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Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2

A Double Barrel Dart Gun From Nerf – Finally!

The Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 is probably the most exciting of the lower-end Nerf guns available right now. In terms of functionality, it’s a pretty standard double barrel shotgun affair, but in terms of performance, it’s quite a bit more.

Typically, these double barrel foam dart guns are kind of unwieldy. They’re always built to full size for some reason, and hauling around a three foot barrel just to shoot two darts seems a little counter productive. So the Barrel Break, rather than being modeled after a full sized shotgun, is modeled after a sawed off tactical shotgun, meaning that it’s easily managed with either single or dual hand operation.

How This Double Barrel Dart-Shooting-Shotgun Works

The barrel break action lets you pop the gun open and drop two darts in quick, so with the eight-dart rack on top of the gun, you can fire with one hand and reload with the other. It takes a little practice, but the finesse required to do this quickly is worth bragging points alone.

Like any decent double barrel dart gun, you can fire one shot for long range attacks or both barrels for a close range assault, which may be the best use for this gun. In fact, the gun seems specifically designed for this. It seems as if Nerf wanted to offer shooters a close range last-ditch gun to be strapped to your belt or vest and pulled from out of nowhere when all hope seems lost. The small size and short barrels make it easy to carry around behind your back.

How Does it Compare to The Buzz Bee DoubleShot?

If you’ve seen other double barrel, break action guns before, then you’re probably familiar with the loading procedures, wherein you would place each dart into a shell, and then proceed to put that shell into the clip, and the clip into the blaster. The IX-2 improves on this a lot of by simply firing the darts themselves with no need for those little shells that you typically have to pack them into. Sure, those shells are cool, but if you’re out of ammo, picking a dart up from the floor and stuffing it into a shell before you can load it can mean the difference between getting tagged or winning the round.

Good Enough to be a Primary?

As a primary weapon you might find it lacking, but that’s not really the point. The point is to give shooters something to fall back on when they’re cornered, when their primary weapon is empty and there’s no time to reload, or when the game simply hands you an opportunity that you need to seize right then and there.

Should You Buy?

Bottom line: the Nerf Barrel Break IX-2 is the perfect replacement for that dinky old pistol you’ve been carrying around as a backup. You can fire it with one hand as an emergency backup gun or with both as a secondary weapon when things get a little too hectic.

Plus… who doesn’t want a double barrel dart gun?

Nerfboss33 - February 24, 2013

I like it it works good with elite darts.

NerfGuns.net Admin - May 15, 2012

Personally, I think this is one of the cooler looking blasters Nerf has out there. It’s reliable, with an ok rate of fire, but what really makes it awesome is the fact it is a double barrel, and of course blows away the BuzzBee Double Shot because it is pistol sized.

Pistl2187 - April 17, 2012

What is yor fav nerf pistl

nayrsacul - April 12, 2012

I hid this in my secret pouch, and always use it at
least once during a battle.

P.S.- bragging rights!!! easy to reload in 3 seconds

retardo - April 9, 2012

P.S. (forgot 2 say this)
The only downside of the normal nerf gun rounds is that they do not shoot as far, but that is still equal to the vortexes downside.

retardo - April 9, 2012

Which one is cooler, a sawed off nerf shotgun (because it is capable of shooting 2 at time), or the praxis? I have the praxis and it doesn’t look nearly as cool, and only shoots 1 at a time. Plus, the only downside to the vortex is that their range is not very effective because the rounds are slower, hence easier to dodge. This gun looks so awesome.

nutshot21 - March 15, 2012

I just bought the sonic series one, it is a big boss

NerfyOne - January 16, 2012

I loved this one so much I got two! It reminds me of the Force A Nature from TF2 or Ash’s gun from Evil Dead. Solid build, and great range out of the box. I was getting around 35+ feet when shooting at a slight angle. Straight forward, I was getting around 30 feet.

sharko21000 - January 13, 2012

This looks cool but they dont sell it where i live.

