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Which Nerf Sniper Rifle is Better? Longshot vs Longstrike

With 2 major sniper rifles on the market, it may be difficult to choose between one or the other. We all have our own preferences, which will surely play as a factor in which blaster you decide to get. To make things easier, here is a breakdown of those factors you may be keen for.
longshot vs longstrike


Hands down, the Longstrike wins this battle. Whether you are walking down the toy isle, or getting ready for a Nerf battle, if you catch a glimpse of one of these on a shelf or in a friends hands, this blaster will demand your attention. Its sleek design and sheer length are more than enough to turn heads.


Out of the box the two perform just about the same. But take a look whats inside the two and you’ll see a vast difference in potential.
longshot internals
Now, this probably isn’t important to those that do not mod Nerf guns, but if you are a modder, you’ll see that the Longstrike has internals just like the Recon, which happens to limit the potential of range it can get when modified. The Longshot on the other hand has a direct plunger design, which has been known to achieve nearly 100ft in distance when modified.


Now, because the Longstrike is new for 2010, it comes with a “new” price tag. The Longshot is cheaper, but in a couple months, or come next year, they should be about the same price.


If all you care about is looks, then hands down the Longstrike wins. However, if you are into modding, then the Longshot is definitely the way to go.

They both have their advantages, so again, all it boils down to is preference.

For the sake of the article though, one of them needs to be declared a winner, so given the above characteristics I believe the Longshot wins because it is cheaper and has more potential for range.

You however, may think otherwise.

Ty - September 7, 2012

I have the Longstrike… And it can only shoot about 10 feet before it goes way off shot.

Cole - August 2, 2012

Which gun has better range and also which has better accuracy?

siddhartha - July 6, 2012

How much is the longshot in the philippines

siddhartha - July 6, 2012

How much is the longshot in the philippines,tell me?

siddhartha - June 8, 2012

longshot is more better

– can hold 18 dart clip
– when modded shoots up to 50ft barrel on 100 ft barrel off
– with stand
– 2in1 blaster
– performs better than longstrike

good boy - May 13, 2012

where can i buy longstrike

DoomRater - May 4, 2012

I was going to go for longshot right out of the box but mod the hell out of it with some of the attachments for longstrike like the barrel and the 35 round drum from the raider. reason behind this is longshot can hold two drums, while longstrike is stuck using the clips in its standard stock. So unmodded already the longshot has it beat. This especially applies to me because as a left handed shooter the drum doesn’t get in my way at all.

    siddhartha - June 6, 2012

    which one is better longshot or longstrike?

Frank - April 28, 2012

actually 5 days ago and its amazing, anyway what’s with British people and nerf guns

Frank - April 28, 2012

yah got one for $68 and i’m an american. got it at toys r us 1 week ago

lol - April 28, 2012

Hey. Frank did you say you wanna vulcan for under $50? Well im british I live in doncaster and you can get one for £49.99 1p less so yeeeeeaaaahhh

Frank - April 21, 2012

it tilts to the left and messes up the shot

Frank - April 21, 2012

sniper idiot (good sniper guy) i did you the lonshot scope its a piece of crap i put it on my lonstrike and it sucks so bad

    siddhartha - June 6, 2012

    hey dude choose longshot because it shoots up too 35-40 feet or 35-49 feet

    siddhartha - June 10, 2012

    the scope of my longstrike sucks to my longshot

Frank - April 21, 2012

anyway where can i get a nerf vulcan EBF-25 for less than $50

Frank - April 21, 2012

people say longshots better because it can hold 1 spare clip well the longstrike can hold 2 spare clips!

    siddhartha - June 6, 2012

    longstrike is not better because it holds 2 clips right,and the longshot it ca just carry 1 piece of clip, the longshot can carry an 18 dart clip right i just choose the longshot

Frank - April 21, 2012

longstrike=more accurate than lonshot, shoots about 30ft (9 metres) just less than longshot by 1 and 2/3 metres, more portable than longshot, thinner and easeir to handle

    siddhartha - July 7, 2012

    really but longshot still shoot farther

Frank - April 21, 2012

fine metres

Frank - April 21, 2012

Lonshot may shoot farther but lonstrike is better

sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - April 20, 2012

ya know guys 5 feet could mean the difference between life and death in a nerf battle and 5 feet is around a foot under 2 metres and stop using feet it is driving me up the wall!

stira - April 18, 2012

About 10ft farther. My freind has one… It kicks monkey pineapples

stira - April 18, 2012

Longstrike shoots farther unmodded.

