Now available through Target, exclusively- this tactical blaster will be bundled with 4 darts and a scope. Here it is on their website. Currently they are running a buy 1 get the other for 50% off.

Hit More Accurately with the NERF Zombie Strike Clear Shot

When shooting NERF guns, players understand how important every shot is. That is why NERF fanatics are going to gain a big advantage with the new NERF Zombie Strike Clearshot. The single-fire blaster relies on spring-loaded shooting, but the real highlight comes with the attached scope and realistic customizing possibilities.The blaster’s scope instantly creates more accurate shots. When looking through the scope, there is a printed reticle to help aim. This is especially useful when running and dealing with moving targets. It only takes a few gaming sessions to get use the scope viewing while shooting. The blaster has four additional dart holders: one on the top and three under the nuzzle. Each shot can reach distances up to 70 feet, which is on par with any spring-loaded NERF gun.

Features Overview

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The dart gun looks quite similar to former NERF models like Stormfire. Upgraded graphics and designs reflect the new Zombie Strike theme. It’s also similar to other zombie strike NERF guns like the Sidestrike, making it a nice medium-sized gun for collections. The Clearshot features a great design that is ideal for customizing. Titanfall fans can turn the dart gun into a replica of the game’s R-101C Carbine. The powerful video game gun is similar in shape and the scope is similar in size and shape to Titanfall’s Holosight. Call of Duty fans can also repaint the gun to match the classic ACOG scope attached to a M4A1 gun. Simple black plaint with a few details will really add the realistic feel to the toy. The scope slides off so the elements can easily be detailed and painted without room for mistakes. When painting the scope, tape should cover up both viewing ends so that the glass is not blocked out or painted over. Four darts come with the blaster when you purchase it and extra Zombie Strike darts can easily be added.