Nerf has a new line of guns for 2009 that should continue the legacy it has established in the past. The only two confirmed nerf guns for 2009 are the Raider CS-6 and FuryFire.

Newer Years

The New Nerf Guns of 2009

The Raider CS-6, which looks like a tactical shotgun, is the newest nerf gun in Nerf’s N-Strike Line. This gun fires six darts in a semi-powerful release.

In the Dart Tag line for 2009, Nerf welcomed the FuryFire. This dart tag blaster is pump action, and has a rotating chamber that can hold 8 darts. The FuryFire was used in Nerf’s first competetive dart tag event – the Dart Tag World Championship.

Both the FuryFire and Raider were released early September of 2009. Certainly, these Nerf guns will lead to some great Nerf wars in 2009 and years to come. Pick them up today at your local store or online. You can find the Raider for sale here.

Nerf Guns That Have Not Been Confirmed…

Others that were thought to come out in 2009 include the Spartan NCS-12, which holds twelve darts in one clip. It has a switch to change from safe, semi-automatic, burst and full automatic speeds. This Nerf gun would be a powerful nerf gun if it were ever to be released. Next in the unconfirmed lineup is the Stampede REV-12, which has eight barrels, holding darts that are released with a shotgun pump action. The Redshift CS-12 would be a power sniper rifle, holding eight darts to fire with stealth like accuracy (also uncomfirmed). Finally, the Bullsharc GL-8 is a grenade launcher. This Nerf gun holds eight grenades in eight barrels, and is very powerful.

No official announcement from Hasbro has been released revealing whether the Spartan, Stampede, Redshift, Bullsharc, Spartan or any other nerf gun from the Wii video game Nerf N-Strike will come out in 2009. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be coming out in 2010…