Frank - April 16, 2012

you should agree

Frank - April 16, 2012

please write comments if you agree

Frank - April 16, 2012

please write comments if you agree and you should

Frank - April 16, 2012

people have been debating on which is better lonstrike or lonshot on this website since 2010 but it ends now lonstrike is way better that’s final!

Frank - April 16, 2012

sorry for putting retarded in their if your offended

Frank - April 16, 2012

if you think otherwize you should change your opinion or your retarded

Frank - April 16, 2012

so lonstrike all the way thats final for everybody out their that can’t decide between getting the lonstrike or lonshot the longstrike is better although the lonshot is not bad but the lonstrike is just better

Frank - April 16, 2012

your so retarded if you think the lonshots scope is good and the only thing the lonshot has thats better then the lonstrike is the range by like 5 ft

    sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - April 20, 2012

    i dont think the longshot scope is good but youve got to learn how to use it before you say its bad frank

      sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - April 20, 2012


Frank - April 16, 2012

lonstrike coz it has better accuracy looks betta easy to move with and is more portable

    siddhartha - June 8, 2012

    longshot is more better because it has a stand so when your hand is shaking u can use the stand

Merlin - April 4, 2012

anybody know where to get 1 for around $30

Merlin - April 4, 2012

i hate the longstrike because it has horrible accuracy and it sucks in general but the longshot has scope,stand,2 clips,and pistol included but i cant find it in any stores for lower then $100 because its not manufactured anymore

    sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - April 20, 2012

    go to kmart in hastings morning puninshula vic australia and yo mite find one for about halfe the prise(witch is $50 if your retarted at math

harry - April 3, 2012

Longshot comes with 2 clips, like it better

    siddhartha - July 6, 2012

    Yeah but yellow longshots comes with 1x clip and the blue comes with 2x clips

wrx - April 1, 2012

i have the longstrike which i have modded..

air restrictor removed.
custom spring 8kg
brass barrel
orange mod works stage 1 kit but with my custom 8kg spring.
alloy plunger tube
weighted darts

a few other mods but carnt remember, done them to long ago and i get ranges between 95ft to 120ft….

im going to buy the longshot and see if i can reach 150ft+ after all the mods…

im a machinest by trade so its good i get to custom make all my parts myself

scooterperv - March 28, 2012

Following comments above, I did a straw poll with the guys I regualrly shoot at; Longshot or Longstrike. All have access to both. Result Longstrike 5, Longshot 0. To be fair, none of us are interested in modding them, as this seems to make a big difference to the way people think. Take it out of the box, and use it, that’s my motto, so the Elite range due later this year interests me greatly.

Ds - March 24, 2012

I think the longshot is waaaay better than the longstrike.I have both guns and longshot shoots farther.my longstrike only shoots about 9 to 10feet.on the other hand longshot shoots about 30feet.in looks the longstrike always wins it looks like a real sniper riffle. I am going to use my longshot and kick butt in a nerf war on my b day.this is why I prefer longshot over longstrike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEanith - March 18, 2012

i have the longshot modded no air resrtictor and replaced the spring mines black and has Ghuilli sniper gun wraps around it.

Carl - March 18, 2012

I’ve had a blue one sience I was 5, and I still love it!!!!
about the looks: Put the Recon front on the longshot then paint the whole thing black.
If you actually play nerf get the longshot. mod it (air restricter removal and spring replacment) and you’re good

lolnerf - March 13, 2012

my long strike’s cocking handle gets stuck halfway all the time.
my longshot got run over by a car and still works fine.

    stira - April 18, 2012

    umm… It got run over by a CAR! or was it just a Hotwheels car?