DragonClash101 - December 20, 2011


lololol - December 11, 2011

ethanmuir 20$

ethanmuir - November 30, 2011


1234&5 - November 28, 2011

i wish i had this thing

Jordan - November 25, 2011

actually after a little practice the reload time is next to nil. J out

Lunatic 5674567 - October 23, 2011

I got it and all the other nerf guns in the earth.All of them

Lumpy - September 8, 2011

Don’t forget you can half pull the trigger to shoot one shot and full pull for both

Rocktoxic - June 17, 2011

good job nerf

Swible - June 13, 2011

I just learned about this gun while i was in New York (i only shop at Target where i am, since there’s no Toy’s R Us’s) And needless to say, i know what my close quarters guy is carrying with him from now on.

ObamaOnYourMoma - May 3, 2011

Blarqeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are u Dawson F.?

Qwert221 - April 30, 2011

I just got this gun today and it is really awesome!!! I’d like 2 see nerfs plans 4 2011 n strike!

pin point nerfer - April 25, 2011

anyone know where to buy this in australia

Nerf goat - April 23, 2011

A big gun with only two shots i’ll pass

dingleberry - April 21, 2011

the barrel break is awesome gun i pwn in nerf wars with that but the bad thing is that it dose no shoot streamlines very well =(

Viper57 - February 7, 2011

BY the way i agree with milk about the barricade.i have it and it is AWESOME!!!

Viper57 - February 7, 2011

I like this gun. looks good on my nerf wars. actually this gun reload mesteriously fast! im gonna get it soon.

milk - February 6, 2011

i think that it is a pretty cool gun but i do like the barricade more.

doggie - February 2, 2011

i say nerf needs to make this thing have a clip so you can shoot longer without reloading and i t could shoot two at the same time

blackjack - January 20, 2011

why shoot em between the eyes when you can shoot both eyes at once?

Nerf360 - January 2, 2011

This gun is really really good it shoots better farher and harder than the the raider cs 35!!! RECOMMEND IT!.

sharko 2100 - December 29, 2010

2 me this looks a little like a shotgun

ssdsdsdsdsd - December 24, 2010

i have this blaster and it has good accuracy and ranges.
i recomend getting it.

abc - December 23, 2010

oh. but it does not use shells

anonymous123 - December 23, 2010

kaboom was talking about buzzbees wen he said the reloading time is rubbish but its the same story with this

abc - December 22, 2010

hi blargieeeeeeee it is me i was playing with it today. it looks cooooool but it takes 6-10 seconds to reload. abc out

blargieeeeeeee - December 22, 2010

it looks awsome.i just hope reloading wont be as hard as kaboom and abc said.i hope i get for christmas oh my puppy is peeing noooooooooooooo! bad Ruby!

abc - December 21, 2010

it is a prety awesome gun but i agree with kaboom on the reload time it takes forever!!!!!!!!!

kaboom - December 14, 2010

very nice. My friend has one and it’s pretty dang powerful. Takes ages to reload and very annoying if you need it in a nerf firefight

kybon - December 13, 2010

awesome, a lot better than buzzbees, i’ve shot their but it jams and dosen’t go far and the reloading time is awful. this time nerf did a great job.

darkmayo - December 8, 2010

bought this awhile ago and was surprised on how far the darts shoot, definately alot of force from this little guy and like others have said it looks like a flintlock.

me - December 8, 2010

this is so much better than buzzbees gun i have it and it is crap it doesnt fire very well after a couple of months this looks so much better

milo - December 7, 2010

SO much better than double shot no shells makes it easier to reload, but doesnt look as realistic

Ben - November 28, 2010

would you rather this or the buzz bee double shot I would prefer the barrel break

Nerf Warrior - November 28, 2010

youre right. it is like a flintlock pistol. i never noticed that. i want this gun. it seems awesome.

sharko 2100 - November 27, 2010

this time nerf coppies buzzbee toys. thats wat they get for coping nerf so much

Ben - November 23, 2010

I like to use this as my secondary when I have my alpha trooper with me

boo - November 20, 2010

Sort of like a flintlock pistol [pirate]
Nice job nerf.
darn i got second

nerfproz - November 18, 2010


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