The beginning of 2010 marked the release of 2 new Nerf guns from Hasbro. These Nerf guns are the N-Strike Deploy CS-6, and N-Strike Longstrike CS-6. Both blasters are certainly unique in their own nature, but which one is better?

The Deploy CS-6 has 2 modes, and can switch from seemingly normal flashlight to dart launching Nerf gun. The Longstrike on the other hand represents a new notch on Hasbro’s yardstick, as it is now the longest blaster – beating the Nerf Longshot by a couple inches.

This sniper style Nerf gun is the envy of kids and adults everywhere. You simply cannot look at it without being impressed. Needless to say, the Longshot definitely has a competitor on its hands… and whether the Longstrike beats the Longshot in the battle for Nerf sniper rifle supremacy… is for another discussion 🙂

Nerf DeployA tactical Nerf gun in nature, the Deploy represents a new breed of Nerf gun in the N-Strike line. Whether we will see more dual-purpose transformational N-Strike Nerf guns come out of Hasbro’s hands is unknown. However, whether you would WANT more blasters that can do what the Deploy does, is another story. I’m sure if the Deploy sells well we’ll see more blasters like it.

But right now, lets get to the point of this post and see which new Nerf gun of 2010 is your favorite… Is it the Longstrike, or the Deploy? Pick your favorite below!