That nerf gun... - March 6, 2012

I agree with the longshot being the best, but you can modify your longstrike to shoot 75 ft longer and you do not have to take your gun apart

NerfModder - March 2, 2012

not to beat a dead horse…but there are longstrike mod kits available from http://www.orangemodworks.com that make the longstrike more of a weapon than a foam dart gun. You can easily achieve 100+ feet with both the mods…nothing effective for the longshot yet…though there are mods available from the same site for the recon…if the internals are exact same…you should just be able to buy the recon mods and fit them to the longshot. worth a go maybe…

scooterperv - February 29, 2012

I have both Longshot and Longstrike. The barrel extension is useless on both, but comparing the “short” blasters, the Longstrike is vastly superior. It fires further, has greater accuracy, has a smoother and more reliable dart loading action, a longer stock so is more comfortable, carries more spare clips, doesn’t jam, has two top rails and is superior in every regard apart from looks. I got a long shot just so I could compare the two and I’ll be selling it again ASAP. BTW, if you want to snipe forget both of them and get a Vortex Praxis, as it wastes both of them on range!

sniperhyper117 - February 23, 2012

cruse u if you hate the long strike

thinkfast - February 22, 2012

the best Nerf gun ever would be if they made a whiteout longshot

thinkfast - February 20, 2012

long strike is so much better

    fluppaskebab - April 21, 2012

    Everyone buys the longstrike because it looks cooler but i put an omw unleashed kit in it and my LongShot won. also my LongShot goes 100ft now and my longstrike goes 45ft

    siddhartha - June 8, 2012

    no longshot is better

lol - February 15, 2012

Longstrike rules longshot drools

lol - February 15, 2012

Cole2999 you are so wrong you fatty

lol - February 14, 2012

Sup. I used to own the longstrike but took it back to the shop and exchanged it for a recon but GREAT MISTAKE the recon is the most crappest gun ever so the longstrike rocks coz its gotta sight what you can look through in so many different ways and that is freakin cool so why the hell did i take it back? It looks a lot more like a sniper than the longshot coz longshot is a great gun for the nerf battlefield coz it has a scope and a bipod but the longstrike iz better.

hello??? - January 30, 2012

I think you forgot accuracy in the cons. I got my LShot at a garage sale for 2 bucks and it is WAY better then the LStrike out of the box for 30 bucks.

Really. - January 30, 2012

I have a longstrike.

-Good at close combat.
-Best looking Nerf gun.
-Stealthier paint than normal longshot (orange, yellow)

The pros outweigh the cons.

sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - January 28, 2012

and the rocket launcher is way of the point st stainless this is about longstrike(crap) and longshot(rocks like hell) siresly

sniper idiot (good sniper guy) - January 28, 2012

ive got the long shot and it rocks like hell guys ive shot the longstrike and it SUCKS BALLS i highly recomend the the longshot to all snipers if you have close range trouble behind you you can take the front gun of and shoot the trouble and all those guys who think the longshot is heavy your WEAKLINGS

    siddhartha - July 7, 2012

    i can carry the longshot.

SF STAINLESS - January 27, 2012

My titan rocket launcher smokes both

T man - January 17, 2012

It is better than alpha trooper

T man - January 17, 2012

I have the longshot and it shoots 40 feet out of the box. The bipod is epic, but the scope is not accurate as shots fall bellow eye level. I recommend this beast gun to any guy/gal! Happy NERFIN’!!!!!!!!!! P.s I tried out the longstrike and it is pretty good. But longshot RULES X1000

T man - January 17, 2012

longshot powns

yo yo - January 10, 2012

sorry i spelled SO wrong. my hands were wet

yo yo - January 10, 2012

longstrike way better it shoots farther(but not straigth)
and has great aimers it has 5 also it can hold 3 mags.
som longstrike is better

Nerfer man 75 - January 8, 2012

I can’t dicide so I’m gonna buy them both. Is this a good idea?

Damian - January 7, 2012

i have a longstrike and i’m trying to get a longshot,but i think they are great guns, but i think the longshot should be better,because it is 2 guns in 1, and comes with a scope

Frost - January 7, 2012

the longshot is the best it may not look the best but it is a real war winn er my friend has the longstrike and it’s completely the same as the recon, i hav 1. same range and it’s better without the barrel if you need a sniper rifle get a longshot it’s way better

Cane3D - December 27, 2011

Si è decisamente meglio il longshot!!!!
Un mio amico ha comprato il longstrike a natale e ora non ha + neanche un proiettile (gli ha rotti mentre sparava uno dopo l’altro) mentre io ho fatto le sue stesse mosse(nel longshot)e sono rimasti perfettamente intatti

JOSIAH - December 22, 2011

Do not totally discredit the long strike’s range,or mod abilities.You can easily mod it to give it a range of 75-100+!

