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Deploy vs Longstrike: Which New Nerf Gun is Better?

The beginning of 2010 marked the release of 2 new Nerf guns from Hasbro. These Nerf guns are the N-Strike Deploy CS-6, and N-Strike Longstrike CS-6. Both blasters are certainly unique in their own nature, but which one is better?

The Deploy CS-6 has 2 modes, and can switch from seemingly normal flashlight to dart launching Nerf gun. The Longstrike on the other hand represents a new notch on Hasbro’s yardstick, as it is now the longest blaster – beating the Nerf Longshot by a couple inches.

This sniper style Nerf gun is the envy of kids and adults everywhere. You simply cannot look at it without being impressed. Needless to say, the Longshot definitely has a competitor on its hands… and whether the Longstrike beats the Longshot in the battle for Nerf sniper rifle supremacy… is for another discussion 🙂

Nerf DeployA tactical Nerf gun in nature, the Deploy represents a new breed of Nerf gun in the N-Strike line. Whether we will see more dual-purpose transformational N-Strike Nerf guns come out of Hasbro’s hands is unknown. However, whether you would WANT more blasters that can do what the Deploy does, is another story. I’m sure if the Deploy sells well we’ll see more blasters like it.

But right now, lets get to the point of this post and see which new Nerf gun of 2010 is your favorite… Is it the Longstrike, or the Deploy? Pick your favorite below!

Kyle - March 2, 2012

I think the deploy is better.
Why cause its much cheapper, Here in my town it only sells for 18 USD and it comes with a six dart clip, six streamlines and a carry strap

While the long strike costs 40 USD here and it only comes with a removable barrel flip up sight, six streamliones and six dart clip.

In my prespective they both have six darts with them and if you dont have any more clips your long strike would be pointless cause its heavy, its bulky and restricts you in moving fast but if you do have more clips then Damm!!

While deploy is light, it can be carry as a secondary gun ist grips is commfortable to use unlike the long strike’s and its carry strap is usefull
So Deploy.

mrhaza - February 20, 2012

i have absolutely no idea because the only reason i looked on this site is to find other peoples oppinion

angry sheep - February 16, 2012

the point in the deploy as a flash light is so you can go throgh the dark but when its in gun mode the light still does the same thing only with a triger

the longstrike is amazing to look at but is triky to move around with mabey the deploy is made to be able to put in a bag as it can fold up

Darren - January 13, 2012

im going with longstrike 🙂 .
its not because i have both guns . they work perfectly fine 🙂 . but i still love longstrike . and ill tell you why , because longstrike can shoot very far , and has a hand protection incase you gun falls . and it has a very effective scope overall . and fire the bullets at an incredible speed . and deploy is just a gun with flashlight and shoot in a near range . its transform so what ? . transform what if the sping for the transformation turns rusty and break . how are you gonna transform it . and the lights are weak lights , not strong , and the fire strength of the gun is poor . but i still like deploy due to the fire rate .
I still think longstrike is better 🙂 .

joes grandad - December 28, 2011

it jams all the time and THE DARTS ONLY GO A FEW FEET
the best gun is one which fires GREEN DISCS, MEGA POWERFULL

gunsmoke - October 25, 2011

longstrike is the best. deploy sucks!!! the longstrike is betterheres a couple ways:it holds two clips deploy doesnt!!

Tabby - August 19, 2011

The deploy sucks! The longstrike is wayy superior!! And its a sniper rifle, Come on. It would look good if you paint it camo. I am a much favoured sniper.

Chase8 (; - August 8, 2011

Deploy, honesty, . ts20fan , your’s probably goes 2 inches. (:

ts20fan - August 5, 2011

Both suck.

dude - April 18, 2011

the deploy is cheaper(in my place) and the flippy thingy ALWAYS scares other ppl so it give me a little more of a advantage. The longstrike always shreds my darts and i haf to spend like 50$ to get a lot of new darts
-so i would go with the AWESOME DEPLOY!!!!!!!!!

someone - March 31, 2011

how do u make it shoot 70 fee?! and why would u unless ur shootin someone’s eyes out.

Eclipse - March 22, 2011

My modified longstrike shoots like 70 feet I’m going with that.

Nick - January 21, 2011

I hav the deploy but it dosent shoot far enough plz help me

Billy - November 27, 2010

I think both blasters are cool, but the Deploy looks cool because of the flashligh and things like that. The longstrike looks cool in my point of view but i would possibly go with the deploy. I didn’t come here to argue but to tell my perspective of what blasters i choose. I look forward to hold these blasters and test them out. I’m going to get some for christmas so if i get both well thats cool.

Ben - November 23, 2010

thank you for your apology

toby - November 23, 2010

you’re right Ben i am a coward and the deploy is awesome

Ben - November 23, 2010

I wow you’re retreating to swear words you’re such a coward

toby - November 10, 2010

oh shut the fuk up

Ben - October 1, 2010

dude if you dont have the flashlight how is anyone going to see anything thats COMMON SENSE

toby - September 26, 2010

the deploy sucks i mean the light is useless if you are inthe dark the other team is going to see you with your stupid flashlight before you find them with you stupid flash light so thats why i vote for longstrike

NerfGuns.net Admin - September 23, 2010

The votes are in, we have reached a thousand votes, A THOUSAND votes, and it looks like the Longstrike is better. Wow, everyone else OK with that?

Ben - September 2, 2010

i agree with you guys but i have the deploy and the flippy out thingy always freaks out people for a sec to give you more time and you have both attachments permanently on there so youre always ready for the next mision

Francis - August 23, 2010

What’s the point of a blaster that’s hidden in a flashlight?! I mean…

SERRIOUSLY!!! A flashlight isn’t that big so it makes it so obsious. Cause’o’that reason I opt Longstrike.

nerfknocker - July 24, 2010

im going to buy the longstrike! can you imagine that with the scope? BAD! its not always performance, besides, thats what mods are for!=)

Yourface - May 27, 2010

Deploy is tacky and doesn’t really seem like a gun if it’s half flashlight. The longstrike is just plain awesome, too.

sfurry - April 1, 2010

I think both guns are lame. Personally buying the Longstrike, I was disappointed in it’s performance. The Deploy’s ability to transform is pointless. It’s a gun! You are not fooling anyone. I do like the pump action for the Deploy, so if I have to choose one I guess that’s it.

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