During breaks between Nerf battles and even on this blog, I get questions about where I get all of my awesome Nerf guns. And, while I buy a lot of them brand new and have taken good care of them over the years, I have also been able to pick up a lot of sweet new, used, and discontinued guns from a variety of different sources. Below are my five favorite places for finding Nerf blasters.

eBay is definitely the best place to go for finding discontinued blasters. Plus, you can find just about anything you want for cheap. I was just looking on there today for N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire blasters, my favorite gun at the moment, and they had a bunch for sale starting as low as $8! The only downside to eBay is that there is the rare occasion when you get a gun that is not in as good of shape as was advertised. >>> Browse eBay

Those looking to purchase Nerf guns or any item from eBay may be pleased to know that they can make savings to make low prices on the site even lower! This can be done through the use of coupons and discount codes from over here on the Raise website. Nothing feels better than getting a saving on incredible purchases. Anyone looking to buy many Nerf guns will certainly be appreciative of this.

2. Amazon

Amazon is great just because it almost always has what you want in great condition. So, the selection is top notch. If you are looking for an item that is pretty common, then there are likely a bunch of sellers competing for the best price, and you can get a good deal. The downsides to Amazon are that most items are more expensive than eBay, and if you want a discontinued item, it is usually very pricey. For example, today I was looking at the N-Strike Longshot CS-6. It was selling at $159. No thanks!

3. Target

Target is great because you can have your blaster TODAY. Also, Target gets a lot of Nerf items on an exclusive basis. You cannot get them anywhere else. The problem with Target is that you are limited to what they have in stock, and you cannot get any discontinued items. Plus, they do not have the best deals. You are stuck with MSRP.

4. Garage Sales

Garage sales are a treasure trove for cheap and discontinued Nerf guns. You would be surprised how many garage sales have Nerf guns that are just missing their ammunition or possibly a clip. The problem with garage sales is that the blasters typically are not in the best condition, and you have to get in the habit of actually going to garage sales if you want to find the ones that have Nerf blasters for sale. You may also find about these garage sales on various sites including Instagram. You could keep a check on the Instagram followers and likes to know if the page is genuine or not.

5. Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores have the same downfalls as garage sales: the guns are typically in poor condition and are not always available. Second hand stores also tend to be more expensive than garage sales. You will never find anything new or complete.

Where do you buy your Nerf blasters? Let us know below!