David - December 15, 2011

If enyone is looking for a nerf whiteout series longstrike,I have one on Ebay for very cheap.Here is the address: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nerf-Longstrike-Whiteout-series-/300637891297?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45ff6a2ae1

haza112345 - December 12, 2011

sfurry is absolutely right, the long strike is really like the recon, i have both and my recon performs better. the longshot is much better than longstrike because its acts more like a sniper – bipod, scope included and it also has an extra single shot gun included.

CHRIS - December 7, 2011

I think the longshot is way better than the longst rike the longstrike i have got . the longstrike stock sucks because when you put the clips in they fall out 10 seconds later…… the longshot scope is amazing it has a front gun it shoots VERY far and the clip in the stock doesnt fall out straight away

the longshot is 20 in toys r us

Cole2999 - December 3, 2011

Longshot. Longshot, longshot, LONG-FREAKING-SHOT!!!!!!!!!!
Youre a complete idiot to think otherwise! It’s size is perfect for integration, it has a reverse plunger, it is amazingly accurate at 110 feet, even of you don’t mod it it still doesn’t suck (though it is the best gun to mod).
Hasbro is an IDIOT and discontinued it since:
– longstrike is cheaper to make (since internals are crap)
– longstrike sold a lot more than longshot (only coz it’s brand new!!)
It is now $200 AT CHEAPEST for a set price. The only way is to get them from somewhere other than America, find one at a local thrift store, or at the back of a department store, Craigslist, or EBay.
So, Hasbro (along with every person who thinks longstrike is better) CAN DIE!!!!!!

facundo - November 25, 2011

sin duda el longshot es mejor en varias cosas

bob - November 22, 2011

idont hve 1, but i think longsht is better

Brianna - October 27, 2011

For you longstrike owners, if your looking for an easy mod, take out the spring and just stretch it out. you’d be surprised how much of a change it can make. and for better accuracy and fixing that tumbling dart problem, stick the end of a hot glue gun in that small hole in the tip of your dart and just fill the whole thing with hot glue. They shoot great and fly farther. Im not much of a modder but this was easy and worked great.

unknown - October 26, 2011

me: you are so wrong the longshot is great and all at first but after about 3 months (being careful with it) the range began to suck the paint started chiping away and the scope got dity inside and you cant clean it but the lonstriges scope cant get dirty like that.

me - October 26, 2011

the l. shot wins it has a fab scope no matter what any one esle says i have tested the l .strike it sucks my fried bought a l. strike and it sucks it bad range and has no accury so if i was you having a choice about l. shot and l. strike go for the l. shot cause it has good range and its accuray is ok and if i was a modder i would mod the accurey to make it better and i would also make it more powerfull to make it shoot better and i am only 12 and it is not heavy at all

Date - October 18, 2011

i owned both, whiteout longstrike and yellow longshot, both modded with air restrictors removed, for longshot the lunger was sealed(longstrike does not need any) my longshot wins, 65ft or more, my longstrike was only 50ft, tested with brand new darts but i would still prefer the longstrike, because it is easy to carry around, and its ability to wield like a sword

manowar9 - October 15, 2011

The longstrike is so bad. At first it was ok but after ten minutes of shooting the distance goes down to about 12 ft. DO NOT BUY THIS GUN.

den - October 11, 2011

i own the longshot and have done one tiny mod to it, which is covering one of the small holes inside. that one tiny mod gave me a good 60 foot range. can’t wait to play with the rest of the mods.

off topic, does the raiders ammo drum fit the longshot? just curious.

ethan - September 26, 2011

longstrike is not good.
longshots bipod keeps the gun balanced

joe - September 23, 2011

longshot wins

Anon - September 20, 2011

People saying the longstrike is better cause of portability are stupid, their snipers, you shouldnt be moving around much if your gunna use a sniper.

lorddraconical - August 22, 2011

logstrike is better more portable and light the ice drake mod was awesome people

BazookaMan - August 15, 2011

Titan ftw

Wildstar116 - August 14, 2011

The Longstrike is my fav! The longshot is badass because it comes with 2 guns technhicly but whats awsome is that the Longshot looks like an HK21 from blackops if you take off the shotgun. Still, the Longstrike is my fav. Add the Longshot scope, the recon tac light on the bottom of the barrel with “dual mag” and it looks kinda like a FAL from Mondern Warefare 2.

