Category: Targets

Nerf Quick Blast Game

Sometimes, the usual Nerf battle doesn’t do it. If you’re looking for an alternative to just shooting your friends, then take a look at this 2 to 6 player game recently released by Nerf. It is called “Nerf...

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Hasbro Nerf Tech Target

You can use the Nerf Tech Target game to work on your skills, or you can add a friend or a group, and have a friendly competition. The Nerf Tech Target system weighs less than four pounds, so it’s a great source of...

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Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot

The Nerf N-strike Disk Shot from Hasbro is a disk launcher that will help to build targeting skills. The foam disks load into the launcher and the Micro Darts load into the blaster. The wireless remote that attaches to the...

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