I recently posted a blog entry about the differences between the different darts used in Nerf blasters. Today, I am going to cover arrows. There are few Nerf blasters that use arrows, though arrows have been sold for almost a quarter century and were one of the first types of Nerf ammunition. There are three flimsy wings on the arrows, which come in various colors.

Due to the aerodynamics of the arrow, it is accurate and capable of reach high ranges, but both accuracy and range dramatically decrease once the wings/fins are damaged. You can purchase many types of arrows separately from the blaster.

History of the Nerf Arrow

Alongside the Bow ‘n’ Arrow, the Nerf arrow was first introduced in 1990. After the release of the Triple Strike in 1999, for many years the arrows was not used with any Nerf blasters. But, with the release of the Blazin’ Bow in 2013, the arrow was finally revived. Eleven inches was the length of the original arrow, but now the standard length is nine inches.

Types of Arrows

  • Micro Arrow – As the name suggests, the smaller arrows are called micro arrows. The Arrow Strike came packaged with micro arrows. Since this blaster has been discontinued, so have the micro arrows been discontinued. They are actually missiles under a new title despite their name. Also, due to their size, they have been referred to as five inch arrows.
  • Nine Inch Arrow – As the name implies, these arrows are nine inches long. With the release of the Defender T3, they were introduced in 1996 and serve as the successor to the eleven inch arrow. You can purchase refill packs of these arrows just about anywhere Nerf is sold. With whistling tips at the top of each arrow, the Triple Strike came packaged with a nine inch arrow variation.
  • Gear Tooth Arrow – Coming packaged with the Triple Torch, the gear tooth arrows are a special form of arrow. Replacing the normal wings seen on most other types of arrows, the gear tooth arrow has the pattern of a gear on each of its wings.
  • Aero Glider – Coming packaged with the Glider Launcher, the aero gliders are a special form of arrow. To make them fire further, aero gliders featured longer fins. Since the Glider Launcher has been discontinued so has the aero glider.
  • Eleven Inch Arrow – As the name implies, these arrows are eleven inches long. The SuperMAXX 5000 was the last blaster to come packaged with the now discontinued eleven inch arrow. In its heyday, it also came packaged with the Bow ‘n’ Arrow, Crossbow, and Arrowstorm. With buzzing tips at the top of each arrow, the Sonic Stinger Bow ‘n’ Arrow came with an eleven inch arrow variation.