a Longshot own a Maverick, in practical terms they have to reload clips and darts jam in those clip systems. Also for size to power ratios, the Maverick is most efficant.
Reliability: The Maverick being a revolver cock slide propelled gun, it is the most reliable out of all the Nerf guns hands down. While most Nerf guns have battery systems which help with rapid fire or clip systems for clip and blast use, these guns are often useless once the batteries die, jam if the dart goes obscure and hard to reload with mulitple clips but the Maverick is so simple; reloading is fast, advancing barrel speeds up rate of fire and the cock slide means that you don’t have to rely on batteries to shoot.
Compatability: Being able to use any darts, the Maverick is the easiest gun to buy darts for in the N-Strike range. While clip-system guns rely on streamliners and internally loaded guns relying on whistlers, if in war the Maverick will be adaptable.
Value: For $15, this gun is value for money. Power, looks and versatility being major factors, this gun has them all. Vulcans and Stampedes costing $120 AUS or more, for just the aspect of rapid fire but massive weight; the Maverick beats them hands down.
Conclusion: If you want a reliable side arm, a powerful hand gun for assassination or merely a good gun for shooting darts at RC planes (hehehe), buy this gun. Looks, power and vesatility are big advantages of this gun and will make you friends envious.

Adam - January 15, 2011

My friend has 2 yellows(double pistols!)and another friend has a blue. The blue one’s cocking system has broken so it’s pretty much useless :(. awesome gun though.

Tom - January 9, 2011

Everyone in my family of 5 has this gun. We all love it as if you know how to use it it’s very effective as a secondary. Mine is modified so can shoot about twice as powerfully as everyone else but it took my a while and a fair bit of frustrtation to mod it so I don’t recommend trying to Mod it if your inexperienced.
With a paint job this gun looks mad but can get a bit fiddely.
Overall. 9.5/10

max - December 29, 2010

cool story bro, lol.

mine shot them about 15-20 feet out of the box. this is the yellow maverick. the clear ones look slightly smaller and everyone knows the beefy power of the smallest of guns in the Nite Finder. doubt any nerf gun ever goes above 35 feet out of the box that wasn’t a pump.

danny - December 25, 2010

i meant fifty feet not sixty

danny - December 25, 2010

dude, idk why but straight out of the box my maverick shot fifty feet. like seriously, it actually shoots 60 feet. it outperforms all of my other guns, and i even put a scope on it its that accurate.

abcdefu - December 24, 2010

actually, for everyone that thinks they know everything, the maverick in stock condition shoots the darts it comes with about 12 ft

....... - December 24, 2010

big up the Maverick massive!

abc - December 22, 2010

get the blue one

A person - December 17, 2010

Don’t be stupid and your maveric will work perfectly.

Dewey - December 11, 2010

Maverick is a tremendous gun, so versatile and shoots farther than many of the more expensive large guns.

SirBlade - December 2, 2010

Bought one today, somewhat dissapointed.

1) Quite a lot of force needed to cock it.
2) After cocking it the slide is very loose.
3) Due to 1 and 2 the rail on the slide is rather useless.
4) Rails could have been placed above and below the chamber
5) Quite a heavy trigger
6) Uncomfortable grip, the ridges should point back rather then up/diagonal.
7) Doesn’t allow the recon-barrel to be attached.

Still, looks good and was cheap.

Sandies79 - November 29, 2010

I have the maverick, and i have had some jamming problems with it, but when i do get it to shoot, it is one of the best secondary guns i have in combat

RC159570 - November 27, 2010

it is a good gun for ten dollars but if you play alot the range and accuracy decrease, but that is a small problem considering this gun is $10 and you can buy another cheap

boo - November 20, 2010

A kick @$$ gun; enough said

Festivus - October 21, 2010

Love this gun. Have had a yellow for years and never had a problem with it. Just picked up a clear one and an Alpha Trooper. The clear Mav has jammed on me a couple of times, but I think it may just be the suction darts needing to be pressed down much further than my old one did. Still a solid gun and probably the coolest looking and most fun to fire yet.

However, the Alpha Trooper just replaced it as my favorite gun to use in a fight. That thing is about flawless. But my Mavs will be coming along for backup.

Hector - October 18, 2010

good for mid range combat but it has times where the dart doe not shoot out

Saxmaster - October 17, 2010

This is the best nerf gun ever. It shoots far, and it is small. It is also very easy to use.

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - September 29, 2010

yes remove the base rods.


Recon Rapper - September 18, 2010

I have just removed the ARs from my maverick and i can’t decide whether to remove the the rods on the base or not. could someone help me?



NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

the maverick is an okay choice in a nerf war. however as a sidearm, it is one of the best. it is easy to use, has a quick reload, and can shoot pretty fast, so its effective at close range. it also can use a wide variety of darts. it has a tactical rail. it can be very useful in night missions or in dark rooms when equipped with a tactical light. the maverick is very popular and common. in fact, i have 5 mavericks! always put the darts fully in the chambers, though. otherwise it wont shoot probably. its a good deal for roughly $10! it is a good, reliable pistol that you can almost always count on from the high quality dart gun brand: nerf!

Tsunami - August 16, 2010

@ captain: check for slippage, missing or damaged teeth and misaligned gears in the barrel advancement mechanism. If you find any, either replace or repair the found defect and put it together. test fire 2-3 loads. If problem does not re-occur consider it a manufacurers defect that you had to fix because the mods void any warrantee. If it does, recheck the mechanism. If the same problem occurs, your gun is jinxed, buy a new one. If a new problem occurs check more closely and clean, oil and fix the new problem, plus any damage inside the case.
Things to look for: dirt between gears, metal pegs that are not squared with the gear they go to, scratched plastic on the interior of the casing.

Tsunami - August 16, 2010

Great gun!
Range is awesome for a pistol. Low incidence of reliabilty problems that are not owner created or very easily solved. Accurate enough for its range.

Suggested mods
Remove air restrictors
make chamber block removable (facilitates faster reloads)

personal mods:
removed air restrictors, precision metal gears for barrel advancement, tightened trigger (6.75lb pull) brassed barrels (hard stop on dart tip)

Captain Viper - July 15, 2010

I’ve used this gun for Humans Versus Zombies games on my college campus, and everyone loves this gun. Only problem is that everyone hates my Mav. For some reason the air is reaching the dart before the barrel rotates into correct position making it only fire 10-15 feet and have poor power. Anyone know how to fix this? It has been this way before and after mods. (I only removed air restrictors)

sharko 2100 - July 7, 2010

mine beats 30ft using stream darts

sharko 2100 - July 7, 2010

wat boobage?

Guy - June 28, 2010

The maverick shoots pretty far when you first get it, but over about 6 months it looses range and starts to jam. However, it’s one of the most well-rounded guns out there.

boobage - June 24, 2010

the maverick is a fraking awsome gum and i love it!its was the first nerf gun i ever got.my 4 year old brother got the volcan and pwned me wit it then i bought the maverik and kicked his @#*.

Ken - June 22, 2010

i want this gun so badly

sharko 2100 - June 9, 2010

a normal maverick shoots about 20ft or more

sharko 2100 - June 9, 2010

my brothers maverick shoots an average of 12 ft. ik wut u r going 2 say peeps. “ur brothers maverick has range probs” to me

agrx - June 7, 2010

lol mines modded. i can fire it as fast as i can pull the trigger with no issues at all

brad - June 6, 2010

hey pauly i fire mine proper fast and it still dosent get jammed

brad - June 6, 2010

The mavrick is powerful but i took the air restricters out of mine and it made it louder but more powerful.

Person - June 1, 2010

or maybe faster

Person - June 1, 2010

my friend has a maverick and he keeps shooting it as fast as a vulcan

ddude - May 31, 2010

I love the N-Strike Maverick REV-6. It’s small, lightweight, and operates efficiently. The darts go were you point and has long enough range so you can hit your mark and still have enough distance to dodge enemy projectiles. Oh the reloading is fast and easy, plus it can fire any kind of ammunition you put in the barrel.

Will-I-Am - April 10, 2010

my first gun, and i kill my brother with it. faster loading than the recon cs-6, so i made him pay for the big gun. its not about wut u shoot with, its how u shoot

pauly - April 2, 2010

haay its paul.
to fire the maverick properly u have to:
(1)push the bullets in all the way(and make sure).
(2)ease up on the trigger so dont pull it too fast.
(3) and dont fire too rapidly!!! itll jam!!!

sharko 2100 - March 22, 2010

almost every 1 that has a nerf gun that i know has the maverick

brad - February 18, 2010

my mavrick fires about 36 feet and still hits the target.

Mario - November 8, 2009

Maverick is one of the best guns

Andrew - August 27, 2009

the maverick is a great gun, but sometimes, if you dont push the dart all the way in, it will jam. Air Blasters, a buzzingbee equivalent to nerf, offers a 6-shot revolver. although unappealing visually, the air blasters is much more reliable, and half the price. so if your in target, kmart, or walmart, by the tek-6 air blaster instead.

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