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Nerf Vortex Nitron

Have you seen the Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster yet? In case you haven’t heard, the Vortex series is a bunch of Nerf weapons that shoot foam discs instead of the usual darts, arrows, or balls.

Features of This Disc Launching Blaster

The Nitron is probably one of the most serious weapons in the Vortex line, it has extra storage capacity so you don’t have to call off the battle every couple of minutes to collect all your ammo again. You can also use it like a machine gun and just spray your target with a ton of discs. The Nitron is also fully automatic and battery powered, so you don’t have to rely on compressed air or springs to propel those discs. The motor makes it a little heavy, but the Nitron is still easy to run around with. It needs two AAA batteries and six C batteries, it’s probably a good idea to get rechargeable ones if you think you’ll burn through a lot of batteries using the Nitron. There’s also an electronic scope that isn’t really that useful but is a lot of fun at night. You won’t be able to use this one for stealth operations, though. The motor is kind of loud.

Reloading, Ammo

The Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster comes with 20 green discs that are about 1.5 across. They fly like little tiny frisbees and bounce off everything. The Nitron reloads like a real machine gun, the discs go into a magazine which attaches to the bottom and holds all the ammo. You can buy extra discs and even an extra magazine for super-fast reloading. All the other weapons in the Vortex arsenal use the same discs and magazine. Be careful with these things, they blend in with the grass and get lost really easily.

Similarities, Looks, and Accuracy

The Nitron Blaster is a lot like the N-Strike Stampede, another automatic machine-gun-type weapon that shoots darts. The Nitron is easier to carry, though. The Nitron also has better colors and looks more like something we would run around the neighborhood with. Upon testing we discovered that the accuracy that Nerf advertises isn’t really that impressive. Unless there is absolutely no wind, the discs fly way off course outside and are really easy to dodge. The range is pretty incredible though, close to 50 feet without a breeze. Indoors this thing is way too much fun and the biggest problem is losing the discs behind the couch.

Conclusion – What We Think

The Vortes Nitron Blaster is pretty awesome for a Nerf weapon. The discs are a lot more versatile than darts, and it’s easy to reload. The Nitron has more range than any other weapon, but outside the accuracy is pretty bad. The best part about the Nitron is that it is fully automatic. The worst part is that it’s heavy and the motor is loud enough to give away your position. You can’t really have an automatic weapon without the weight and the noise, so it’s a pretty good trade-off.

josh - December 10, 2013

how much is it

Richard - October 2, 2013

If you get it you’ll want to get a drum clip, because it puts mad spin on discs sometimes making it not the most accurate one.

BeastNerf38 - June 19, 2012

Nitron and Stampede are both great guns so I say get them both!!!! I know I will my brother will get the stampede and I will get the Nitron simple as that!

BeastNerf38 - June 19, 2012


nerf guy - June 18, 2012

should i get this?


Naw cause i have a magstrike way faster than all of this

NerFMarksman1111 - March 30, 2012

You should take the Vulcan. It has more ammo capacity than the Stampede and u can fill your rivals with the darts before they do

dappy the duck - March 28, 2012

looks cool

michael - March 9, 2012

I like the stampede it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vampfiend687 - February 11, 2012

I had one of these guns and hated it. After about 15 feet, the discs would curve to the right and miss everything I was shooting at. I took it back to walmart and picked up the stampede and I’m much happier. It looks big but both guns weigh about the same, I can fire the stampede one handed.

... - January 19, 2012

But the Stampede comes with more ammo (x3 18 dart clip and x1 6 dart clip). I’m sure you can carry it around too. I’m just not sure if the firing rate and accuracy are the same.

Nerf - January 19, 2012

If the rate of fire is the same and they are all noisy, I’d say Nitron. It seems much easier to carry around and Stampede & Vulcan looks bigger than the Nitron. With the Nitron you can be on the move like a normal machine gun while the other two looks like they’re meant to be stationary and harder to move around with.

Just thinking out loud. I dont have all the facts…

Happy hunting… =]

Eric - January 7, 2012

I’d say stampede, cuz there is a bipod that is much simpler than the Vulcan tripod

Ryan - December 12, 2011

Pick for me,nitron,vulcan or stampede

ts20fan - December 10, 2011

Stampede, or even better yet, Vulcan!

the pro. - November 26, 2011

Naah. Stampedes way better than this piece of crap.

william - November 18, 2011

i’m stuck between what Nerf gun i should get… stampede or nitron

    NerfGuns.net Admin - November 22, 2011

    I’d go with the nitron, because you get a longer range with the same rate of fire.

dylan - October 11, 2011

wish it were darts instead

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