Hasbro makes it an effort every year (more now than ever) to release cool new Nerf guns for us to buy. We’ve seen some pretty miraculous blasters come out of Hasbro’s labs the past few years. We were wowed by the sheer length of the Longshot, and stupefied by the belt fed Vulcan, but apparently what Hasbro has set for 2010 will amaze us even more…

Newer Years

2010 Nerf Guns

In total, 6 Nerf guns will be getting some major appearance upgrades. 5 of which will be clear, and one will be released with an all new look (no pictures yet). The mystery doesn’t stop there, as Hasbro is releasing these 5 clear Nerf guns as a countdown to what they claim to be the greatest blaster they’ve released to date. So while this one blaster remains a mystery until September 9th 2010, we do have a scoop on the rest…

Out Early 2010

new nerf gun,nerf longstrike
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 – Longer than the Longshot, this blaster sets a new record by being the longest ever. But, does this new Nerf sniper rifle beat the Longshot entirely? For answers, check out our comparison of the Longshot vs Longstrike.

new nerf gun,nerf deploy
Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 – Part blaster part flashlight, this thing transforms from each mode with a push of a button., making it the tactical Nerf gun of the year.

Out Later 2010

clear maverick
To “Clear the Way” for the mystery blaster, 5 of Hasbro’s most popular Nerf guns will be released as clear versions up until September 9th 2010. Which will be available transparent?

  • Deploy
  • Raider
  • Recon
  • Maverick
  • Nite Finder

For pictures and a video, check out the post we dedicated to these special edition clear Nerf guns.

The Hyperfire is also set to be re-released in a single player pack, complete with a new look. No pictures yet, but we’ll update you as they come out.

Last but not least is the mystery blaster, of which we will have to wait patiently until pictures and vids leak on the net 🙂

All in all, 3 completely new Nerf guns will be released in 2010 (Longstrike, Deploy & mystery blaster), and 6 will be released as special editions!

We can only imagine what the mystery blaster will be…