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Nerf N-Strike Flip Clip – Connect Your Clips!

Have to hand it to Nerf, they really hit the nail with this handy accessory. Before the Flip Clip people were combining clips themselves. Most called their homemade clips “Super Clips,” or “Double Clips.” Super Clips are two N-Strike clips combined together; either with glue, tape, or a mixture of both.

Now you don’t need to jerry rig your clips together. For under $15 you can get yourself this cool Nerf gun accessory. For under $20 you can buy it with a dart refill pack, for a total of 30 darts. It comes with 2 clips and a bunch of darts. Pretty cool, huh?

The product itself is pretty simple; attach a clip to each end of the insert to form one long unit. When one clip runs out, you flip it over and insert the full clip into your Nerf gun. Quick and easy.

You can also find “super clips” available, which literally are just one solid long clip that require no flipping.

Kangaroo - September 10, 2012

Any idea where I can find the 35 round N Strike drums for sale?

omnomnom - June 8, 2012

wouldnt the bullets from the clip your not using fall out when your running?

thatguy - January 30, 2012

lol, dual mag from cod: bo much?
that looks pretty cool

etmnm - December 3, 2011

lol or you can tape 2 clips facing up with something thickish in the middle and it is way quicker. you shoot take it out, move it a few centremetres across and it takes two seconds to have another 6 bullets at hand
thnx anywayz

DarlockRulzz(youtube) - April 30, 2011

Well,I just bought some duct tape for $2 and 2 clips and 6 darts for $5 so I just made it and posted a tutorial on YouTube at this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7SSgKEEAso&feature=channel_video_title

RC159570 - November 27, 2010

why buy this if you can make it with some masking tape. it is a good idea but i can make one for a lot cheaper.

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