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The Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury is one of the newest Nerf guns available in the Zombie Strike line and it is AWESOME! Both amazingly bright and affordable at right around $30, this bright orange toy gun shoots up to 12 darts without you having to reload and the best part is that they shoot up to 20 meters every time. That is a really great range for any toy and will definitely give you the advantage over those other toys that shoot half that distance if you’re lucky! Each of its two canisters has a revolving 6-dart capacity and allows you to flip to the other one when it is empty.

If you want to wipe the streets clean of the zombie hordes plaguing humanity, this should be your weapon of choice. Lightweight plastic allows you to carry the Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury easily and quietly so that you can unleash a torrent of fire on your opponent without being detected first. The darts that come with the Flipfury are blunt-ended so they are safe, and can be refilled by buying the refill packs that are available almost anywhere Nerf products are sold.

Features Overview


There are three attachment points on this gun for slings or straps for easy carrying and two triggers- one for flipping the barrels and one for shooting the darts. There is a stabilizing bar across the bottom of the gun for propping it on your knee while kneeling or for giving it that extra strength when launching an all out assault on your zombie enemies. Any assassin of the undead would be proud to call this gun their own. This gun is a step up from other Nerf guns, allowing more darts to be stored in a more compact space and then used more quickly without stopping to reload. The double barrel design also allows for quicker reloading once you have vanquished your first 12 foes.

How Does it Compare?

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