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Nerf N-Strike Bandolier Kit – Carry Your Clips!

Yet another sweet accessory for your N-Strike Nerf guns! The Nerf N-Strike Bandolier Kit is both sling and ammo belt. With a Bandolier kit you’ll have no problem carrying multiple blasters at a time. You can now sling a backup blaster over your shoulder if your primary jams or need extra firepower. Not to mention, you’ll also have the capability of carrying up to 6 clips and 12 darts – giving you a comforting total of 48 spare darts (84 total if they are all Flip Clips)

That’s a lot of ammo, but hey, in a serious game of Humans vs Zombies you’ll need as much ammo as you can carry.

The kit itself comes with 24 darts and 2 clips. It retails for under $15, making it an affordable Nerf gun accessory you can’t refuse to get. Double one of these with a Flip Clip and you will never run out of ammo.

Just imagine carrying 6 Flip Clips on one of these…

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