msblood90 - August 9, 2011


Ryme - August 9, 2011

i’m a modder and i modded both with only v2 spring, and the results, l.strike shoots 80 ft, and l.shot shoots 110+ ft, and l.shot is very dangerous if hit..so l.shot wins but i like both!! L.strike is my primary weapon coz its not harmless, and l.shot for final countdown teehehe..

unknown :p - August 6, 2011

I might get both since I’m a more of a sniper 🙂

MIKE - August 1, 2011

facking awsome

nerfSuckZ - July 26, 2011

get the longshot. longstrike is dumb and most of all get the new alpha trooper.

nerf boy - July 23, 2011

how long is the longstrike. i am making a carry case for all of my nerf guns but i need to know how long it is can someone plz tell me

nerf wizz kid - July 23, 2011

I have both and the longshot stands out best:
better range
doesnt chew up darts
and block

unknown :p - July 16, 2011

I wanna get either the longshot or longstrike which one should I get?

anonymous - July 16, 2011

I’m not a modder, and I don’t have the longshot, but I have fired it, and I strongly prefer the longstrike. Longshot is too heavy and I don’t recomend it. It sucks. The longstrike is way better. The only problem is the barrel, it is way to big.
P.S. we should have a poll to see which is really better.

James - July 13, 2011

I have to say, I’ve never ever fired the longstrike or the longshot, but due to these comments, longshot definitely wins. Longstrike looks awesome, and the longshot looks dumb, but I’m gonna have to get it.
P.S. My Spectre is ten times better than these guns.

boy - July 10, 2011

I have read all theaes coments and now I’m going to get a longshot.cant waet to get it

td - July 8, 2011

get the longshot becouse your a silly for buying recon

NFFL - June 28, 2011

I know I should not be talking bcause i don’t own either of them but i say that it depends on what you like. if you want a good light weight gun go wit L strike, if you want a changeable and powerful gun go wit L shot, and that’s just my opinion. my advice is just choose whats best for you.

linus daniels - June 27, 2011

i’ve heard that the longshot is beta than longstrike coz i did buy the longstrike and when i first shot it,the dart fell out and it didnt shoot far and the darts kept bein chewed up so people even though i dont have longshot LONGSHOT IS BBEETTAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

longsshot223 - June 19, 2011

i never shot the longshot but i wached videos of both of them in war and the longshot dude won in like 10 seconds because the longstrike got jammes in the middle of the game so yeh the longstrike is so so so so so so suckyyyyyyyyyyyy!

nerf modder geekguys1111 - June 18, 2011

overall the longshot easily gets 120 ft plus than my longstrike which gets 35 ft

it is because the longshot has a plunger system while the longstrike,recon,raiderand alpha trooper all have revers plunger systems which get way way little range and longshot gets loads of range

longshot looks better and ive put a shotgun front grip so i dont pull the cock to prime its great!

newby - June 15, 2011

I am getting mine today for a nerf war and I can’t decide witch one is better. It seems like the nerf longshot jams a lot and the strike dosn’t the long strike looks better and feels better. The long shot is a better preforming gun. I just cant decide. I have also heard that the long strike can be a great sniper gun because it is smaller.

UNSC sniper - June 7, 2011

Longstrike and the Longshot are both beautiful. The Lonstrike looks way better, and after modification would be way better that an out of the box Longshot. Also, the scope off the recon is a great improvement over the Longshot’s scope. However the scope off the Longstrike is perfect for sniping.

stampede rocks - May 29, 2011

I like the longshot better even tho i dont have it cuz i cant find it any where so i go the longstrike its a realy great gun cuz if u got the stampede u can put the bipod on it and buy a real skope at wallmart for thirty bucks it makes it better then the longshot

longshot - May 11, 2011

people the longshot is better and i have the longstrike it is just another piece of trash

ts20fan - May 4, 2011

LONGSHOT all the way!! Mine shoots 35-45 ft. and still has the accuracy to hit a 1″ diameter target. Mine is NOT modded because I am not a modder. Beat that longstrike.

nathan - April 30, 2011

i thi nk the longshot is way betta causec i like pie

Time Paradox 15 - April 28, 2011

Does modding a longshot by adding an extra spring in make it harder to pull back?

patrick - April 27, 2011

I’m wondering what to get. Longstrike looks cool but I heard it sucks. Longshot looks like halo but it has amazing performance. I just had a raider that I failed to mod. I think I want longshot. Is it still In target?

