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N-Strike VS Vortex: Darts or Discs?

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Hasbro recently introduced a new member of the Nerf family: Nerf N-Strike VS Vortex. This new product incorporates new features into the uber-popular N-Strike line. The current N-Strike is known for being the fastest-firing, semi-automatic Nerf gun in its class. The Vortex adds a new element to the experience. In addition to the advantages of the N-Strike, the blasters are more rigid yet lined with foam. With these semi-rigid discs, you can expect to get a long-distance range, possibly 30-50 feet. Pretty impressive! The new product was released September 10, 2011. You have four choices in the Vortex line. You can check them out below.

Another Series of Highly Customizable Nerf Guns

Add some options to personalize your Vortex experience. The tactical rail system accessories are sold separately and are compatible with most N-Strike and Vortex blasters that have a tactical rail. This way you can incorporate some of your favorite N-Strike scopes with the new Vortex line of blasters.
Nerf Vortex Proton
Consider the Proton for a compact blaster. Proton’s quick loading, single-shot performance makes it perfect for that distinct moment when you just don’t have time to bother with frills. Included with the Proton are 3 discs and instructions. If purchasing the Proton as a gift, be sure to buy some additional discs (sold separately).
Nerf Vortex Vigilon
Another tool for your arsenal is the Vigilon. The Vigilon is a great option for those who get flustered in the heat of the moment. It features a built in drop-down clip, allowing you to rearm in seconds. No more clumsy hands trying to reload! Instructions and 5 discs are included.
Nerf Vortex Praxis
The Praxis blaster’s pump-action allows you to have the satisfaction of doing the work while enjoying the Vortex technology. The Praxis offers a removable shoulder stock. A 10-disc ultra-distance magazine is included with Praxis, as well as instructions. The Tactical Rail system is also available for purchase to enhance your battle. Customize your Praxis to create your own Nerf experience!
Nerf Vortex Nitron
The Nitron is fully automatic to shower a barrage of discs on your opponent. The electronic scope allows you center your aim via pulsating target lights. Included with the Nitron are 20 discs, onboard magazine storage, and instructions; additional discs are sold separately. This product requires 6 “C” and 2 “AA” batteries (not included). Make your Nitron yours by adding the Tactical Rail System; you won’t regret it. This is my personal favorite of the four Vortex blasters.

A Battle of Darts vs Discs

Many fans of N-Strike blasters are skipping right over the adjustment period. They not only are finding the discs shoot farther, but they are also saying that discs are less likely to get crushed in a clip or damaged as easily as regular darts do. As far as opinions go for these new blasters, the Praxis pump provides fast, smooth shooting. Once you get the hang of the Praxis you’ll appreciate the skill of those who want the pump-action. The Nitron rates high with those who want the automatic firing. The Vigilon is reputed to have quite a kick. The drop-down clip scores high with users.

But really… are the new Vortex blasters the BEST Nerf guns out there?

Depending on your preferences, you might opt to get all of them -or better yet, you might decide they suck. In the end, the N-Strike vs Vortex battle is a battle of darts vs discs.

siddhartha - June 13, 2012

which is better vortex or n-strike, i think n-strike is good because there is one good gun at n-strike the longshot cs 6 when you mod it it shoots up to 50-100 ft when you mod praxis it still shoots close like 39-50 ft

NerfAddict - April 13, 2012

Vortex rules!N-Strike is good but darts can’t get better range and the accuracy of Vortex. Have you noticed that the Vigilon is the Vortex Maverick?And I agree with harry Scoot’,Vulcan totally SUCKS!!!

harry - March 29, 2012

Vulcan sucks scooterperv. mine doesn’t work on full-auto anymore, even with new batteries.

scooterperv - February 29, 2012

Discs are very accurate, if the blaster is held perfectly still when shooting. Not so great for a tear-it-up, but superb for defence as you can remain still when firing. The discs fly slower and can be dodged, but it’s all about the range! The Nitron throws discs to the right on launch and loses power on full auto, but it is possible to allow for this and after about 30 feet they come back on line. I like all of them, but for up-close lunacy you still can’t beat a Vulcan!

harry - February 10, 2012

discs are not very accurate

Jack Strafford - December 31, 2011

I am n strikes biggest fan and with a heavy heart I must say… vortex beats n strike the reasons are that disc go farther look better hard to break actually gives some pain if shot has better sight/scope and another reason is that it is a new series of guns so we can follow the progress plus all the disc are the same so they work with every gun and its easier to mod the disc and gun.

Chris - December 26, 2011

The discs are nice and they do go further than the darts but here’s my quick review. The clip blaster dart gun is small and actually quite nice.

As for the discs, I bought all 4. The Nitron needs batteries and it is fairly good actually but the batteries don’t last too long.

The praxis in my opinion is the worst out of the box of all 4, it’s aim is terrible (I’ll talk in a second about how to fix that) and it is the least powerful (unless I got a defective weak spring in it) Both the Vigilon and Proton have excellent aim and have a better punch than the praxis.

Out of the box the praxis was problematic right away, it’s pump action would get stuck trying to load the disc – turning the gun upside down seemed to work but ultimately you need to file the upper left clip that holds the discs in on the magazine to fix that. I also modified the spring one notch for more power but it still doesn’t seem to hit as hard as the stock proton and vigilon. I’d recomend the Vigilon as the best in the bunch and make the Nitron last, but only because it needs batteries. Of the 3 that don’t need batteries in order.
1 – Vigilon
2 – Proton
3 – Praxis

As for modifying the aim, just sand some wood and make the end opening the same width the whole length, that should stop some of the erroneous shots that don’t plague the Vigilon and Proton. Removing the pump lock if no magazine is in also makes the pump action a little smoother.

Now I have described how to fix the aim I haven’t actually done that yet but when I do and if it works better I my move it up but the power is a little weak so maybe not.

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