The Nerf Super Soaker Microburst has got to be Nerf’s best selling water gun. It has some of the highest ratings on Amazon for a smaller water gun and higher ratings than many of the other bulkier models.

I own four different Nerf Super Soaker models because they’re the most durable and easy to use gun in the lower price category. The Microburst is my favorite so far. For the price of a happy meal you get a perfectly sized gun to stash in any book bag, glove box, waistband or desk drawer. This gun adopts the same durable body and color scheme as its brothers along with the great screw on cap that doesn’t leak.

The Microburst holds 2 fl. oz. of water, fires up to 20 feet (mine reached 30), and it fires with every pump. I’ve found that guns with the pump-to-fire mechanism are simpler and more durable than guns that hold pressure which is released by a trigger. The less moving parts the better. This 9 inch gun is the least expensive and smallest of the Super Soaker series. It’s on the low end price-wise but very much top shelf for what its designed for.

This is a durable conceal carry weapon for backup or surprise attacks. It’s great for a sneaky revenge tactic, the perfect size to keep on a nightstand for meddlesome cats, and powerful enough to reach any corner indoors. Compared to a Super Soaker with a similar range like the Thunderstorm model, it’s quite a bit more compact and you never have to worry about batteries. You have to refill more often but it’s small enough for a quick dunk refill. For the price of a larger model you can get a handful of them to have around.

The most effective purpose I have for this blaster is etiquette lessons for a stray cat I’ve adopted. Sometimes a simple spray bottle isn’t an adequate deterrent. The Nerf Microburst is a happy medium between ASPCA charges and cat-scratch fever. Sacrifice one fast food meal and you can have yourself a long lasting and durable multipurpose tool.