A New Longer Blaster From Nerf

New from Nerf as of spring 2010, the Nerf Longstrike is a sniper rifle that out-looks, and out-lengths the popular Longshot CS-6.

Yes, that’s right, longer than the Nerf Longshot, and currently longer than any Nerf gun ever made!

Have I Seen This Blaster Before?

The Longstrike CS-6 came straight out of the popular Nerf N-Strike Wii video game. Rocking at nearly 4 feet in length, and with futuristic styling, it even LOOKS like it belongs in a video game.

What Does it Come With

This blue sniper rifle comes with the standard 6 round clip that comes with most N-Strike Nerf guns, but can be interchanged with the drum clip that comes with the Raider for those times where extra ammo is needed.

Similar to the Longshot, the Longstrike has a detachable barrel, which can be removed if you wish to have a smaller profile. What’s cooler yet, is you can also swap out the scope and barrel attachment that comes with the Longshot onto the Longstrike.

Product Dimensions: 4 x 24 x 12.5 inches, 3.6 pounds. Blaster comes with barrel extension, flip-up sight, quick-reload clip, six Clip-System Darts, and instructions. See reviews here. Buy here.