If you’re in search of a sleek, user-friendly Nerf blaster, than the Clear Special Edition Maverick REV-6 is exactly what you’re looking for. One of the most famous Nerf blasters, the Maverick is the Nerf gun typically used whenever someone in the media needs to feature a Nerf product.

Designed after a revolver-style gun, the Maverick is a blaster that features slide-action cocking. The chamber, which holds six Nerf darts, flips out from its left side for fast reloading (a simple modification process can even allow the chamber to flip out completely for more ease of loading). As the trigger is pulled and a Nerf dart is fired, the chamber will advance to the next dart by rotating left, or counter clockwise. The Maverick REV-6 will hold any Micro-Darts, although typically a purchase of the Maverick will includes six Suction Darts.

While the Maverick is incredibly recognizable, some may prefer a little more uniqueness when it comes to their blasters. That’s exactly why Nerf has created the Clear Special Edition, as the body of this Nerf blaster is created entirely out of clear plastic with orange trim for a sleek, modern look. The original Maverick was designed with a yellow body and blue cylinder, while the Maverick currently in stores has a black cylinder. The Clear Special Edition blows all other variations out of the water with its unique design.

Any Nerf aficionado will want to add the Clear Special Edition MaverickREV-6 to their collection of Nerf guns and blasters. The collectible aspect of the gun makes it highly desirable, not to mention the effortless use and outstanding new design scheme. Look online or in stores for your Maverick REV-6 soon, before it’s too late.