With news of brawls, stampeding, shootings and even a pepper spray attack, one could say this years Black Friday is shaping up to be just as brutal as years before. Folks just don’t realize how hectic it is out there –so much so, that it’s borderline a war zone. But, what can you expect when 152 million bargain shoppers across the country spend hours waiting in lines, just fiendishly waiting to be one of the lucky few able to snag a limited deal?

black friday 2012

What they don’t realize though, is that the deals don’t stop on Black Friday. In fact, they carry over online all the way to Christmas! I don’t know about you, but every year I prefer to skip out on the pushing, shoving, frigid hours in lines, and overly crowded stores with a good, old fashioned Nerf war with people I care about. It’s harmless, fun, and makes for a hell of a lot better memory than one of a department store. So skip the crowded stores, do what I do, and get some great online Black Friday deals for Nerf Guns 🙂 –you’ll be glad you did!