HI - April 26, 2011

i own an long shot and a long strike and it seems that the long shot is better because the handle of the long-strike is so annoying and uncomfortable and because of that it has damn no good accuracy

charizard813 - April 24, 2011

just get a longshot ive read like half of these comments and longshot is better so i am gonna go with a longshot even though it looks fat and ugly

marinespcman - April 21, 2011

I like both guns but longstrike has looks but no power and little potiential to be good modded, the longshot has little looks but has power and has potiential to be good modded but again some people just like to mod guns to show off its looks but then theres people like me, I mod nerf guns for looks and performance.

koolman - April 17, 2011

longshot is way better longstrike is ok

alfie - April 15, 2011

its to much money

nfb mystery - April 13, 2011

the longstrike sucks! the longshot is a better sniper because it like a real one its a one shot bolt action equiped with built in bipod and its alot funer to asemble plus it also has a scop the long shot basiclly isnt a sniper cos it has no scope!

nerfer - April 10, 2011

i have both the guns and both of them are pretty much the same

a person - April 4, 2011

yo ppl i don’t know if i should be talkin cause i have neither the longstrike or longshot but i think the longshot acually looks cooler although it is less portable and yes the scope is useless but he it looks epic i think the longshot is better but what do i know i have neither

soi - March 25, 2011

Personally, I do agree that the longshot scope sucks, and the longstrike sight is way better. I also believe that the aesthetic value of the longstrike owns, but as far as performance goes, the Lstrike bullets tumble way too many times, and longshotness is way better.

tj - March 24, 2011

Sfurry try the barrel for the Recon on the Longstrike,it might shoot farther.

thrall - February 7, 2011

i too love sniping(though i stink at it) so i too face the same the problem . i too have the recon so lease helpp!!!!!

King Zac - January 29, 2011

I have the recon and am looking for another nerf blaster. I love sniping so the longshot and longstrike are my choices but there is pros and cons for both. can someone please narrow it down for me so i can make a decision

nerf nerd 24/7 - January 29, 2011

I have the longstrike and it’s awsome. I want the longshot but I cant find it anywhere for under 40.

matin - January 13, 2011

hey everyone. I just got the longstrike yesterday and it is the worst gun ever. It has a good design but it doesnt even shoot across my hallway. But if you take of the barrel extenshon it shoots barely even farther and the bullet goes a totally nother direction. if you put your eye in the barrel with the extenshon on you will see that it is too wide and too long. I would highly and strongly recommend the long shot even though i dont have it is problobly better. my friend cousiin has it and it is definetly better.

Joshua - January 11, 2011

All of you who said the longstrike is not good. Well your wrong because its flip-up sight is better than the longshot, it has more ammo and its light. I may don’t have the longstrike yet but I know its number one

david - January 9, 2011

The Longstrike is a excellent gun with one small issue, The extension barrel is too wide. To answer your question sfurry, measure the diameter the barrel. Then measure the diameter of the Recon extension barrel. Go to a hardware store and find a pvc pipe the inner diameter of the Recon. Cut the pvc to size and place it down the Longstrike extension barrel. Use electrical tape to seal it. (Don’t hot glue it until your sure it works.) A few other things about the long strike is that it jams less than the Longshot. Also it’s more portable than the Longshot. The Longshot is good for modding, and for stationary combat.

someone - January 8, 2011

i have a lot of nerf guns my personal favourite is my recon. but out of the longshot and longstrike the longstrike is way better for a war because it is portable and it is easier to use the primer/cocking mechanism/ whatever its called

Joshua - January 7, 2011

What I llike about the longshot is that is has a scope, a bipod a 2 in 1 blaster and two dart clips back and front. What I hate about the longshot is that it doesn’t have a scope, its not a 2 in 1 blaster, it doesn’t have a bipod and way two long.

