This awesome nerf gun gives you the feeling of blasting up those unholy creatures while being armed with a weapon that you might expect to see Arnold Schwartzenegger or Sylvester Stallone display their marksmanship with in the movies. Nerf Zombie Strike is a gun that was primarily built for the game Humans vs Zombies, a game like paintball only with nerf guns that’s popular with a lot of teenagers and college students, where serious nerf gun buyers take their weaponry to battlefield combat. While the Humans vs Zombies crowd may be the gun’s primary target audience, the gun is also great for people who love to party with nerf guns, or just want to add the gun to their stockpile of nerf or paintball guns.

This gun usually comes packaged with 9 nerf darts which can be fired in shells, similarly to a shotgun. The shells hold three darts each and when loaded into the gun, fire off simultaneously. The shells, when not in use, can be kept in the stock of the gun, which holds 3 compartments shaped for the shells. The gun is loaded by simply releasing a hammer and opening up the barrel at its halfway point and loading the shell in the hollow tube. The barrel is then shut and when it clicks, the gun is ready to be fired. The gun shoots up to a range of about 50 feet, depending on other factors such as air density and wind. Complete specs here.

As far as where this blaster lies in comparison to other blasters, it’s design and shooting capabilities are very good for a gun of its caliber. However, having limited amounts of shells that can be kept in its compartment as well as the amount of time it can take to reload the darts into the shells and reload the barrel while on the run makes it more of a middle of the line product. It’s really hard to compare similarities of this gun to any other guns that Nerf has manufactured since most of the other shotgun based designs haven’t featured a sawed-off look with a pistol grip, though you might say it’s a better version of the Buzz Bee series or the Double Barrel Break IX-2. If you’re into painting your guns or altering the orange and blue appearance on the gun, you may want to consider painting this gun black with a fluorescent green color to give it more of a scary theme if you’re a hardcore Humans vs Zombies player.