So, maybe the Rebelle Series of Nerf blaster specifically marketed to girls is not that new. They were released in the fall of 2013 on the heels of the successful Hunger Games movie, which features a female protagonist, who does some nasty damage with a bow and arrow. Since the release of the Rebelle Series, the media has been going nuts about it. Some call it sexist and are getting worked up because many of the items in the series feature the color pink. I am not here to get involved in that controversy, but I will say that any guys (or girls) who enjoy (or at least do not mind) the color pink will find something to love in this series.

Current Releases in the Rebelle Series

  • Guardian Crossbow – The shape of an actual crossbow is used in designing this product that features a topside long tactical rail. It comes with six collectible darts and features an integrated shoulder stock. Its range is as far as 75 feet.
  • Heartbreaker Bow – Designed to perform and look like a normal bow, the Heartbreaker comes packaged with five collectible darts and a smaller version of tactical ammunition storage. There is a tactical rail on top, and this can also shoot 75 feet. This was the first Rebelle blaster ever introduced.
  • Sweet Revenge – This revolver comes as part of a kit that includes vision gear glasses, five collectible darts, and a blaster holster. This also features a topside tactical rail and 75 foot range. This gun is basically the Zombie Strike Hammershot with pink and purple incorporated.
  • Pink Crush – This is a single fire blaster that is pretty similar to the Firestrike, though it is marketed as a mini crossbow. It comes with four collectible darts and had a range of 75 feet.
  • Sneak Attacker – This is a tiny blaster that is similar to the Jolt EX-1 and Dart Tag Stinger. It is able to reach 65 feet, which is incredible for its size.
  • Star Shot – This faux crossbow comes as part of a set that includes a Star Shot target and six collectible suction darts. There is also an integrated light.

Upcoming Releases
Rebelle Agent Bow

At the 2014 New York Toy Fair, Nerf introduced a subseries called Rebelle Secrets and Spies that will be released in the fall. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Agent Bow – Features a red dot sight and comes packaged with a detachable quiver, three arrows, and a message decoder. This is the first non-Super Soaker Rebelle blaster to not fire foam darts. It is much more like a real bow than the Heartbreaker is.
  • Diamondista – This designed to look like a crossbow. It is primed by pulling back on the bow string instead of featuring a plunger rod. It fires 75 feet.