Dr. Yes - December 27, 2010

pfffft u guys messure in feet, that’s a bit last centry don’t u think??? try metres, they actually make sence

wacko - December 27, 2010


wacko - December 27, 2010

spectre is way better than both

wacko - December 27, 2010

longstrike is still cool for me shoots like eh 25 ft

wacko - December 27, 2010


wacko - December 27, 2010

longstrike “shoots 35 ft” yeah right

HI chumps - December 19, 2010

the longshot can be made better by replacing the stock spring it shoot farther!
i am getting one for christmas and a recon so i can put recon barrel and laserlight on gun without taking of scope( put light underneath recon barrel).

awesome - December 18, 2010

i haven’t fired longstrike but i love the longshot and am getting one for Christmas soon!

awesome - December 18, 2010

i haven’t fired longstrike but i love the longshot and am getting one for Christmas

Nerfnub - December 15, 2010

Get longstrike it looks great and the longshot is to bulky longshots scope doesn’t do anything but you look through it for no reason

bartek - December 11, 2010

its sick im getting the longstrike for xmas or the longshot which one suould i get help plz????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brian2626 - December 10, 2010

idk im going to walmart tomarow and idk which one to get im thinking i should get the the longstrike then paint it black and take the barrel extension then make it just one tube then cut it in half…..the long strike looks better but proboly shoots worse but then the long shot shooots better but looks like the halo sniper rifle so can you guys/woman tell me whitch on to get

megapwner34 - November 23, 2010

LONGSHOT ALL THE WAY!! mostly because your actually getting a good deal. u get 2 clips,3 guns in 1 because u get a pistol,a regular rifle,and when u put them together u get sniper and scope. i read that walmart is selling longshots for $15 which for them its half off since the reg. price is $30. longstrike sucks I personally dont like the design …you know when i saw the longstrike and then the Strike Rifle from “The Conduit” they look the same

Adam23 - November 8, 2010

I had the longshot, but sold it at a garage sale thinking I wouldn’t use it anymore. I get to college and buy a Recon, and miss the Longshot everyday. IMHO, the 2nd best Nerf gun ever second only to the ArrowStorm.

yimster - November 1, 2010

i thought the longstrike was supposed to shot farther, but it doesnt.

Jimboramba - October 24, 2010

I have the longshot and i’m about to get the vulcan today. The longstrike I am considering…however it may be pointless considering they aren’t much different aside from the visual traits. Nonetheless it looks pretty dope (longstrike)

Romain - October 23, 2010

And I like NERF!!!

Romain - October 23, 2010

Hi!I live in France and I like the longstrike but he has got one dart clip.The longshot has got two dart clips,a scope and it’s a blaster 2 in 1.I think:the longshot is better

Jaybird - October 14, 2010

for those with the barrel problems is that u just remove the internal part of the barrel and replace it with a brass pipe which increases accuracy and range

pooninja - August 20, 2010

I like pie

pooninja - August 20, 2010

The Longshot is wacko & wizard. the Longstrike looks better but its not.

Franois - August 19, 2010

Well honestly,my switch shot shoots farther than my longshot

awwesomeness - July 28, 2010

I own the longshot and the longstrike and i find the long shot way better.

plutonium136 - July 13, 2010

sort of catch 22 for me

plutonium136 - July 13, 2010

i like the longstrike more but i havent got the longshot so its sort of half half but i wanted to get the longshot more so yehhh

youwontremember - June 15, 2010

the longshot and the longstrike both suck with extended barrel, but i have noticed that if you were to take off the removable barrel at the end like it shows on the box for both of them, they both actually shoot much better and farther. for me, i prefer the longstrike, mainly because if you take out the air restrictor, it shoots way farther than the longshot.

majorkelton - June 14, 2010

maybe you could slip a barrel-shaped something down the barrel of the longstrike to make the diameter of the barrel smaller?

Derrock - June 8, 2010

I own the Nerk longstrike and since the day a bought it I havent seen it shoot farther than 9 or ten feet accurately. Ive also had the darts literally tumble through the air at their targets. I think the longstrike sucks, and I cant figure out how it could be defective.

Yourface - May 27, 2010

Meh, I’m not a modder, so I personally prefer the longstrike. Its internals may be the same as the recon, but other than that, the two are unrelated. The longstrike is easier to move around.

also, they should have a poll here, so we can vote to declare the REAL winner.

juicebox - April 4, 2010

There is nothing wrong with the longstrike and is nothing like the recon.

sfurry - March 10, 2010

The Longstrike sucks! I haven’t used the Longshot, but the Longstrike sucks! Unmodified, my Recon shoots farther and straighter. One major flaw I noticed on the Longstrike is the diameter of the barrel is too big. The dart bounces around in there before it leaves the gun and sometimes somersaults towards your target. I love the look of the gun, but does anyone have mod suggestions to turn it into the weapon it’s meant to be??

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